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Why format? Let sleeping dogs lie.
25/05/2020 - 08:25
I wouldn't say it's just competetive online gaming. It makes any gaming experience better.
18/05/2020 - 14:05
If you've never used 144hz+ for gaming then yes. Once you try 144hz you cannot go back.
18/05/2020 - 13:51
Depends on the institution but many offer fast payments now which are instant.
10/05/2020 - 09:33
You'd be hopping mad if he didn't.
07/05/2020 - 10:23
Easy. It was an ignorant comment from someone who knows how to build a PC and expects everyone else to know how to as well. I've built PC's...
05/05/2020 - 22:35
I pulled the trigger on one. Main reasons for getting one: 1. I game on the side a fair bit, the slim laptop I have (MSI Prestige 15) runs...
04/05/2020 - 16:49
I keep thinking about getting a NAS to do media streaming/file storage, but I keep worrying that we'll keep using our streaming services...
04/05/2020 - 07:18
Would like to know if anyone here has experience with these. Going through the reviews and it's 50/50. Limited documentation but that...
03/05/2020 - 14:27
Rafael posted above, same ebay store has those drives for $174 with PBOLT15 discount
02/05/2020 - 15:18
I'm keen to get one of these set up for a Plex server and desktop backups. But given the new one has just been released, could we see some...
02/05/2020 - 14:39
That’s quite low, cycle count tells you (In simple terms) how many times the battery has been depleted and charged again. High cycle...
01/05/2020 - 19:22
Dammit came here to comment this
01/05/2020 - 19:20
I've had a Google Mini that I received for free from Spotify (thanks OzB) and to be honest didn't use it that much. I recently got the Nest...
30/04/2020 - 08:47
Yeah, but it says you need the device first, so you wait till it arrives mid next month, then wait another month for WD to send a plug to...
28/04/2020 - 00:12
This one in particular doesn't come with AU plug. If you select one with AU plug the price jumps a lot.
28/04/2020 - 00:09
Is this still the usual price at Costco? Might need to head down and get a pair soon.
25/04/2020 - 07:41
We got 90k points through the ANZ card on a deal posted here. Forgot to cancel at the 12 month mark and got charged the $400 odd annual...
23/04/2020 - 14:04
We have a card with price protection (ANZ FF Black). We had a scenario where the price changed the following day and called the insurance...
23/04/2020 - 13:27
Yeah I'm confused by this too, is it any bank QFF card linked to a QFF account? Or just CBA QFF cards/products?
21/04/2020 - 16:05
Got this a week or so ago, love it. Reviews show it's slightly better than the Dyson V8 in most aspects. Very happy so far, my only concern...
20/04/2020 - 12:10
Depends on what his current salary is, 9% could be massive.
16/04/2020 - 11:46
A set of joy cons can be used as separate controllers. So 2 sets would let you play 4 player
15/04/2020 - 15:37
Looks like many stores, JB included got stock a day or 2 ago, but it was practically depleted by preorders for the consoles. I managed to...
15/04/2020 - 13:48
JB Hifi showing they have stock in Vic. Hoping Adelaide gets some stock in the next few days.
14/04/2020 - 21:10