Which TV is better? Hisense 65N7 vs Samsung UA65MU6103WXXY

Hisense 65N7

Or this Samsung

Deciding on which one to get from Bings eBay promo


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    Cheaper one

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    The tv with the longest warranty and local repairs etc

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    The tv that has the letter a


    The one with 7 letters in it name

  • The one that makes mobile phone :)

  • From the pages itself:


    Energy Consumption: 376kWh/year
    HDMI Input(s): 4
    Weight (With stand): 32.4
    Weight (Without stand): 31.8
    Manufacturer Warranty (Years): 3


    Energy Consumption: 470kWh/yr
    HDMI Input(s): 3
    Weight (With stand): 25.7 kg
    Weight (Without stand): 23.5 kg
    Manufacturer Warranty (Years): 1
    HDR? (Don't know)

    Quick offhand conclusion:

    With the information presented unless you really like Samsung or have heavily invested in their the ecosystem I would go with the Hisense.

    3 years warranty vs 1 year warranty
    4 hdmi inputs vs 3 hdmi inputs
    Cheaper to run the Hisense electricity wise

    But as always do your own research and check others experiences onoto ariousv websites and social medias etc to get the best value and best bang for your buck and be able to choose the right one.

    Personally I have had more experiences with Samsung TV's in my life but I hear lots of great things aboabout this specific Hisense and nothing bad so far.

  • @AussieKev,

    Can be hard to get serious answers round here on weekends. FWIW I'd go for the Hisense. I don't know if that Sammy was part of the range when this review was done but it's indicative of how good the Hisense ULED range is:

    I've heard short of OLED's the Hisense range is next 'best' thing - 3yr warranty is nice, I've friends who have bought and very happy with.

    • Yeah the Hisense seems superior in every single way besides maybe smartphone exclusive features query other Samsung devices.

      That's why OP needs to decide whether or not that bonus feature of having more native support for Samsung products is worth it over the other disadvantages.

      • After the 'Features' of my Samsung TV were no longer supported, and the apps failed to work, I used my Samsung Bluray player. Now retrieved my WD TV, and in the market for a TV Box.

        Good support for CEC, not the onboard apps.

  • You never go wrong with Samsung so i prefer the Samsung

    • Really? Maybe for Samsung products before 2010. Nowadays their products are among the highest fail rate. And yes, I speak from personal experience as well

    • So if you bought a Samsung phone and it went up in flames, or you were banned from taking it on a plane, you haven't gone wrong? How about if you buy one of their washing machines and it burns down your house?

  • I have 2 Samsung TV at home now but in this case, I will recommend the Hisense, if the Samsung is 7 series, then I will go with the Samsung by Series 6 is the basic model while Hisense N7 (series 7) is their high end model.

  • Better specs and 3 year warranty, I would go hisense.

  • hisense

    samsung customer support the worst of the leading brands and 1 year warranty. samsung now has the highest fail rate of the tV's sold according to a friend who has been selling electrical for 25 years now. like hisense they started with 3 years warranty and excellent support… all gone to below standard

  • I had a Samsung 40 inch HD set, lasted about 3 years and then pfft!… not high use as was a bedroom TV.

    Replaced it with a Hisense 4K 42in set, so far no issues of real concern, the side viewing angle is not quite as good as the Samsung, but a good bit cheaper and the 3 year warranty confirmed the deal.

    The Hisense brand had a good wrap in recent Choice reviews, based on features/price.

  • I think Hisense have the longer warranty if that is any value to you. But Samsung are the best TVs

  • Hisense's returns process used to be absolutely woeful, considering they're so cheap expect that things may go wrong and you will have to try and get your money back/swap it.
    Do your research there, also hey may use similar screens, but their back end is cheap, channels may take a split second longer to change etc

  • The software and signal processing smarts is what determines if hi end TV is good or excellent. I have dealt with Hisense on warranty work previously and it was not pleasant.

  • Go with the trusted brand, you'll never go wrong with Samsung

  • Well from a good technician we know well.
    If you decide on a Hisense ( anything they make) - don’t throw the packing box out, you will probably need it sooner than later.
    Should you choose a Samsung ( anything they make) keep a fire extinguisher close at hand.
    Good Luck ! 😕

    • Agree with above from what i have heard.

      I just bought an LG OLED tv on the weekend at JB. The guy at the back dock said you know you have a good TV when i don't see them come back for repair.

      I asked which TV's he seen the most come back for repair and he said SONIQ and Hisence

      Take what you want from that information :) but the OLED is so good and i got it for $3460 =)

  • I give up.
    Which one is better?

    Oh I know - They always said buy the one Made in Japan!