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Cygnett Chargeup Pro 20000mAh Powerbank with PD $119.95 (RRP $169.95) @ Costco [Membership Required]


This is 30% off RRP, not sure why it is that much more expensive than Xiaomi ZMI 20,000mAh PowerBank which also has PD.
From a brief skim of the specs,
Cygnett has 45w output for PD VS the Xiaomi as maxed at 40w.
Total output for the Xiaomi is 45w VS total output is 63w when all ports are used for Cygnett

Not sure why that would mean this cost double the price of the xiaomi.

Either way if anyone has the $$, costco seems to be the cheapest place to buy it right now.

Review seems good;-

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    Probably has 20V output, which some laptops need to charge via USB-C.

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      Yeah it has a 20v and 2.25 amp type c output

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    brand power bruh

  • really dumb question here. But what cable do you use from the power bank to a 2015 macbook pro magsafe 2?

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    Another difference is max input of 30W* vs 45W on the ZMI 10…so the ZMI 10 can be charged up quicker.

    (*according to the review - I havent looked up the specs on this myself)

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    Have this power bank, one thing to note is that it is massive, very wide and awkward to hold

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    for the price, you could buy 2 xiaomis and use one while the other one is charging. Even though it does charge faster, im pretty sure xiaomi would come up with a newer one pretty soon.

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    bought one from Myer Doncaster last Saturday…..only paid $118.96 as it was on special. One thing I've noticed is the tiny charging lead that came with it….10cm….gets damn hot. So I've been using my S8 lead…charger and lead still get hot, but all good so far.

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    Is there any way to use this power bank to charge the old fasion laptop with the round power plug?

  • i recommend the Xiaomi ZMI 20,000mAh PowerBank…

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    Cygnett's one is priced high due to being a Brick-and-Mortar Brand profit lines, tbh. That's the biggest reason really - it's also why their cables (and Belkin's, also) are so costly compared to others.

    On the flipside, you ARE generally guaranteed to get a product that is (mostly) to-spec, in buying one of them; Whereas things like Xiaomi are… Less likely. (I say this, owning one of their older 20000mAh batteries still - they're decent, but, yes.)

    I've actually been looking into a lot of USB PD related stuff of late, soooo… Infodump time? Infodump time!

    First, the Xiaomi ZMI 10 (20000mAh). It claims 45W Power Delivery, however this is INPUT only - output-wise, it's only 40W max over the Type C port, assumedly so they have 15W left over to allow you to hook devices up to the Type A ports simultaneously (which can provide max 18W each, [email protected] via Qualcomm's QC3).
    Obviously, if you have a [email protected] device hooked up to the Type A simultaneously with a PD device on Type C, one of them isn't going to be full speed as that'd be 48W combined.
    * 40W PD is still pretty decent.
    * It doesn't try to claim/shoehorn QC3.0 on the Type C port, which would be a horrific breach of USB-C spec. (Caveat: One review I read DOES claim it has QC3 over Type C, and oh god bad D: )
    * The price is a lot better than B&M stuff.
    * The 'USB hub' feature requires manual initialization, which means no accidentally frying your USB-A device as it tries to read data while QC runs power over the D+/- lines.
    * I cannot find any listing of the PDOs (Power Delivery Objects) it supports, so can only hope they support all the required ones (5/9/15/20V), which would be up to 5/[email protected], [email protected], and [email protected] in this case. YMMV, take your chances on if it'll negotiate the highest voltage level your device can take.
    * No 'Australian warranty' recourse if it does (profanity) things up.
    ** Weird:**
    * Why go for a 40W max on PD out? If you're going to go >30W, you may as well just do 45W; You have the kit to support it when set to power sink (input) anyway, and you're already going to have to clamp the total to prevent overcharge if something's drawing 18W from Type A too.
    * At least 3.6hr time to charge over 45W input also seems kinda high; If it's 20000mAh at 3.6V that's 4800mAh at 15V (conversion via the general ~72Wh amount), in a Perfect World setting that's ~1.6hr. Even taking their 93% effectiveness and also slowing the charge rate at around 80%, that's a lot of time taken for the last 20% charge.

    Anyway. Now, the Cygnett ChargeUp Pro. The Cygnett is Expensive As (profanity). Not gonna lie, it's ridiculously overpriced at RRP $169.95. It claims to support 45W out over PD with 30W in, and a max of 63W; Which covers running both the Type C port at 45W and the Type A w/ QC at 18W (though adding the second Type A @ 10.5W would cause a drop).
    * Full 45W out, more is useful if you do need more, etc.
    * DETAILED SPECS ARE LISTED oh my gosh sorry but I hate vendors that don't provide detailed specs, personal pet peeve there.
    * 2yr manufacturer warranty so if it dies, or fries something you do have a (relatively) easier way of getting it fixed/compensation under the ACL.
    * Cygnett's cables are USB-IF certified, so it's likely their power banks are too (the power bank cert process is slow getting off the ground). This means that they're 100% certified by the USB Implementers Forum to be up to spec and Not Going To (profanity) Up Your Shit.
    * Advertised PDOs aren't to PD 2.0 spec. I have no idea if it offers the proper ones in use, however via their product specs they state 5/9/12/[email protected], and [email protected] 12V is an optional voltage level, depreciated in PD 2.0 (replaced with 9/15V) but good to see; However they've substituted the required 15V with 14.5V - most likely because Macbooks use [email protected]. Hopefully since they put effort into their cables they do so also for their power banks, and it will negotiate a 15V connection, but I can't guarantee.
    * The price, holy shit. Yeah.

    Honestly the Xiaomi ZMI 10 should be a decent battery still, just be aware that you're risking a bunch more with it, and it technically isn't as good as the Cygnett one for larger PD or combined needs. That said, the Cygnett ChargeUp Pro is not worth its RRP. On sale it becomes a bit more attractive though.

    Alternative option: There's also the RAVPower 26800mAh 30W PD battery; iirc there's an Authorized vendor on ebay for Aus with it for ~$90 (I'm not linking because I'm completely unassociated with them, I just came across it a bit back), and though it's only 30W output it's a higher capacity (yet still coming in ~96Wh, so safe for Planes) and has been tested by Nathan K./Benson Leung (two well-known USB testers) to be decent w/ minor spec deviations (split PDOs). Better in some areas, worse in others, but still a decent price-point for what it is.

    My (self-taught) recommendation between the main two here would be if you want the extra juice for PD/combined things or the reassurance of manufacturing and warranty stuff - and can handle the extra $20-40 - go for the Cygnett on sale, else go for the Xiaomi. Me, I'll be over here still waiting for one that supports PD up to 100W, the holy grail. grumble grumble

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