This was posted 4 years 1 month 29 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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28% off Blu-Ray/DVD @ JB Hi-Fi (Instant Deal Members, 20% normal)


Normal 20% off deal, an extra 10% coupon will be emailed for Instant Deals members. May in fact be 30%, doesn't quite specify if it's applied before or after discount. To be confirmed in T&Cs.

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2017

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    Man I was going to post my first deal with this, you beat me to it :)

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    This has started online, as stated in email.

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    It seems I have unsubscribed from their mailing list before so I cant sign up and get the extra 10% off. If someone could send me theirs if they aren't going to use it, that would be amazing! I'm thinking of getting a blu-ray for a mate for Christmas.

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      Sign up again, they send you again.

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        I tried but it says since I unsubscribed previously I have go through their support team which, given the timeframe I wont get a solution for in time.

        The exact message:
        Unfortunately that email address has already been unsubscribed. If you want to keep up to date with our latest offers again, please let us know in the 'Contact Us' section: Online Order Enquiry > Account set-up problem.

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          Sign up with another email,the code will work on your main account..I just tried it.

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          Awesome, will give that a shot, cheers

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          Yes, just use other email. I have 3 emails getting code from JB atm. Dont ask me why but i prefer getting more than 1 code :)

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          You legend, worked like a charm. You've made my mate very happy I'll tell you that

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    I got the code, says you can use it online..
    I beg to differ.

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    How long does it take after you sign up to receive the confirmation email?

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    Managed to grab Rugrats the complete series for $71.28,thanks a lot. I have been eyeing it for such a long time now.

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    Got 6 x 4k blurays stacking the 2 for $40 plus the 20% plus the 10%. For $86.40 pick up. Very happy

    • Which one did you get? Some 4K are not much better than bluray.

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        Only the upscales aren't much better, if it's mastered in 4k then it's MUCH better than 1080 could ever hope to be.

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        4k HDR

        4k (my first 4K only bluray)

        Playing on my Samsung 4k HDR bluray player on a Samsung 65INch Series 9 4k HDR display with a Yamaha RXV3081 AV receiver

        Not bothering to play it on my Project Scorpio XBOX as the HDR playback is noticeably BAD


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          I have just ordered all 8 movies separately to save $2 from ordering box set of Harry Potter :)) dont know how many version i already had, but cant wait to watch them all again in 4k.

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          @kendo:Same.. I already had the other 4, and was worried they wouldn't release the rest separately
          , but all good.

        • 2 for 40 for 4K movies doesn't seem to work for some other movies.
          I've added Martian and Oblivion (both with 2 for 40 sticker on) and each movie shows as $16 but the subtotal appears as $59.96.
          Guess I need to get them from the store tomorrow.

        • @wooyugil: my TOTAL $ was WAY off until I used the 10% coupon then it sorted it, same everything was $16 but total was like $139, put in the 10% coupon and it was ok. plus I was able to choose store pickup

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          @ode1: Thank you! Adding the coupon did the trick!

        • @wooyugil: awesome

        • Have you tried the new firmware update?

          I haven't purchased the One X yet, but playing 4k HDR movies was one of the reasons I was going to, so it is disappointing that it isn't up to standard.

        • @cryptonator: I honestly haven't. There may be some fixes on there way. Most of The games look amazing. So it's some sort of software app glitch..
          I have a samsung player so I'm not to fussed. Just dissponted.
          There is a couple of you tube videos showing the problem

        • @ode1:

          No problem will check it out, cheers.

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          …ahh, a harry potter fan…..make sure to check out for when you decide to grab something in QFHD and it turns out to be fake because the final render output was only in 1080p 16:9 or something, for example….

        • @Zachary: Thanks Zachary, I am familiar with that website. I typically check out for info in regards to 4k releases. just typically buying films Ive enjoyed In the past. For instance I watched the 4k HDR disc of blade runner and was amazed at the detail. do if a 30 year old film can look that good, IM not to worried about the actual specs of films made in the last 15 years.

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        If you haven’t got it (and like the movie) The Shallows looks absolutely insane on 4K. It’s my reference quality film, and a fun movie.

  • Anyone else having issues, when I go checkout the cart isn't loading?

    • Nevermind, was able to buy on my phone. Snagged the James Bond Blu ray Collection for $108.

  • Anyone got an Instant Deal coupon they don't need? I signed up but haven't received the email yet.

  • so what are the Highlights of the Sale ?

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    Not sure if included or even released yet but looking forward to the dark knight movies on 4k blu ray - one of the few real 4K movies available..

    Ive been using this website to help me select what 4K's to buy… especially when you already have them on blu ray and dvd lol.



    Just as an example anyway.. This website is handy resource when looking at 4K movie sales

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    I picked up Harry Potter 1 to 4 4K UHD using this - $14.40 per film :)

    As for the real of fake 4k, there are plenty of other benefits of UHD, rather than just the resolution. That said, I'm not upgrading my existing collection except where it's a real favourite and the UHD offers a big improvement. For new movies though, I'll buy the UHD version.

  • I have been part of their mailing list for many years now and I still do not have my special discount code.

    • oops found it. It was sent yesterday at the end of the email.

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    Here is a code for someone;

  • i purchased planet earth 2 but only was able to get the 10% coupon disccount not the 20% discount. shouldnt this one be 20% discount?

    • in-store or online?
      online I can see the 20% off.

      To copy the text from the page for Planet Earth II:

      TICKET $29.98 (crossed out)
      $6 OFF^

      • in-store (world square). and it was $23.98 before the discount.

  • May in fact be 30%, doesn't quite specify if it's applied before or after discount. To be confirmed in T&Cs.

    "10% off will be calculated from the current promotional price." So that means it'd be after the already 20% discount…

  • Is anyone having problems with the 20% applying to their order? In my cart the order comes to $190.00 but when I go checkout it's coming up as $246 and not giving me the option to click and collect.

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    I've noticed they changed their cart. The entire order must be able to be picked up from 1 store, else it has to be all delivery, or you remove items not available from your pick up store from the cart. Annoying. So they lost, because I ended up removing items from my order. No longer can you choose to pick up from more then 1 location, as I've done in the past.

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