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[REFURB] TM-AC1900 (Rebranded RT-AC68U) Wireless-AC1900 Dual-Band Gigabit Router by ASUS US $60.11 (~AU $79.83) Shipped @ Amazon


Hi first time posting

Just linked same previous deal but price huge discount.
If you using code DIST2017 you will get us$12 discount. us $48 + shipping my area VIC Melbourne area 12.11 = us$ 60.11 ~ AU$ 79.44
I have already bought just before and will update my purchase receipt.

just be mindful. if you like to do firmware and don't care about out of warranty.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    This is refurb..

  • Does it come with an AU plug?

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    Best to also mention: Certified Refurbished (so not brand new)

    • I have edited title Thanks

  • I see delivery as $13.11 but still pretty cheap.

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    Notes on this.

    Stock firmware DOES WORK. There is NO NEED to flash it. It's pretty basic and terrible, but it does work.

    If you do want to flash it it's not simple. You're required to update the CFE which is non-trivial and carries a REAL risk of bricking the device. Approx. steps involve dumping device specific CFE, pulling the mac and device Id, hex editing a generic Asus CFE and then flashing that onto the device. Unlike updating the firmware there are no checks in place to make sure it's correct.

    This IS POSSIBLE but it's worth noting its NOT TRIVIAL.

    Edit, even with T-Mobile firmware this is still a great device, especially for $80!

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      You're required to update the CFE which is non-trivial and carries a REAL risk of bricking the device

      You could just use https://cfeditor.pipeline.sh/

      Edit: But agree with you - the whole process is not easy

      Loving mine though - Merlin is rock solid

      • I luv kbmtn22t

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        That looks great! Takes a bit of the risk out with screwing up editing the CFE.

      • does downloadmaster (for torrents) still work on merlin fw? or does merlin has its own torrent downloading client?

        • Yep, downloadmaster is still there and working.

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      It took a bit of time but it was dead easy. Followed the instructions and it worked first time, no dramas. Always get me how people can think following instructions is hard.

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        Always get me how people can think following instructions is hard.

        I wish we could all be as smart as you.

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          Reading and doing what it says has nothing to do with smarts, there was nothing to do by hand and nothing to work out so wheres the smarts?

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          I agree, although you can't expect just anyone to be able to follow a guide to install custom firmware on a device like a router, it requires a certain level of technical knowledge with computers etc.

        • I've flashed many routers with custom firmware, but when it goes wrong, and it does happen at times, you've got an expensive brick on your hands and will be desperately trying to restore it with recovery software.

        • @chyawala:

          The issue here is you're not flashing only the firmware. You're flashing the CFE. If you mess it up, eg putting a space after your mac address, it's completely bricked. No recovery is possible. Unfortunately there is no JTAG interface for this chip so it only leaves desoldering and physically flashing it; which i think we can all agree must of us can't manage!

      • got it yesterday and it really wasnt that easy. the hard part was actually trying to get it into the reset mode and knowing what to do because no one is actually clear on that and the process is a bit different in the latest firmware. took me a couple of hours to figure everything out, but got there in the end. up and running now with the latest asus firmware so i'll see how i go.

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      The flashing process is a piece of piss - no need to scaremonger.

      It's not a one-click flash, yes, but there are very detailed and thorough steps on how to do it and it takes about 15 minutes max.

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      no hex editing required but still a little more involved than basic flashing, no issue if you know what you're doing:


  • Will this work as it should in Australia? Because laws about which part of the radio spectrum you can use, and at which strengths, differ per country. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_WLAN_channels

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      Yes read and only use power adapters, power strips, routers, usb dongles certfied in Australia. Thats what the govt wants to do with your tax money. Certify devices for safe usage, haha. Haven;t you bought Xiaomi stuff here ?

      • +3

        I have no issues buying stuff which isn't certified here, because some certified stuff is of far lesser quality.

        But we are talking about a device which potentially broadcasts radio signals in parts of the spectrum it shouldn't, and which may not use parts of the spectrum it is allowed to (or not at maximum signal strength). This can lead to degraded performance, or interfering with other technologies.

        I had a Xiaomi phone which (I think after an update), was unable to use the upper 5GHz channels. As a result, I had to use the lower frequency channel on my router, which has less bandwidth. This affected all other devices.

        • Wi-fi standards are much more standard globally than mobile phone frequencies. Safety-wise, the US FCC is world-leading in that regard.

          All up - yes, be careful when buying mobiles, but for routers, generally safe if they're approved for sale in the US.

        • @0blivion: Check the link I placed above. There are differences.

      • Have you seen the quality of generic china stuff?

        Clearly not…

    • Quite a few routers ask for your country for this reason, not sure about this one though.

  • I live on a large property and need wireless access around 20m away. Will this do it?

    • 20m is not very far….

    • +1

      Depends on how many walls and what the walls are made out of.

    • I've witnessed one working over 5Ghz about 12m away with a door closed.
      20m will work. If not 5Ghz, then 2.4 will do it for you.

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        I use an Asus router - the model previous to this - and it operates very well at 5 Ghz approximately 17 metres away through 4 walls. I get speeds around 400 mbps.

        • Hmmmm there are 4 brick walls to get through and my current Netgear router doesn't reach

    • Mine works fine. Provides wifi to a back shed area.

  • I bought the same one last time it came up except mine was new. Keep in mind it has lesser internals and the description is incorrect. Still a good piece of kit with some minor tweaking just caveat emptor

  • Would this work well in conjunction with my other AC68U to expand my wifi network through my house at high speed? It would act as a cheap wifi repeater without the modem function right?

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      Flash this TM-AC1900 to a RT-AC68U, then use AiMesh firmware on it.

      • I've actually got a DSL-AC68U (on stock firmware). That will still work fine with aimesh? Or is it only for the routers?

        • Only select routers unfortunately. Note it's currently in Beta and not in Merlin's firmware (yet…)

          Seems a very good alternative to Netgear Orbi/Google Wifi etc where you can build your own mesh network with compatible Asus products. Can use either Wifi or Ethernet for backhaul.

          More info on SNB forums where Asus rep has been posting about it > https://www.snbforums.com/threads/official-beta-aimesh-beta-...

        • Trigger pulled, let's hope they bring out the airmesh firmware for the DSL-AC68U!

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    Thanks OP, please note that this is not identical to AC68U the processor is 800Mhz as opposed to 1Ghz but should sill be a reasonable device and at this price I wouldnt have any hesitation purchasing one.

    • says 1Ghz on amazon page ??

      • I think T-mobile might have under clocked it… Not sure why… Mine is also 800, although its exactly same hardware like the Asus badged one.

        Its quite easy to over-clock but for general use 800 is just fine.

        • It's a different CPU all together it's a different model number. The amazon page is lazy and just copy pasta'd the Asus spec sheet. this is like a B model. In saying that, still OK just don't throw too many concurrent protocols. Also don't believe everything you read

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      it can be overclocked to 1ghz via http://www.bayareatechpros.com/ac1900-to-ac68u/ with merlin fw

      • you seem to know what you are talking about any advice about which is the best firmware for this?

  • I have FTTP, do I need a FTTP modem for this or can I plug it straight into the router?

    • FTTP doesn't require a modem. The NBN NTU in your house does that job.

    • FTTP - lucky you! You don't need a modem - this will plug straight into the NTD.

    • FTTP has supplied modem by NBN. It's the box inside your house. You plug that into the router.

    • I currently am with Exetel and I have to put a username and password in the current modem to connect to the net.

      I am in a new apartment complex which was built in 2016 and I see a fibre cable running into the NBN box in the cupboard which has led me to believe that I have FTTP.

      So if FTTP doesnt require a modem, do I still have to put a username and password into this router to connect to Exetel?

      • Nope, just plug the router into the port that your ISP activates and you're good to go.

      • You may still have to do the user/pass thing, but its easy to setup theres a nice setup wizard thingy. Im with Buzz (FttP) and had to enter a user/pass.

  • Damnit! It says its out of stock!


  • Seems expired, can't add to cart anymore

  • gone

  • Appears to still be in stock, but they've clamped down on shipping it to overseas locations. Sigh.

  • looks to be back in stock again…

  • should we go for a new one for USD $75.91 or this one ? won't get any warranty anyway

  • Seems to work for me. Hope I didn't do it wrong. Mine was AUD$83 but I used Amazon to convert currency, as I think my CC would ave been worse.

    Going to set it up with new firmware and hoping it can dual wan with a usb 4g

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    Working again now. Coming out to $61.11USD inc. $13.12 postage

    • it says unavailable

    • how come ur price down to $61.11 ?

      • did you enter the code at checkout?

        • yes thanks, should I pay in USD or Aud , I am using ING card

        • @koolchamp81: No Idea. Given the low mount it is not going to make much difference. I just like knowing what it will be which Amazon shows. Your CC cold be more or less.

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    Available via that link of you change the seller to mobile dist for $60.80usd delivered for me. Not sure how long this stock will last.

    • got one via that link. thanks!

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      yeah, tried this and successful checkout, however don't hold your hope high, last time I ordered the moto E4, Amazon had no stock and did nothing, after the expected delivery date passed, they sent me email asking if I want to wait, and nothing happened since, probably by the end of the second deadline they'll cancel the order

      • Thanks for the heads up!

      • i just got confirmation that my order has shipped. so all good here.

        • yeah, same. Guess we're lucky this time round.

    • Thanks! This link works out the same price $47.99 without the coupon code.

      How does this compare to mesh wifi? i.e. Google Wifi or Netgear Orbi. Does the coverage relatively equivalent?

      • +1

        mesh literally means multiple devices connected wirelessly. If you are buying one device only, mesh is irrelevant. This device is pretty good with coverage for a single device. if you need more coverage you probably need to research some more.

    • does this link still working? it showing us $75.91. discount code not working on this trying since yesterday.

      • Looks like this one is also finished when I checked just then. Mine was shipped overnight though for those who have ordered.

  • got mine delivered today.

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