This was posted 4 years 1 month 10 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Cygnett Chargeup Pro 20000mAh Power Bank with Power Delivery - $94.50 (30%) off at Good Guys


Recently posted as a deal at Costco here at $119:

Good Guys now have this reduced to $135 and then using the code above get a further 30% off (applies to all Cygnett accessories).

Details in the old thread but this power bank is distinguished by Power Delivery at 45 watts (will power many USB C laptops) plus USB C and QuickCharge 3.

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The Good Guys

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  • Don't forget CR for extra 2.5%, every bit counts :-)

  • The Cygnett Chargep Pro will do 45W USB-C PD, and at 20V.

    If you want 100W USB-C PD, the Lifepowr A3 is the only one AFAIK.

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    I have one of these and it works wonders with the Nintendo Switch and Macbook 12-inch. Well worth it for this price.

    • Excellent… exactly what I was looking for. Got the Nintendo Switch and MacBook Pro and wanted something that could power them both.

      Just curious… how heavy is this power bank?

      • It is 450g. I wouldn't recommend using it while operating the Macbook, the battery gets quite warm and depletes the battery faster. I'd suggest charging while it is in standby, it charges pretty fast anyway.

        Don't have this issue with the Switch.

      • 450g

  • Anyone know if this will charge a MacBook Pro with Magsafe2?

    • no it wont

      • There's details of adapters you can buy for this in the other thread. But this will still depend on the power requirements of the particular MacBook.

      • Better off going with one of these. It charges devices that require up to 95w and has a 240v inverter.

    • Unfortunately not. Don't need to spend a lot - I use one of these $69 power banks with a Magsafe 2 cable and set the bank to 16.5V.

      Does maybe ~60-70% of a full charge with my rMBP 13" (new battery).

    • Lower power output on the RavPower (30w vs 45w).

      I have the RavPower and have tried it to power my Dell XPS 13 (via USB C) - it works but gives a warning message (because the Dell really needs 45W).

      The Cygnett should work without issues with this and many other small laptops/notebooks.

  • You get better prices for equivalent here (and better brands too), with Express shipping from Melbourne ($5 to Melb)

    A few (of many) options on sale:

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      Let's compare like for like - do these all have 45W output, PD, USB C and QC3 and local support?

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        I was interested in getting the Anker linked above… but can't really find the technical details. Are they very similar… I just can't figure out if they provide 45W output?

  • How do these compare to the Xiaomi 20K banks from recent sales?

  • The website says it can output 63W; does anyone know if this is the total simultaneous output?

    • 63w is total output

      • so 63w at the same time if you max out the type c and both type a ports simultaneously? GPAK said it gets pretty hot at 45W I can't imagine how hot it'd be at 63W!

  • Bought one of these a few weeks ago with JB Hifi price matching Harvey Norman's $136. Nice unit charges my Dell 13 Inspiron 7000 D7378 2in1 laptop via USB-C fine thogh Dell bios warns that PD is @44 watts while Dell requires 45 watts. So charging while Dell is turned on, gets quite hot for Cygnett unit. I contacted Cygnet and they said 44w vs 45w is fine and best to charge my Dell unit turned off, which is noticeably less hot now. Works well charging my Samsung S7 and my Netgear AC790s Telstra mobile wifi hotspot device as well :)

    Would of opted for cheaper Anker but needed unit for interstate trip so needed to pick up instore rather than delivery.

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    Did they change the price? It's currently $169.95 and 30% off is $118.96

    • Yeah, looks like its back to the normal price less 30% unfortunately.

      Still the best high street price - noticed JB are doing 20% off today.

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