Any Unlocked Phones under $100?!

Are there any unlocked phones available under $100 these days? I'm looking to buy a 2nd phone to use with amaysim, so I suppose it could be a locked phone as long as it works with them (I can only find locked phones that work with Telstra, Optus, or Vodafone)? I prefer Android. I searched eBay for phones under $100 and the only ones available are no-name Chinese phones with only 4GB of memory, which I'm not interested in at all. I remember there used to be some good deals going… what's happened?


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    Phone unlocking can be done for just a few dollars. Ebay sellers typically sell Huawei / ZTE unlock codes for like $2~4

    this means you could visit Colesworths and pickup a lousy supermarket Android and have it unlocked relatively easy and cheaply

    most phones in supermarkets are partly subsidized by the telco company that sells it (e.g voda / optus) which is why they are often the cheapest places to buy from and you can also earn Flybuys pts while doing so.


    You're better off buying second hand


    I use Optus prepaid phones on Amaysim


    Try aliexpress. The Xiaomi 4a is $120 on aliexpress. I think the cheap phones with less than 2gb of ram might not run all current apps. That might include running chrome well.

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    I bought a $150 Samsung a few years ago. It was pretty much unusable after a few months, unless you're willing to wait more than a minute for an app to open (ie Whatsapp). Unless you unlock it or go with Optus as mentioned above, you could also get a Nokia 3310 phone although that's not Android.


      Doesn't the Nokia 3310 have 2002-era features? i.e. no web browser, e-mail, MMS, etc?

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        I think it has a browser, but isn't speedy yet. Camera is poor too, but there is one. But it's only $49 at big w at the moment.


    Boost Luma $19 at Aust post.

    Even if it's shitty for your use its a cheap mp4

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