Accidentally Got The Wrong Video Card

Hi people.

I thought for Christmas this year I might give my son a bit of a low budget ghetto gaming PC. I have no interest in games and know very little about hardware requirements. He isn't really into full on PC gaming but does do a lot of other stuff like photoshop and video editing. Now my plan was to use a refurb i7 27xxx series I've got lying around with 32 gig of ram in it and just add a low profile video card and semi budget monitor Viewsonic 27'' VA2719-2K. I already have a spare SSD.

After researching and so on I somehow clicked onto the wrong tab (had a hundred or so open at the time) and got this
GTX 1050 Ti that is not low profile. - its turned up today. It was a bit cheaper at $225 + 5% off ebay code.

What I'm after are suggestions about what to do now. Do I try and sell the card and get another low profile instead?

Since I already have the card should I consider getting the makings of a new PC instead, motherboard and CPU?

Or even try to find a refurb that will fit the full height card in the next 20% ebay deal?

Any ideas? I'm kind of broke and don't earn much so I can't stretch too far but he is the sort of kid who would understand if he had to wait a month or two for me to get all the parts together and he could use the i7 I have in the mean time.

Thank you.


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    Get a new case and possible a psu

  • A cheap atx case would set you back $50. For example. Deepcool Tesseract — that is the cheapest thing you will find in a MSY, probably. You could also lurk Gumtree or OCAU forums for spare parts.

    You'd have to re-case the computer in the new case and you may also need a new PSU.

    If your refurbished computer is not using a standard ATX power supply, it won't have the correct screw alignment and you won't be able to mount it.

  • maybe paypal can cover the return shipping? just state not fit
    1050ti lp for $209 at umart

    • That is the card I think I had meant to buy.

    • maybe paypal can cover the return shipping? just state not fit

      So you want him to lodge a false complaint with PayPal because of his mistake. The OP fortunately seems decent so will hopefully ignore your advice and do the right thing and sort it out with the retailer by paying any changeover costs instead of screwing them.

  • I'd first contact the seller and ask if you can please exchange it for a low profile version. Say you are happy to pay the difference (if any). I've found most ebay sellers are quite understanding as long as you don't try to bs them.

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    Maybe try a PCI express angle adapter?

    • I didn't know such things existed!

      • I don't think it'll work if the "ghetto pc" is a SFF (small form-factor) like the Dell Optiplex's.
        If it is a MT (mid-tower), it will work but might require some persuasion or hacksaw job.

        Dean, if you have the card in-hand and have the tax papers… maybe walk in to your local MSY/Umart in Sydney.
        See if the fine fellows might be kind enough to do a trade with you. Your regular card for one of their Low Profile cards, as long as the value is equal or lesser in their favour. Maybe bring in your system, see what they think. If worse comes to worse, they'll give you good advice… so there's nothing to lose.

        You might be able to also sell your card, and buy a Low Profile card by going to gumtree and facebook groups.

        I mean, its not like you bought a card that is worthless. Not like you bought a brand new AMD FX8350, or Core X-7740, or anything dumb like that.

        • Dean, if you have the card in-hand and have the tax papers… maybe walk in to your local MSY/Umart in Sydney.
          See if the fine fellows might be kind enough to do a trade with you. Your regular card for one of their Low Profile cards, as long as the value is equal or lesser in their favour.

          Why would any retailer take a card from another retailer in exchange for one of their own? What happens if the card is actually faulty? The retailer is out the cost of the other card. They have no proof of purchase for the card and even if it came from the same supplier (which is often not the case) it may have been sold ages ago or be stock that hasn't been paid for etc. No retailer working on such slim margins is going to entertain this suggestion for even a second.

          The easiest by far is to see if Futu Online will allow the return of the card (if it's still sealed in the box) and swap over for a low profile card and pay postage and admin costs.

          If they don't want to take the card back sell it on ebay/gumtree etc, buy a low profile card and wear the cost difference between the two.

        • I'm not above a bit of work with a dremel but since I won't be on hand to deal with any fixes I'd rather keep it intact. I'll have a look when I get home but I am fairly sure it's low profile only and bugger all in the power supply. Lenovo don't seem to have the specs on their website anymore.

          Not so easy to get to a shop in office hours for me but I might give this a go. I'm looking into second hand parts so he can have something a bit fancier to go with this card. I'm sure he'd love to build it with a bit of help from his Dad. He can then have the old SFF at my place for when he is there.

          Have started down the road of researching budget mini itx builds now, somehow all my ozbargains end up going in this direction. This is the direction I would most like to go in but not sure I can afford it. At least I've already got the card if I do.

        • @BaryGusey:
          Well, that sucks.

          Also just a heads up, PCIe (x16) connectors can provide upto* 75W of power.
          The GTX 1050Ti Low-Profile cards are rated to use 75W of power.
          Which sounds great, until you realise the Lenovo ThinkCentre M91 SFF has a very weak 200-240W PSU, coupled with the OEM custom motherboard and locked out BIOS… you may find there's not enough power in the PCIe slot. It might be just limited to 45W at which point you won't be able to use a GTX 1050 Ti, GTX 750 Ti, or RX 560.

          However, what should work is the GT 1030 and RX 550. The GTX 1050 and GTX 750 are an in-between "maybe".

          *I say upto, because that's what they're really rated for. But last year, the launch AMD RX480 cards were drawing around 80-85W from reviewers (who had expensive motherboards) and it was causing a lot of issues on cheaper motherboards.

        • @Kangal:

          I have a M92P sff with a 1050 Ti, i5 3470 DVD drive, SSD, hdd, soundcard and never had an issue with the 240W PSU - even though 300W is recommended.

        • @Presence:

          Yeah, I didn't mean he will have an issue.
          The Dell Optiplex's seem the most robust, the Lenovo's come second, and the HP's come dead last.
          That's why I don't recommend the old HP boxes, I've found they can't support a card like the GTX 1050 Ti even though they should, however, a GT 1030 is possible (as long as that OEM bios allows it).

          Overall, the olde prebuilts have one big issue: PSU. Can't be swapped out on the SFF units.
          Second issue is the locked-down BIOS. And third issue is the custom motherboard.

          Still a great value, but you gotta know the limitations before purchase. Don't be a noob like Bryan from TechCity

        • @Kangal:

          Yes I completely agree. Even though it's only 240w apparently it's got more current on a certain rail. I can't really remember.

  • Contact seller, pay return shipping. If no luck, gumtree/ebay, or…

    Depending on age of son, frankenstein the case using tools as others recommend.

  • Any chance for a pix of back of the PC?

  • Can you not just remove the metal bracket around the card ?

  • is it height thats a problem, or length too?

    You could try modifying the case to make it fit. Grab a dremel and put a hole it in.

  • Thanks for all the input. After sleeping on it I have come to think that helping my son build a computer and showing him that he can do it is probably worth far more than the cost of any parts so I am now inclined to go down this road. Like me he is high functioning autistic and I just know he will eat this up if I give him the nudge.

    What is the ettiquite here for posting a build thread, should I start a new one or do I just continue on?

    I am considering AMD, it seems like a budget friendly way to go. I have never used anything but intel before, he is getting into maths and engineering, any special requirements to consider for the future?

    I think he will need wifi too, is this best done with an add on card or USB? Do mobo wifi units work well?

    • I'm actually in the camp that thinks if you asked nicely and offered to cover shipping and any difference, the seller'd allow you to swap it for the card you wanted.

      If you want to build around this, start a new thread and we'll see what we can do! I use to make sure everything is compatible. Wifi via a card is usually preferable than through a USB dongle - I find those die on me on a very reliable timetable.

      • Thank you. pcpartpicker it is!

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          Logical increments is a great site for general guidance on spending. The $1000 and up parts I'd say will provide a 5yr PC the $800 and less parts a 3-4 year PC. I like the 5 year cycle myself but you can sell at 3 year cycle as that's when all your warranties will end.

          Also if you plan building PC get Antec or seasonic power supply, gigabyte or Asus motherboard.

          Pccasegear are great with warranty as well. You can get better prices for lesser brands from lesser sellers but I think overall the price is worth it.

        • Whirlpool forums also have many recent threads on all price brackets of diy gaming PCs.

          And they'll respond to questions of all levels. (ozbargain is also great, of course).

        • I'd recommend having a look at some of these builds- you can open the PCPP links and then change it so that it sources the parts from Australian stores instead (Although it's quite a limited store selection so it's worth cross checking with staticice). I used one as a rough guide for a new build I did recently for my mother.

        • @voolish: I think you are right, five years is probably the sensible thing to aim for. I'm leaning towards delaying building now until I have more funds available.

    • AMD also has the advantage that you will be able to upgrade the CPU in the future

      Intel updates their motherboard chipsets and CPU sockets so quickly that your board will be obsolete in a couple of years

      However you did say money was tight
      I would go with cutting your current case to make room before building an entire new pc.

      An old i7 will still play games ok, just drop the resolution a bit if necessary

      Also check out for a rough idea of how much faster a new cpu is to your current one.
      Don't get mislead by the overall speed, make sure to compare single core speed too, not all games can use multiple CPU cores effectively like a benchmark would suggest

  • as i am sure it has already would have been mentioned by now. but take a ruler or tape measure or a piece of string and just see how much room there is actually available for the card. its very rare now days that a case will require a low profile card. find out how much room there is go to the manufacturer website and check its dimensions. the 10 series has a fairly small pcb and the 1050 range are smaller still.

    just saw your post from about 7 hours ago. its probably best to make a new thread if you want people to look over a specific build. But to answer your questions. wifi on a motherboard generally works well and also doubles as Bluetooth receiver in most cases so that is probably the easiest and best solution second would be a pcie card plugged directly into the motherboard.

    • Thank you. I'll come back to this after a bit of research and having a go at it on PcPartpicker as mentioned above by 0blivion.

  • For a minute I thought video card was the card you took to the video store to get a video. Those were the days.

    • Well I am a bit older than most seem to be here, I guess video card is 90's terminology and it's been that long since I built a computer.


        Wait what am I supposed to call it?

        • I think these days it can be called GPU or graphics card but video card is also fine. I just had an alzheimers moment.

  • I ended up purchasing someones mini itx build and it has this case, Sugo SG13 case, really nice and fits full size GPU.

  • Mate, if you're in the brisbane area I've got an old PC case you can have. It's a coolermaster one from years ago.

    Let me know if you would like it :)

  • The other option is how much room do you have around the pcie slot? You can get pcie riser cards/cables that will act as an adapter and let you run the video card perpendicular to the slot. Some small form factor cases come with these to allow full size graphics cards. If you look up cases like the Silverstone rvz02 or rvz03 you'll get an idea of what I mean.

  • Contacting the seller is always the first step

  • I think you went another way, just a heads up, if you want to move your Lenovo PC to another full-size case, you will need one of these

    Lenovo uses a proprietary 14 pin MB connection instead of the normal 24 pin one. This is an adapter for it.

    If you are close to Parramatta tell me and I will give you a good deal on it.

    • Oh wow, that really opens up a few options. And gives me some time to think about a future upgrade with a bit more money available.

      • Your i7 is still a good CPU. No reason why you need to change it. The RAM prices are crazy right now.

        • Yeah - I'd love to try and grab this off you if I can, a great solution if I can mount the motherboard in another case.

          I'll try and send you a PM later.

  • I can recommend the Canopus Pure3D. Much better than the diamond.

  • Do a Linus Tech Tips and just cut the shroud off. Hopefully it will fit.

  • Just buy a $50 case and move it all into that. It will also greatly assist with increased airflow = lower temps.

  • If on a budget, never buy new hardware. Go to OACU and you can get some real bargains out there.

    To give you some examples, I bought a one month old $1200 video card for $800. I also picked up a brand new $1100 monitor for $400. It was a DOA unit and I just got it fixed under warranty. If you are patient you can find some really good deals out there.

  • bought a riser then use this card for mining ?