Hair clipper recommendations.

Hi, I have an extremely impatient and fidgety 8yo with special needs. He absolutely hates haircuts.
Our old barber retired and I have failed to find another one who's willing to give it a go, so I'm going to do the cuts myself.
I'm looking for recommendations of good quality clippers, with at least a 2mm to 15mm combs. Under $100,- if possible.
Something that gives a quick and cut, so my son doesn't have to sit still for longer than necessary.

I've checked out some of the cheaper Remingtons and unfortunately they don't get good reviews.



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    Buy a cordless one. Dont need to drag a cord around and also can use it in any corner of your house or the garage or even outside.Gives you more flexibility with a fidgety kid.

    I have the older version of the one below.Cheaper to buy from amazon.Just need a converter plug.

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    This seems pretty good.

    Edit: If you want a really cheap clipper set, you can't really do better than this IMO for $30


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    I have been buying the $20 one (Remington) from KMART since 2007, on my second set now, clip my own hair once every 2 weeks and they have been fine. It does get tad warm around the end of the haircut (because the motor gets hot) but apart from that had no problem at all.

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    I bought the WAHL Professional Cordless Super Taper Clipper from eBay last year when my old Remington started pulling hairs and taking too long. It's super fast and really high quality, but does not come with many combs and is not cheap. Unfortunately I first cut the kid's hair with the Remington and they are scared to try the new Wahl, but I use it often.

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    Wahl is a good brand, mine has been performing well for years
    Btw the combs have numbers. Most people don't realise that the number is the number of eighths of an inch of the resulting cut hair length eg number 1 is 1/8", number 4 is 1/2" etc


    Thanks everyone, I'll have to make a trip to the shavershop and check them out. May wait for boxing day in the hope to pick up some kind of bargain.
    I had a look on and they only have 4 models.
    I guess it will take a bit before they stock more. So I'll check in the meantime.
    And yeah, he has autism and hates haircuts with a passion, so a quick cut with sharp blades is a must in this house.

    Thanks again for your suggestions. Much appreciated :o)

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