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For your health. Boost up !!
11/08/2022 - 11:40
It was an IQ test. You passed.
10/08/2022 - 18:27
99% of scientists will support whoever pays them. That whole are you an epiidemioligist missive is now pathetic. Don't have to be one to...
09/08/2022 - 23:58
Yeah see I told you exactly, I gave the real Pfizer doc and you try to twist to Jones. I see you. I know one person with pericarditis and...
09/08/2022 - 19:00
Fake news. Start with vaers, us Army stats life insurers, actuary companies etc. No one believes the rubbish you're pushing anymore because...
09/08/2022 - 18:39
Pfizer's "post marketing experience" ordered released by a judge after they had it suppressed for 75 YEARS. Contains over 1000 adverse...
09/08/2022 - 18:22
A) it doesn't work, but far more importantly, B) it's not safe. Vaxxed - blood clots, strokes sudden death, heart attacks, aggressive...
09/08/2022 - 18:07
As the govt and media has lied and lied and lied from the start how many lies will you take before you stop to think for yourself? This has...
09/08/2022 - 13:38
If you are healthy ie not compromised forget the test forget the mask that doesn't work and where you breathe back you own waste air what...
09/08/2022 - 12:40
Henniger 4 pack 2 for 26 minus 30% also good
05/08/2022 - 15:21
I have Kodi on Amazon fire stick works v well or Would use htpc with HDMI 2.1 preferably.
27/07/2022 - 16:54
Geez that's expensive for a 65. Can't justify.
27/07/2022 - 00:11
If your sell price is $32.50, what's your buyback price?
25/07/2022 - 00:19
Spot price is $26.80 though, still a big spread.
24/07/2022 - 11:58
Fair enough but that's out of stock, this still has HDMI 2.1 for HTPC, etc.
23/07/2022 - 18:16
XFX Radeon RX 6600 Speedster SWFT210 Core 8GB GDDR6 Graphics Card $349 Shipped @ PLE Computers
Decent discount. Haven't used this card but I can recommend XFX quality wise.
23/07/2022 - 18:08
Yeah sure, if you want to hover in front of your face.
19/07/2022 - 13:23
Can see for yourself, at 10 metres only 52db. Like I said when you're up to height you won't hear it....
19/07/2022 - 13:16
I can tell you I've done some flights with the Mini 3 Pro and nobody notices it. You get up to height even right above you and all is...
19/07/2022 - 10:08
Their own mini 3 pro is whiteant-ing sales of this.
13/07/2022 - 21:58
I bought a washer and a fridge separately recently at HN was all good can ring and ask for a deal, they'll knock 8% or so off for full...
09/07/2022 - 21:29
This has a floor stand doesn't it? A tripod. This or Sony a80j 77 for the win depending on your stand requirements I'd guess, also this is...
08/07/2022 - 23:44
I bought one of these recently. It's my first drone but it's spectacular. The flight stability, and the 4k video and pictures are unreal....
05/07/2022 - 13:20
Money management from Vic Govt remains non existent. When they finally go, the audit results will be catastrophic.
01/07/2022 - 11:23
"Are you Russian by birth or family association ? It seems that you have drunk deeply from the Russian Koolaid jug" This is the simplistic...
30/06/2022 - 11:00
Thanks, good reply. Stalin was a shocker killing all his generals and other officers before the war to protect himself via his own...
30/06/2022 - 10:54
Russia did the heavy lifting vs the Nazis in WW2. Fact. We had losses in the West and fought hard but nothing like the Russians suffered....
29/06/2022 - 16:01
Keep an open mind, the world isn't as simple as our media and govt wants us to believe. For example, this guy lives there:...
29/06/2022 - 10:14