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NetGear Orbi Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System with Tri-Band, AC3000, USD $280, Delivery USD $24, about AUD $410 @ Amazon


NETGEAR Orbi Whole Home Mesh WiFi System with Tri-band – Eliminate WiFi dead zones, Simple setup, Single network name, AC3000 (Set of 2)

FAST WHOLE HOME WIFI SYSTEM - Covers up to 5000 square feet (about 500 square metres) with high performance WiFi
Provides seamless room-to-room roaming throughout your home.

Amazon is showing that this is a 30% saving on the list price.
Also, they ship to Australia.

Price is significantly cheaper than HN, JB, etc.

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    I've noticed jb hifi have the google wifi for $399 I think.

    Any wifi guru's out there that could advise between these two?

    I've had great luck with my netgear routers for a few years so I'm not sure.

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      Orbi is vastly superior and has way more configurable settings

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      Since it's not something you need change every year I'd recommend to go for one that is supported by third party firmwares. That way after manufacturers abandons it after couple of years you'll still have chance to get latest updates. Numbers above AC1200 are pretty much meaningless as they require clients that don't yet exist to take advantage of larger number of streams.

      If you really interested in setting up mesh to cover your farm of 50 acres enterprise-grade Unifi Lite will be a cheaper and probably better option.


      $388 at harveys


        If you have the HN/Amex $100 cashback offer, HN price reduces to $288 or $300 (depends on how you view the $12 topup). That's a really good price for mesh wifi. I would recommend the Google wifi at that price.
        I have the Orbi and love it as well. Perfect for large houses or large blocks. I read somewhere the router and satellite be 15m apart to reduce wifi overlap.


    Orbi leaves the other mesh systems for dead. It uses an independent connection between them.

    Works perfectly in my house where many other setups failed dismally.

    Purchased these on release, no drop out since.


      Cheers for the headsup.

      I'm very close to purchasing these instead of the Google wifi in the near future.


        To give you an idea of the range, I have a very long double story town house. It goes from front bottom to back top without an issue. Providing 3-400mbps connection. Where as no other router (including the the best ASUS models) could even register a signal upstairs in that spot.

        Going through half a dozen walls (including 3 tiled).

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    US$303.82 (~AU$399) delivered @ Amazon US

    bit easier to read for the title…
    (shouldn't be AU$410 if you pay in USD with a fee free card.)