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Comixology Giant-Sized Marvel Sale (up to 78% off) includes Civil War 2 Collection, Clone Conspiracy


I noticed there was a significant drop in price for Marvel Collected in Google Play under Comics Under $5.

Then when I cross checked it with Comixology they have a great Black Friday Sale for all things Marvel.

Credit also goes to doublezero1 who alerted on DC sale on as well. MODS if duplicate please delete.

Note prices are in USD$. My pick goes to

Hope this helps anyone wanting to pick up a great read.

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    Best savings are to be had on collected volumes over single issues, I highly recommend Vision by Tom King, and silver Surfer by Dan Slott


    Marvel's Kindle sales have spoilt me… I now wait for those on the newer stuff.


    Comixology are also having an Indie Sci-Fi sale at the moment too and last night I bought Wayward: Book One Deluxe which was heavily reduced from something like $31.99 to just 99c and just went to post the link for others and it's been pulled from the sale and gone back up to full price now so must've been a pricing error.