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Free Halo Top Ice Cream, Friday 1/12 3PM-6PM @ (Wynyard Train Station (Sydney)


Halo Top Ice Cream is coming to Sydney and they're giving out free tubs of it Friday 1st December 3pm-6pm at Wynyard Train Station to celebrate the first day of Summer!

Check the FB page on the day to see the exact location.

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    I saw some tubs of this at woolies. Only 200 calories or something per tub, let's try it wife said. No. It was $10 for like 300ml or something, wtf? Try it while it's free because in a month you won't see this brand ever again.

    EDIT: nevermind me, apparently I couldn't be more wrong and $10 for a mouthful of ice cream is perfectly reasonable.

    "…low-calorie, high-protein pints of Halo Top ice cream dethroned top-selling brands Ben & Jerry’s and Häagen-Dazs to become the best-selling pint of ice cream in the U.S.

    Since Halo Top launched in 2012, the company has experienced huge growth, with sales spiking 2,500% from 2015 to 2016 alone. "

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      It has a big appeal because of the low calories, which basically allows them to charge whatever they want as people don't care and fork out the cash.

    • $10 at Woolworths (Goes on sale for $7 often), around 12.99 at independent stores.

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      its main sugar substitute besides stevia is erythritol

      and they substitute milk with soy for the higher protein and low fat. good for lactose intolerant, not good if youre allergic to soy.
      No different to So Good icecream. just marketing

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        Except Halo Top is low carb/low sugar, So Good is not.

      • It is different, So good has barely any protein.

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    It's not actually ice-cream, is it? I think it's classified as ice confectionery.

  • With free gelato at lunch time in North Sydney and free Halo for dinner, who cares :)
    Actually I was surprised to discover last month that baskin robbins waffle cones with one scoop of ice cream were $8. The coffee flavours are delicious though, but as a treat rather than the usual.

    Thanks for the heads up Op!

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      wheres the free gelato at north sydney??

      • It was 12-2pm in the Mount St Plaza with the Happiness Project

  • By far the best 'high-protein ice cream' I've had. Pretty surprised to see them giving away tubs which cost $10 at the supermarket.

  • Halo top is actually decent. It's the best sugar free low cal ice cream for sure. Skinny Cow is gross and the FitPro thing is like $14 and utterly awful.

    I blow up given half the chance and halo top is an excellent, albeit expensive, sometimes friend.

    • Yes! what the hell is that FitPro junk?!

      Not only awful tasting but gave me cramps from the sweeteners and costs a fortune…

      • Im pretty sure it is jusy frozen protein shake. The texture is absolutely awful.

        • Yeah it has the texture of a protein powder and it's just a giant bizarre failure. Halo Top isn't just great because it's low calorie but the fact that they did some kind of voodoo that made it actually good.

        • @krunchymoses: halo top is also helped by being significantly less dense than other icecreams.

        • @froggym: True that.

  • What are the chances that halo top will be lowering their prices in Aus within the future? This stuff is good, but will cost you an arm and a leg.

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    At the price these guys charge, just get every member of your family to get one for free, sell them, and pay off your house in Sydney.

  • Just let it melt abit before you eat or it taste a little icy. 10-20 min to melt and it creams up and is actually very nice.

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    Just returned from the US recently and bought (and ate) multiple flavors of Halo. Purchased at a Walmart supermarket for $US3.88. The infamous "Australia Tax" strikes again. It is good ice cream for lo-cal but could not bring myself to spend $10 for it here.

    • sometimes what you get in Walmart isnt what you would get in other stores - some brands make a cheaper version for there

      • This was the real deal. Also bought some from Publix for $4- something.

    • What do you say about 'Cold Stone' ice creams in US if you ever tried, health aside? Desperately waiting for Cold Stone brand to come to Australia. 'Cold Rock' here is crap in my opinion - I am surprised it even survives.

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    YUM! I hope they come to Brisbane.

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      You can buy it at woolies in Brisbane (and probably elsewhere too).

      • I do buy it here! But just wanted it for free :') hehe

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    • My favourite subreddit. Just thinking about how funny it is, makes me burn calories.

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        I read a post on OzBargain about McDonalds, so I logged it in MFP as 10,000 calories.

    • Thank you so much I can’t believe I haven’t subbed there. So much lolz already.

  • Thought this was going to be an Xbox promotion when I saw the title

  • Not going to get it but +1 for free ice-cream!!!

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    I used to buy Halo Tops religiously but after a while the taste wears off and $10 per tub becomes too much for 475ml of ice cream that tastes decent/good at best. I've since switched over to Peters Ice Cream no sugar added range that's at Coles and Woolies. Comes in Vanilla, salted caramel and 1 more flavour which I can't remember at the moment. It has lower carbs/sugar and calories per serving than Halo Top and you can get them for around $7-$8 for a 1.2L tub. More importantly, it actually tastes like you're eating ice cream. I'd highly recommend them over Halo Top.

    You can find them at Woolies or Coles:

    • Yeah I'm yet to try both, been hanging out for Peters to go on sale, the caramel one looks good :)

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      Peter’s ice cream contains sorbitol which is a nasty sweetener. The ice cream is avoided by the low carb community for this reason.

      • Exactly.

        Its also a cheap sweetener.

        There is a reason why Halo Top is expensive, it costs more to make and is simply better.

  • Halo Top taste is awful for me. Skinny cow - roughly the same calories, but tastes much better.

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      Halo top is low carb and low sugar.

      Skinny Cow is not.

      • Skinny cow is just low fat

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          And low fat achieves… nothing.

          It just removes the taste, so they put up the sugar, the actual bad thing.

      • Compare nutrition labels:
        - skinny cow (per 100g: P: 5.1g, F: 2.4 g, C: 17.8 g (8 sugar + 9 fibre)) just got it from peters web site, vanilla + choc
        - halo top vanilla (per 100g: P: 8 g, F: 3g, C: 20g (8 g sugar + 5 g fibre + 6 g erithritol), halo top website, vanilla

        Skinny cow wins from my point of view

        • -1

          You aren't reading the nutrition values correctly.

          Skinny Cow Vanilla + Choc =

          8g Sugar per 100G
          8.8 Carbs per 100g

          Halo Top

          7.8g carbs per 100g
          7.8g sugar per 100g.

          While Halo Top is only a little lower..

          Skinny Cow has Maltitol which spikes your blood sugar, knocks you out of keto/low carb, and will give you all sorts of stomach aches/gas in many people, just google it. Its a very cheap and nasty way to sweeten something.

          Halo Top is erythritol and stevia which is considered the premium way to sweetnen something, but most Australian companies won't use this because its expensive.

        • @samfisher5986:

          What part I am not reading correctly?

          Just take a look at "caloies calculation" from HaloTop: (20 + 8) * 4 + 3 * 9 = 139 and not 94. They've just "not added" fibre :-)

        • @samfisher5986:

          And, btw, both skinny cow and halo top got lactose as a sugar, cause they've just made from milk. And, carbs are my friends, not enemy :-)

        • -1


          Its wrong, its some weird combination of australian/us labelling. They messed up.

          Use this

          From their US site, which is the identical product we get.

          If carbs are your friends, why not eat ben and jerries?

        • @samfisher5986:

          The label is identical to AU one: just values per "serving", the same sugar (lactose), the same fiber and the same erythritol (sugar alcohol) values.

          Ben and jerries - I just don't want "added sugar", 8g sugar/5g protein looks like normal milk to me without "added sugar" and "added protein". I prefer to get my carbs from green veggies (fibre), potato/rice (starch) and lentils (fibre/starch/protein).

        • -1


          If you don't want added sugar, don't choose maltitol, its bad for you, and its in Skinny Cow.

          The stats I mentioned were directly from the link I gave you.

        • @samfisher5986:

          The link you gave me is identical to the one I gave you (AU web site), just compare "per serving".

        • -1


          Compare the sugar alcohols, they are different.

          But its more that they formatted the Australian one incorrectly for labeling standards.

        • @samfisher5986:

          Just sum up sugar, fiber and erythritol and you'll get "total carbs" value. They've "rounded up" something somewhere and got 4g of erythritol on AU website comparing to 5g on US web site.

        • @samfisher5986:

          PS And, btw, it's just "sugar alcohol" on US site, and maltitol is a "sugar alcohol" too :-)

        • -1


          But maltitol is bad.

        • @samfisher5986:

          May be, I don't know. It's not in a list of components of both of them. And, btw, skinny cow got erythritol too in a nutrition label.

          PS My point was - if it's just "sugar alcohol" on US site, why do you think it must be erythritol and not maltitol there? Just a rhetoric question :-)

        • @samfisher5986:

          Ah, found it, it's not maltitol, but sorbitol in skinny cow, the same "sugar alcohol".

        • -1


          Look again

          " Ingredients: Water, Milk Solids, Sorbitol, Polydextrose, Cream, Cocoa (2%), Humectants (422, 1520), Maltitol"

          Skinny Cow.

        • @samfisher5986:

          It only shows how messy those lebels are. That maltitol mentioned only in chocolate one, not in vanilla (which doesn't make sense, it just a swetener, not a color). At the same time they've got 8.9 g of sorbitol in a nutrition list, but nowhere in ingredients (E420).

          PS. Ah, found it :-), there is a lot of crap in inredients

        • @dimavs:

          I'm buying an ice cream maker from Aldi tomorrow and i'll make my own healthy ice cream.

        • @samfisher5986:

          Yeah that's the best solution. BTW, they've got quite a nice pouring cream $2 for 180ml, I usually buy three of them, shake for a bit and getting a perfect butter as a result. Not that expensive with current butter prices too :-)

  • No hints about where exactly they will be? Wynyard Station complex is enormous, and if I can avoid walking to every single entrance for 15 minutes only to miss out, that'd be preferable…

    • My bet is on Wynyard Park…

      • Probably just outside the stairs as the rest is all dug up at the moment.

    • My bet is on concourse, before the gate entrances.

      Other freebies handed out there before.

  • +5

    I can see them unpacking suitcases at the base of the escalators that go up to Coles.

    • +4

      Cmon guys, less group photos and more ice-cream handouts

      • +2

        I'm loving this live commentary

        • +3

          I had to get back to work for a stand-up :( leave some for me guys, I'll be back soon 🍦

        • +2

          @azza92: dammit. i was relying on you to tell me when to leave.

        • +1

          @Grandpipe: massive queue here now

        • @Sarenmalk: Yes. I was part of the horde.

  • There are also some at the bottom of the old really-long escalators on the south side of the station. Not much queue 5 mins ago.

  • +1

    Guys, MULTIPLE locations within Wynyard station. I counted 4.

  • +1

    Got mine!

    Any left?

    Did you get any @azza92!?

    • +1

      Yep, brought my stand-up crew with me, was amazed at the transformation with hordes everywhere, although looks like they're handling it well with heaps of stock and many giveaway spots.

      Was a bit awkward with a bunch of guys returning to work with tubs of ice cream in hand (:

      • Yeah I took a friend, he ate all of his in one go - free lunch!

        True OzBargainer.

        But when we got back to the office no-one else was interested in free ice cream 4 minutes walk away…

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    The taste of this ice cream is horrible! At least for mine, Vanilla, I wouldn't buy it from Supermarket.

    • +1

      Chocolate wasn't amazing either, but I noticed it gets alot better as it melts.

    • +1

      Have to agree, not a fan but kudos for giving out a whole bunch of samples.

    • Its low carb and low sugar, you can't have ben and jerries ice cream like that…

    • +2

      I agree… It tasted like (almost) nothing

  • +1

    Still any there?

  • +1


    • Wow, over an hour and still got some? Impressive.

  • In the queue now. They’ve just restocked.

  • Interesting texture. Its quite big,I keep digging still got half tub remain, would definitely buy if on special at supermarket.

  • Still got any now? I’m on my way.

    • Yup… Lots still being given away.

      • Nice! Have got mine just in time!

      • All gone: (