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Youfoodz 50% off First Order, Min Spend of $69


Enjoy! worked for us on everything, so meals $5, protein powders half price etc however meals are on special until the 6th for $8.95 so $4.50 a meal with this offer or get 16 meals for $72. Most of the meals a pretty good. Not the place to vent about the $70 off error.

This promotion in an introductory offer valid for first time customers only, who haven’t been previously introduced to, or worked for Youfoodz or any of its associated brands. The promotion is valid for a limited time commencing on 8th October 2017 and ending midnight 13 December 2017. First time purchases conducted prior to the commencement date cannot claim promotional discount.

Conditions for redeeming New Customer promotion:

Valid for first time customer only.
Valid for single use only.
Valid for period 8 November - 13 December 2017 only.
Requires minimum spend of $69.00.
Offer is provided as a discount.
A discount code needs to be applied at the time of purchase and cannot be applied after purchase.
The discount code cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
Cannot be used to purchase Gift Cards.
Program is subject to change at Youfoodz discretion.

There is an additional $50 off $69 spend offer to consider as posted by Comperchick34 here and mentioned in comment below:

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Ziggy28 12 hours 6 min ago
Would think the code YF-NC-5022 $50 off with $69 spend even better than this 50% (Unless you spend over $100), assuming it's still valid. I've already used it and can't test whether it still works.

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Referrer gets $50 credit. Referee get $30 credit.

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  • +1

    their Dogfoodz brand/variety also is 50% off first order, my woofers love it - no minimum spend

    • +2

      hahaha, I thought you were taking the you know what!

      • +3

        true as brah, dogs love it :) … in true ozb fashion, i created twelve gmail accounts and naturally my first twelve orders were 50%… dont mind me me guys… meanwhile delivery address and credit card are the same

        • hahahahaha

        • +3

          Did you also refer yourself each time for the $10 credit each way?

        • Did you have the deliveries all set for the same day?

        • @halfnhalf71: Just to confirm refer a friend does not work with discount codes. If the friend you referred used any of those discount code instead of the referral code, it will not count as a referral.

  • how do you apply the discount?
    Went to the pay screen, asks for credit card details but still at full price (100$)
    New customer as well.

    • Should work if you meet minimum order of $69 so would would need to spend $138 first maybe, try this code as well; YF-NC-5011

      • Thats the issue, thanks

  • -2

    I suggest we ban those annoying SMS spammers. Yes, I was not careful enough and made an order when it was $70 off, which they never intended to honor. And now they bombard my phone with their stupid offers, and I never opted in for an sms broadcasting.

    • Seriously! go into your account and change the mobile number. Quicker than typing your comment.

      • I did that. Received an "exciting" offer again a few days later

        • +2

          And the other thing is, I just checked my texts from them and all you have to do is reply STOP.

    • How is this anything to do with this deal?

        • +3

          Reply STOP.

    • Reply Stop and they go away

  • +1

    Thanks Op :)

  • Thank you. Got 53.70 off. I just hope it's yummy :)

  • +3

    This sucks for me as im a new customer but as i tried on the free week meal code a few weeks back and it was canceled, due to leaked out. But im still classed as not a new customer when really i havent ordered anything yet.

    • Try ordering with a different email address. I'm not a new customer but I managed to get the last deal of $50 off. The only difference was that I used my work email, delivery address and phone number were the same.

  • Thanks OP. Anyone know how long the $8.95 meals are on special for?

    • This week only I believe. I have an email that says finishes on December 6.

      • Thanks cartman!

  • +10

    Would think the code YF-NC-5022 $50 off with $69 spend even better than this 50% (Unless you spend over $100), assuming it's still valid. I've already used it and can't test whether it still works.

    • +1

      It worked. Thanks heaps. :)

  • +1

    I've never signed up to YouFoodz before but this offer is not working for me :(

    Added 16 meals to cart for $143.20 but nothing happened.

    • +1

      Try the code YF-NC-5011

      • I tried again just now and its working. Odd. Thanks!

  • +1

    If anyone is not enjoying YouFoodz as much as they used to, I suggest trying out Zest Meals. They're way more dense and fully packed than any other company I've been with.

    YouFoodz is alright though, they bring out a new menu more often than anyone else and they at least used to pack in a lot of freebies.

    • Do zest have any promos? What’s good and what’s an avoid meal there

      • I haven't seen them have any promos yet, I've only used them for the past 2 or so months. They have however been giving me between 8-12 bottles of water though which is strange…

        I've tried most of the meals and they're pretty good for the most part, it depends what you like. I pretty much exclusively stick to the carbonara and the penne meatballs pasta. I prefer some meals from other companies but really what makes me stick with these guys is just the meals feel more worth the price than some other companies (youfoodz, freshmeals2u), for the most part they're packed to the brim of the container, I also like that you can get a larger sized meal if you want, I haven't done it yet as I think the standard size is good but it's a nice thought.

        Another great thing is their delivery window, they do deliveries every day (except weekends) rather than a set period like Wednesday and Friday. So if I was to order today before 12am I would get it tomorrow sometime. This also might be because I live on the Gold Coast where they run their business though so keep that in mind.

        If you are considering them, have a look at some of the reviews and see what other people are saying.

  • What is this? Take away?

  • "Valid for period 8 November - 13 December 2017 only." BUt it still seems to be working now.

    • +7

      Pretty sure that period is now.

    • +1

      Ahh yes. I misread as 8 Dec.

      • +3

        Which is still within the period.

        • And when is this free weekend?

  • +4

    8 meals for $21.60 :) ($71.60 - $50)

    used code YF-NC-5022 thanks to above comment

    • +1

      I did the same - let's hope the orders get fulfilled.

      • $2.70 per meal.. Winnnnerrr

    • +1

      THANKS!!! ordered lol

    • How did you manage that? Thought you had to spend $69 as a min?

      Edit: never mind, figured it out.

  • Is each meal for 1 person only? So for a family of four, do I need to order 4 x $8.95 meals?

  • +1

    These are pretty good - I get them for lunches at work - saves me having to come up with leftovers at dinner and its better than eating a sandwich or something. I've placed two order so far and received a bunch more coupon codes with my orders. Got a drink bottle, bottle opener, some free protein balls, knife/fork and protein powder. So lets hope they keep up with the freebies :P
    This last order I ordered 10 meals and got 11 for the price of 10 :P so its almost like woolworths delivery where you just get a bunch of free stuff.

  • +1

    stunning deal

  • Thanks OP, I ended up getting the $50 off so was an awesome deal, fingers crossed.

  • Thankyou! Just orderered with the $50 off code; looking forward to trying

  • Great offer, 11 meals for $48. $4 per meal that's nothing! very good price and can rest from cooking for a week lol

  • This is a duplicate . I posted this over a week ago with the $50 off coupon. Please credit the right person

    • +2

      I gave you a +1 on your deal.

  • Has anyone tried freezing any meals? I assume the rice/mash dishes would be best for this but wanted see what others have done that have ordered a dozen or so meals that i would eat over 2 weeks for lunch/dinner. Cheers ~

    • I haven't and I probably wouldn't either - kind of defeats the purpose of having the fresh meals. However, I can't imagine there being any reason you couldn't - certainly no more than making the meal yourself and freezing leftovers.

      • Yeah good point - i guess ill lean towards lunch and dinner and eating them within a week of getting. Cheers ~

    • +2

      Ordered $300 worth to take advantage of the 50% off new customer. I'll be freezing most of them. Should get me through to Christmas as I won't need them every day. A friend bought me several as a birthday gift a few months ago. Froze about half. Chose the ones that I thought would freeze best. All reheated great.

  • Thanks for that - every meal is cheaper than a posh coffee (and we ordered 28 of them)

  • +1

    The $20 Western Australia Delivery fee sucks!

    • +1

      It's crazy. I can't remember the last time I had to pay anything near that for a local company. Zest, Aussie Farmers Direct both free.

  • +1

    Whats the bet they don’t honour it…

  • I referred to several friends they ordered but no referral. was in chat with their rep, and just to confirm refer a friend does not work with discount codes. If the friend you referred used any of those discount code instead of the referral code, it will not count as a referral.

  • A colleague and I have just ordered some meals to try for lunches for next week. We've ordered it for Monday, as we are both away later in the week. We ordered 6 meals, plus some snacks, and it came out to $19.50 with the $50 off code. Thanks!

  • Ordered, let's see if the meals taste good.

  • dont think this is working anymore… can anyone confirm?

  • $50 code expired.. any others?

  • Expired - just called rep - they said they hit the total number of people

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