Best Android Tablet under $150

I am looking for an Android tablet that is bang for buck for my kids.

I've tried Aldi's ONIX but quite disappointed with the display and weight ¬ i do understand you get what you paid for.

So preferably a step up from ONIX in terms of those 2 factors: weight and display.

Mainly we'll be using it to watch YouTube, streaming movies and play Android games (the likes of Candy Crush).

I look forward hearing from you all tablet hardcore. TIA!

EDIT, so far this is what I found within this ($150) price Range .. which one would you go for?

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite 8 GB $152
  • Lenovo Tab 4 $183
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 $167
  • Amazon Fire HD 8 $133


  • Wait until Amazon launch and see if they do the Fire HD 10 for a decent price. 1080p, 32GB Storage, 2GB Ram.

    At the moment it is at $99 in the US in the sales.

    • The only concern that I have with Amazon tablets is the risk of not having Google Play Store and some apps may not work in their OS.

      • You can install the play store on the tablet (plenty of youtube videos). There maybe some issues with some apps, but then again, that's true of any tablet, particularly at the cheap end.

        • OK .. if you are to choose between Amazon Fire HD and Lenovo Tab (say Tab 3) as they are on the similar price band .. which one would you go for?

          EDIT: actually this is what I found so far with PING20 eBay campaign ..

          • Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite 8 GB $152
          • Lenovo Tab 4 $183
          • Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 $167

          Between those 3 and Amazon Fire HD .. which one would you go for?

        • @tempura:

          Personally, the Fire HD 10, if it comes out at a sane price. Mainly because it's already linked in with the Amazon ecosystem for media, and has Alexa. Tab 3 is EoL.

          However, Amazon have to get around to launching first….

        • @tempura: I'd get the lenovo P8 from the gearbest deal.

        • @tempura:
          The fire is the standout from that list..
          I wouldn't bother with any of the rest.

          For my money it's either the Fire or the Lenovo P8. Both require some wait time… but they're head and shoulders above the competition at this price point.

  • Grab this

    Lenovo P8 (Tab3 8 Plus) $AU160ish (less Cashrewards - if it tracks - and Gearbest points if you have any)
    Just outside your budget, but far better than anything else below or even up to $100 more.

  • How are Xiaomi tablets as compared to Lenovo?