expired PS4 FIFA 18 $45, COD WW II, Assassin’s Creed Origin $49 @ JB Hi-Fi


JB reduces the price same to Amazon AU, great for those who dont want to wait for delivery, or prefer matching at EB.

Potentially 5% off tmr with unique coupon sending out for Wicked Wednesday.

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    I love it how all this local scammed like HN, JB and so on can now sell for half decent prices

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      Competition… Only good for the consumer. Once Amazon has a hold of things. Which takes time just like when they opened up in the US. Heads will start to roll.

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    Fifa 18 sti cheaper on Amazon at $39?

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      Yeah I bought a copy today, along with NBA 2K18 which is the cheapest I could find anywhere. Loving Amazon in Aus!

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    Fifa is $39 on Amazon AU

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      But Amazon is employing Aussies though?

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        Yes but all profits will leave Australia which is a bad thing. Also the jobs that they create don't equal the number that will be lost. They are now selling video games below cost which is not fair but I think they screwed up the pricing. COD WW2 cost from UK distributor is about $60.

        Amazon is not a good corporate citizen and they don't give a shit about anything other than the bottom line.

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          They cant take all profits away because US Government will charge a lot of tax for that.

          They will use the money to make Aus Amazon bigger and that's how Apple, MS did in every other country beyond the US.

          The rise of Amazon will also create a lot of jobs in courier.

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      Any Aussie retailer can sell on Amazon. Getting tired of people not knowing this.
      Chances are the $39 Fifa on Amazon is sold by an Aussie retailer (I didn't bother to check).

      Your local forgotten toy shop will now have a chance to compete against the likes of JB and HN.

      Furthermore, we locals are are all winners here: local stores lift their game to match Amazon. And we still buy local if we take up this JB Hifi offer.


        Doesn't work like that I'm afraid. Local shops can't compete with price and Amazon charges a heap for video game sales on final fees. Way more than any other platform and this is so they can sell direct. The games Amazon are selling now are below cost…same as any company who is doing them for $49. The games Amazon selling are sold by them and not a third party. Dungeon Crawl (which I own) will never sell games on their platform as they make more profit on the fees than I do on the final sale.

        I'm not complaining as I'm actually glad Amazon is here as it will be good for my other business interests long term. There are just so many people who don't work in the industry be it gaming or e-commerce saying things that just aren't true. Ebay time JB sells a game at $49 they lose money BTW. So if you want to help them buy it from Amazon. Ha

        It will be fun to see where things are in two years!


          Good to hear it directly from the horse's mouth (shop owner).
          Hey if it helps, I've ordered a few games from Dungeon Crawl before, lol.

          Australia is very expensive to do business in. In the UK for example I have never paid more than 55 AUD for a game in a brick-and-mortar shop. But then again they get lower salary and no 9.5% super. You get what you (get) paid for.


    It's a shame that Sony don't price match the online download version of the game?
    Fifa 18 is $99.95.
    I hate discs, they scratch and they take up space, online downloads are heaps better. If only they didn't cost so much more!

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