This was posted 3 years 4 months 20 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Specsavers Cyber Monday: $60 off $119 on Contact Lenses + Free Delivery (Today Only)


Another fantastic offer from Specsavers to follow up from Friday. Ends midnight AEDT. Enjoy :)

Promotion codes cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or promotions unless specified. Only one promotion code per customer. All promotion codes are for a limited time only unless specified. We reserve the right to vary or end the offer at any time including prior to the advertised end date without notice. A promotion code can't be used after an order has been placed. Promotion codes are not transferable or available as cash alternatives. Promotion codes are only valid on for payments made by residents within Australia.

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  • Excellent! Need one more like this to max out my health insurance rebate…:)

  • Damn could have received a whole additional $10 from the order the other day. $#@$#@%@[email protected]#$#@$

  • Any chance this can be used in store? They don't have my contact lenses listed here, but they're definitely in store.

  • Argh they just increased the price of easyvision Umere Toric Dailies from 35 to $37 a pack!

    Does anyone else notice an increase in other variants?


    Does anyone know if you can you use this in store?

    • No you can't. "Promotion codes are only valid on for payments made by residents within Australia."

  • bugger my cart comes to $114, anything that costs $5?

  • As someone who has never worn contacts before, which one do u guys recommend? Cheers

    • Daily disposables are the easiest to start with and with this deal you can get 3 months daily supply for about $60.
      I use the specsavers easyvision which are rebranded Focus dailies - they are fine if you have a straightforward perscription.
      You will need to get a contract lenses test though as the prescription differs from glasses.

      • I had no idea they were rebranded!

      • You really know your contacts.

        • Haha contacts not contracts - Been wearing them for 20 years.

          The same as Ciba Vision Focus Dailies All Day Comfort, Specsavers easyvision Opsys daily replacement contact lenses give crisp, clear vision every day. No more tedious lens cleaning or solutions; simply put in a new pair every morning and get on with your day.

          Specsavers easyvision Opsys also feature Ciba Vision's exclusive blink-activated moisture technology for greater all day comfort and no deposit build up. With Ciba Vision's trademark Lightstream Technology, Specsavers easyvsision Opsys lenses also have consistent quality and a thin contact lens edge for easy insertion and comfort.

          Recommended for:

          Frequent travellers
          Keen sports players
          Those with on-the-go lifestyles

      • I always go for Acuvue Trueye, which offers the strongest UV protection. Can't walk around Australia without UV protection!

    • My brother wears them and what he says is, go to your optometrist and try different brands. Everyone's eyes are different and what is comfortable for you isn't for someone else. My brother would try xxx brand and it wouldn't sit right or another xxx brand which was bad in dry weather.

      TLDR; only when you try different brands at your optometrist, you can find the ones that suits you most.

      • And play nicely and buy your first box from them. After that, all bets are off :-)

        • Exactly what he does. if he is asked if he wants to order some he just answers as he travels a lot he bought some overseas and at the moment has enough.

    • I strongly recommend your optometrist. Typically they'll give you some freebies to try. Plus you need a script, since it's different to your glasses script, and you need a size/diameter.

      Everyone will have a different personal preference for what lenses work for them, based on how dry your eyes get, etc, etc.

      Not something to buy on a web recommendation - you only get 1 pair of eyes.

      • Not personal preference as it's not I like this smell but not this one. Like my brother tries xxx brand and finds out it is scratching his eyeballs, other xxx brand makes his eyes more dry. I hear him sometimes complaining about a brand he used to use for many years and it fit him perfectly but they no longer manufacture it, so now he wears 1 brand on 1 eye and another on another :) but they are not as good as the ones he used to wear. One of the lenses never sits right as it should but he's stuck with it as he tried numerous and this was the best of toric brand lenses.

  • Stack with Amex 25 off 50

  • This one is a lot better, considering my order ends up being $122 (to reach the previous $99 min).

  • Hmm with these specsavers deals imma start stacking contacts like eneloops

    • Don't contacts expire? No idea since I use only glasses for the moment but am reconsidering them.

      • They do, in like 4 years.
        I used glasses myself for 10 years before trying contacts. Wish I'd switched earlier :)

  • I had a bad experience with Specsavers online so be careful.

    I bought 7 packets of lenses. I opened one packet before I realized that I had accidently ordered the wrong prescription. I was told that if I returned them they would fully refund me but instead they only refunded me for 3 of the 7 packets.

    I refuse to buy from them because of their bad service and dishonesty. There are cheaper alternatives like Vision Direct.

  • Contact lenses were running low and I was waiting for a good deal to stock up! Thanks OP :)

  • great deal, but I can't get over how retarded and excruciatingly slow their website is.
    Every selection on the order took 3 seconds to accept.
    How many people have different eye curvature between left & right - none, but you still have to select each separately.
    Does it save your script anywhere ? No you have to re-enter for every lens type (dailies/fortnightlys/large pack of dailies).
    Can you delete an item from your basket ? No, only by exiting the order then going back in so the hidden trash cans appear, and then deleting items one by one.


    • Ah, the things we put up with to save 60 bucks :)

      • saved less than $60 compared to buying cheaper at Quicklens.
        Had it not been the $60 I would have certainly bailed.

        Anyway, I've had my rant, & sent a slightly toned-down/constructive criticism to their customer service email address, so I'm all calm again.

        Thanks for posting the deal, TA.

  • Any deals on spectacles themselves.

    Should be ordering a new issue if prescription glasses soon.

    Current top choices are:

    Zenni Optical (under $20 for lenses and glasses I believe)
    Vision Australia Program (free okayish semi loose ones or some designer nicer tighter fitting ones but for around $200-230)

  • Why does this offer never come up on the day? It’s always the day after and I always miss out


  • Anymore Specsaver Contact Lens deals? … I only just realised I need more contacts 🙁