Optus Horrible Customer Service Is Enough


Hey ozbargainer!

I am simply putting this up for a link to a petition to force optus to get their act together (fix their customer service)

I am sure everyone here has experience being on the phone with optus for over 1 hour minimum trying to resolve a simple matter or even trying to get a straight/truthful answer from a optus representative is almost rare.

From personal experience, optus has failed to serve any form of satisfactory service from day dot of my services. I have been lied to, given false information and the usual run around by the call center operator. Enough is enough. It's time to show optus what will happen if they keep this up.

Once we have a suffice amount of signatures, it will be a formal submission to the TIO for action.

Link is below and above please share and if anything needs amendment please let me know.


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    Link is dead, Optus have removed it.

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      Savas fully aware of other world problems, this is simply just trying to make optus aware of something they have dropped the ball on and hope they fix it.

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        why do you care about Optus so much?

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          Sounds like he/she is paying for a service from Optus and isnt receiving satisfactory service and wants something done about it.
          Nothing wrong with that in my eyes

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          @Savas: I could go on all day telling you my bad experience, my family's bad experience, my mate my colleagues and so on… This isn't just a single person once off bad experiences this is over 3+ years of constant rubbish, why did I stay? Maybe because I gave them too many chances and their prices are a lot cheaper then Telstra.

          This is not a personal attack mate it's simply a matter of getting what you are promised and getting the customer service we all deserve

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          @Savas: and for proof I have abundance of documented voice/online transcripts of how they behave, not all are like it but heaps do not care.

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    Optus having horribly customer service? You haven't tried Telstra yet.

    Petitions are usually waste of time, try TIO, usually works better.

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    I'd be going to Brady Halls at A Current Affair.

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    OP, You need to be more specific in your petition.. TIO is an ombudsman - so, for specific issues rather than "This is crap" generalisations. ACA may be better for generalised complaint.

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      Yes I understand, I want to let TIO know this is a bigger issue then individual cases of bad service

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    Fully agree Optus Customer service is shit. I have so many stories of false info and blatant lies told by their customer service team

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    It's not the Optus but the bad is because they are outsourcing.

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    Have you heard of Vaya?

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    I called them this week to ask if my service was cut off or experiencing downtime and they said they could see my service has indeed been cancelled. After about 10 minutes I was put through to someone else who said there's nothing wrong with my account. I realised the data had been turned off for my phone while it was in my pocket, so the second customer service rep was right. It did worry me thinking I'd have to set up a new plan, the guy was just making things up.


      Record and document every conversation you have with them from now on, this is your saving grace.

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    I sometimes think these Telcos, as an executive intention, deliberately make dealing with Customer Service as alienating as possible to make us give up and just deal with issues any way we can or just ignore them. As I've mentioned elsewhere on a recent move from Sydney to regional Qld continuity with an Optus email address was just totally stuffed up and my wife's entire email account - a child acct off mine - was irrevocably erased. What should have been an essentially seamless process seemed to get weirdly contorted by Optus staff all operating in their own little organisational silos. I spent hours on the phone going around in circles being told contradictory crap, got nowhere and basically was left with the impression it was a "take it or leave it" result. I suspect strongly by the time my new current phone and internet accounts see out their terms I'll go back to BYOD low level prepaid or low usage post paids.


      Yes very true, they expect for you to simply give up and give in, they will walk all over you for your $$$. Unfortunately some people don't have the capabilities or energy to keep fighting until they get it.

      What I don't understand is why call center operators are doing what their doing, it's not like they are benefiting from mistreating the clients, it is effecting the bigger picture of their company and put jobs at risk… But unless they are doing this because optus higher management are mistreating them (big businesses are a big culprit of this behavior) then the ones to really cop it are the customers.

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    Optus, Telstra both the same. Pay premium dollar and get peanuts


    Don't complaints to the various Ombudsmen get charged against a company on a per case basis.
    So wouldn't it be better if you, family, friends all made individual complaints rather than just one bulk one?

    Also what is the point of non customers signing anonymously? Real customers making real complaints would seem to have more impact.

    Vodafone only woke up when they lost vast amount of customers.

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    We actually had an extra charge on our optus mobile bill just the past week. He checked & it's a common complaint right now on many forums.

    My hubbie called and was told to pay the bill and then it would be investigated (bill was due today).

    He responded no - absolutely not. There was the usual call centre crap.

    He said I cannot have done this as on that day and time I was driving and he named an exact spot. What you say is impossible. Apart from anything else, it is illegal for me to touch this phone while driving.

    I either get a credit or it goes to the ombudsman. Who do I need to talk to to get my credit?

    He was texted a link but he refused to do anything that way. it was also an acknowledgement of a complaint lodged and a reference.

    the next morning he received a call FROM OPTUS. He Was advised to pay the actual amount and that the credit was processed.

    Credit information texted shortly afterwards.

    Ombudsman was a trigger word and his persistence. His call log was captured by us as evidence of call not made. We didn't have to use it.

    No quick thing to do though,

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      I feel your pain, this appalling behavior needs to stop, they need to do their job as a provider and give what is promised.

      We are paying for a service the someone of us can't even use.

      Especially those who can't or don't understand at all what they should be getting.

      Sign and share, don't be anonymous, show optus you've had enough, we are serious

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    Record ALL conversations / exchanges between yourself and Telco …By Law you have to advise them you will be recording the conversation …a lot of times they hang up on me !~!!!! Proof of their dis-honnesty ..outright… GOOD on you "theone4u"…

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    I had an issue and it went on for months (they lied about the cost of a Plan). I had it on record on chat but they refused to do anything and were downright rude and arrogant.

    In the end I just went to the TIO and voila they magically started taking notice and my issue got resolved immediately.

    Just do it now, its the only thing they care about. Resolving those TIO cases costs them hundreds so its the only thing that gets their attention.

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