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Cleanskin Vodka 700ml $22.40 First Choice Liquor eBay


We've already got posts for most every cheap spirit First Choice are selling via the Ebay 20% off deal:
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The original 20% off deal with Johnnie Walker, Canadian Club Whiskey and Dimple:

However, as yet we don't have the cheapest of them all:

Cleanskin Vodka 700mL ea - Spirits - Origin Australia $22.40 (with 20% discount code)

https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/332460254253 Pickup is free or $6.95 delivery
Most important facts here are:
Alcohol Content 37.0 %
Country of Origin Australia
Volume 700 mL

OzBargain style disclaimer:
The current cheapest (drinkable alcohol content/$) appears to be at Dan Murphys:
Hollandia, 330ml x 24 @ 4.7% for $29.99: https://www.danmurphys.com.au/product/DM_367804/hollandia-be...
TUN Red, 330ml x 30 @ 4.0% for $29.99: https://www.danmurphys.com.au/product/DM_460724/tun-red-drau...

Ebay and Dan's both have CashRewards rebates so don't forget those (not included in discounted prices above).

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  • They sell this vodka at liquor land. I used to drink it quite a bit. I’ve stopped drinking for the most part, but I can commend this vodka. It is 5x distilled which I think helps reduce headaches.

  • Vodka and ….. they don't have to age it unlike whisky so it's a cheap industrial process, so this is one instance when they can't justify price to make to get quality.

    What is the Hollandia beer like …. I see it often and it seems cheap, just not sure what the flavour might be like, but then there are many flavourless beers that cost more.

    Just in time for school holidays too.

    • Should be a clean bland non offensive easy drinking euro lager.
      It's actually made in the Netherlands which puts it above all the locally made BUL offerings with famous Euro brand names.
      As per RateBeer: https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/hollandia/5159/

    • +5 votes

      Hollandia is a very average beer, I can't believe they go to all the trouble of importing it here.
      But then someone's drinking it…
      Give it a go , you might not hate it

    • used to drink hollandia occasionally in undergrad, it's (profanity) rubbish. this is coming from a west end drinker.

  • Get this vodka.
    Buy 4 lemons. Get lemon zest. Cut them in pieces.
    Put them in a big jar with the vodka.
    Let it rest for weeks. Move the jar now and then.
    Strain everthing.
    Get sugar syrup (50% water - 50% sugar) add to the mix.

    Congrats, you have homemade Limoncello.

  • Wrong post.

  • Pair this with Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur for $24, and Tia Maria Coffee Liequeur for $20, to make a hazelnut espresso martini. Just add cream. Can mix & match with a shot of espresso, some vanilla essence/liqueur, chocolate milk, blend with ice, whatever really.

    I'm doing this exact combo as a Christmas gift, everything needed to make it in a gift box, with a recipe. Total cost for all 3 = $66.40

  • Considered buying this but played it safe and bought the Russian Standard for $26.40

    • For an extra $4 this one is a much better option IMO. Got this one too, will return the cleanskin when I pick it all up :)


    • I'm a big fan of the Russian standard. Never tried cleanskin though.

  • if I'm not wrong, the excise on this is around $21
    $3 something profit
    I am wondering how much the actual liquid would cost, net of bottling, labelling, transporting, retailer's markup, etc.

  • Tun lager is not drinkable

  • Hey thanks for posting this - I am shopping for some booze for a festival this weekend - perfect timing!

    Does anyone know why the First Choice store says pick up is available on Saturday? That seems like ages away. Any experience with getting it same day from an eBay order?

    • I placed an order with First Choice and Dan's last night.
      Picked my Dan's order up today (like usual, about a 2 hour turn-around).
      No pickup details/info from First Choice yet - it's been 24h so far.

    • I placed my order with First Choice earlier today and got the text saying it was ready approx. 1 hour later. I guess it depends on the store?

  • Good Paint remover 🤣

  • My friend likes Cleanskin & drops by occasionally with it. I generally mix it in cola or fruit juice of some kind.

    I'm not a big drinker, but I've had other, brand-name vodka's in the past & this one is smooth to me.



  • This price is even more impressive when you consider there's $18 of alcohol excise tax on it. Add GST on top, and the product is basically being given away at cost price.

  • Liquor Stax, in QLD (11 stores) has a semi-permanant special on 22% Plain vodka & 20% raspberry vodka. Its 2x 700ml bottles for $20, i forget the brand name though, but it certainly doesnt taste any worse than the premium brands

  • I tried this a while back and it was nasty. Few saying it's OK so perhaps they've upped their game since then. For regular price the tamova from Aldi is a much better buy.

    • Highland Earl from Aldi is good. $28/700mL

    • i was close to getting clearskin vodka but in the dim dark parts of my brain i remember vaguely getting this and not exactly being that great hahahaha … then i said stuff it and got the 2 x Russian standards for 52 pickup… :)

      • It tasted a bit like that crappy Poliakov or whatever its called. Kinda has a metho taste/smell to it, maybe ok for a mixer but just plain nasty. Vodka is suppose to be neutral tasting or tasteless, this stuff was not, at least when I tried it.

        Others mention its ok so they've either upped their game or were just plain drunk already when trying it, in which case anything tastes good :)

        • Well it wasn't long ago when i tried it maybe 6 months ago but was already pretty hammered when we bought it… loll the bottle seemed a little familiar but the cheap looking cap gave it away that it was indeed the same thing, and even with mixers it tasted like metho and i was pretty hammered as i said..lol… i didn't want to be too harsh saying it tasted like metho.. but yeh ur spot on