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Asus RT-AC68U Dual Band Wireless AC1900 Gigabit Router $170.05 Delivered ($150.05 after Cashback) @ Wireless1 eBay


Original P5OZZIE 5% off Sitewide at eBay Deal Post


RT-AC68U supports combined dual-band data rates of up to 1900Mbps. 1300 Mbps 802.11ac at 5 GHz gives Gigabit wireless data rates, while Broadcom® TurboQAM™ technology super-charges 2.4 GHz 802.11n performance from 450 Mbps to 600 Mbps with compatible devices.

Powered by a dual-core processor, the RT-AC68U eliminates the performance drops that plague other routers with busy networks. So even on the busiest home networks, HD video streaming is always smooth, the latency low for online gaming and VoIP calls, and file downloads are never interrupted.

The RT-AC68U also features dual USB ports for file, printers and 3G/4G modems sharing and a USB 3.0 port for up to ten times faster data transfers than USB 2.0.
ExclusiveASUS AiCloud transforms your home networking into your personal cloud for easy streaming and sharing to smartphones, PCs, and tablets. Router-to-Router sync also makes it simple to sync files on USB-connected storage with other compatible ASUS routers for hassle-free sharing of large files with family and friends.

The easy-to-use ASUSWRT graphical user interface unlocks the power of the RT-AC68U giving robust control to optimize your network for you. 30-second set-up and easy traffic management means even network newbies can enjoy its sophisticated features, while power users will love its IPv6 support, multiple wireless SSIDs and encrypted VPN access.

This model does not have a built-in modem

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  • great price! was definitely the most expensive home router I bought a couple of years ago…..but I just can't fault it

  • I got one from these guys a few weeks back. Great modem, it's range destroys the garbage Optus modem I was running.

    The version they sent was the C1 variant, if anyone was interested (takes AsusMerlin so I'm happy).

    • +1

      Its only a router and not a modem.

      • +1

        True (bad habit calling it a modem). Thanks for fixing my post.

        • No problem, I almost got caught out buying a RT-AC86U thinking it was a modem router in one.

        • +1

          Some numbers at the far end of the house, ([email protected] is know to be a PoS but it was still nice to see the results smash it)

          Optus [email protected] modem/router, roughly -77dBm on 2.4ghz

          Ac68u 2.4ghz averaging -60dbm
          AC68u 5ghz band -70dBm.

          I though the 5ghz might struggle through 4 fibro/plaster walls and a bookcase at this range but it still kicks snot out the 2.4ghz band on the Optus and has been rock steady. The Optus sometimes shoots past 80 and drops out in this bed room.

    • Can you explain what the C1 variant means? Is that variant the latest variant?

      • They have a few variants (mostly the same, minor tweaks or manufacturing process changes), C1 is one of the newer ones. Anything B or better is fine, iirc A versions were 800mhz, the rest are 1ghz. Some after market firmwares run better on some versions, usually the older ones are better (more time to get it right).

        • Mind if I ask, where can you find if the router is A, B or C variant? Does it get mentioned on the router itself?

        • @Oz Bargain 3:
          Yes it'll be written on the box and sticker on the unit itself.

        • @kevlarman: I got a refurbished router few days ago from Asus after warranty claim. I cannot find any sticker not even serial number.

  • Thanks OP. Looks like this is the cheapest ever.

    I bought the T-Mobile version from Amazon but it was stuffed, its on its way back to Amazon and I was going to buy another one but more than happy to pay an extra $30 for a real version.

    • That's a shame, I got the same version and it's been the best router I've ever had.

      • Yeah I was really disappointed. The 2.4Ghz wifi would drop in and out, Amazon has promised to refund me the $51 postage it costs to send it back I really hope they come through.

        • Good luck. Amazon's postage refund last year for me was that they would pay a max of AU$17

        • @TrevBargn: The support people have said they will pay the full amount. Im not optimistic.

  • Nice! Was going to grab one from msy.

  • Will this work with my phone service if I need to connect my phone to my Telstra modem? I have FTTP and the phone port can't be plugged into the NBN connection box

    • It won't. You need a modem that supports VoIP (this is a router only - RT model)? Shouldn't Telstra have supplied the right modem?

      • I have the right one. I'm just wondering if I can connect my phone to the telstra modem while using the router to bridge my connection and extend the wifi range?

        • This issue caused me to dump Telstra when we got NBN put on. They wouldn't give me the SIP settings to setup my VOIP phone on my RT-N66U and I didn't want to use my standard phone on their crappy modem.

        • You should be able to since that's what I am doing with mine, the Optus [email protected] modem/router is running normally (as both a router and modem to ADSL) and the AC68u WAN port plugged into an ethernet port on it. So far so good. I am still running double NAT (NAT on each) but no problems for me yet with that. You can disable the Asus NAT if there are issues and run it as an access point, butas I said double NAT worked out of the box so I didn't bother.

        • Oh, well I don't think VoIP will work if you put the Telstra Modem in bridge mode.
          I have TPG HFC NBN with this router, I still need to keep the TPG modem connected for VoIP, and I put the rest of the home network behind the AC68U and connect it to NBN's ARRIS modem.

  • How is the range on this modem? I'm trying to reach my parents place in the townhouse behind mine. Will it work?


    • Maybe?

  • anyone use this to extend their current DSL-ac68u?

    im thinking this will be better than POE wifi boosters

    • Also interested in this kind of setup. In a three story townhouse with shitbox Optus modem in the middle floor giving pretty average coverage to the whole place. I only recently realised that my old DSL-AC68U is actually capable of working with my FTTP connection if I turn one of the LAN ports into WAN port mode (can't believe I never realised it had this before). So thinking to have one 68U on ground floor, and another on top floor.

  • +1

    Can anyone suggest a modem to compliment this router?

  • For heavy VPN applications it'll be worthwhile to consider the newer RT-AC86U instead, Merlin has reported really big improvement in the new hardware encryption engine. Also new overhaul of ASUS firmware is going to the newer routers first.

    The AC68U is ready for retirement given its age but no doubt it has aged well, still performs with rock solid. Can't really justify an upgrade from it.

  • Sent the seller a message if it would work on NBN HFC a couple weeks ago, never got a reply.

    • +1

      It should work. HFC only requires a router as the modem should already be supplied to your house (the white box outside your house).

      • +1

        ^ this, except in my case NBN supplied a black cable modem inside. The white box outside is just a termination box for the physical cable afaik. Just connect this router to the NBN-supplied modem.
        I bought this deal to use with my HFC NBN.

        • Did you find that your speed improved by using this router instead of the one supplied?

          I have a very basic router that was supplied by BuzzTelco, wondering if upgrading to this would improve the speed at all.

        • @poppingtags:
          I won't know until my RT-AC68U arrives, but I'm mostly hopeful of improved stability and wireless range over my D-Link cheapie.

  • Is this the same router but T-Mobile branding, US plug, is refurbished and requires firmware to be changed?

    $100 AUD delivered


    • +2

      Not really the same… Tmobile version apparently clocked slightly lower. I just got mine the other day… And its a real hassle to put on the asus firmware.

  • Just out of curiosity, should all routers be fine for FTTP?

  • Anyone know who they are shipping them with?

    The tracking number is weird.

    • Mine was sent in a package with Australia Post label.

  • So is there actually 5% off at ebay?
    I can't find any confirmation, T's & C's anywhere

    • Yes it does!
      I just bought some other item, put P5OZZIE in the voucher & got 5%off.

  • +2

    Does this deal include NordVPN subscription or you need to purchase it additionally? As I know this is such a powerful router that you can support VPN for at least 6 devices without any internet speed drop. Please give me some info about VPN support ASAP while this deal is not over yet! Thank you!

    • What makes you think it comes with NordVPN?

      I donno about the stock firmware but you should be able to connect to VPN by flashing Merlin.

  • Anyone using TPG FTTB? is it worth to bridge this to the on supplied?

  • Hi,

    Can someone resolve my query, I moved to new home and internet (NBN) is provided by LAN port, does Asus RT-AC68U router work if I connect to it or do I have to buy modem?
    I think my NBN is Fiber optic to node, I live in apartment.
    Thanks in advance!

    • FTTN requires a modem, you probably need the all in one version, dsl-ac68u. You won't be able to use rt-ac68u without a modem. I might be wrong. You'd better call your provider to find out.

      • It should work with anything that is coming via/past a modem. It is a router not a modem that is the only issue. In most places NBN will provide a modem, users need to provide their own routing gear.

  • Thanks Harrison, modem/router always confuses me. Some reviews on internet mentioned it works for FTTN.

  • How do you get it for $150. It's $200 so 5% brings it to 190 then $170 with cash back. Am I missing something here?

    • Also interested. Did they increase their price?

    • Deleted

  • The price now $199. I bought it on sunday 10 dec & got email today there will be delay delivery (end of this week).

  • Has anyone received the gift card?

    • I still haven't. The terms & conditions document states that, "one gift card will be sent to the registered address within 8 weeks after the promotion completed." The promotion ended on 31 December, so we may have up to 5 weeks more wait.

      • Mine rocked up yesterday.

      • Earlier this week I contacted Asus and reported that 2 months after submitting my claim I still had not received my cashback gift card, nor any communications. They responded:

        Thanks for your email. We can confirm that we have received your application and we sincerely apologise for the delay in you receiving your promotion. The reason for this delay is due to the gift card vendor we are using having trouble receiving our payment. We expect to resolve this issue by tomorrow and get the card dispatched by the end of the week.

        We really do apologise for the delay in your receiving your promotion. We have implemented new practices that focus on communication with end users to prevent delays in receiving your promotion to be eliminated in the future. Thanks.

      • My $20 cashback gift card finally arrived yesterday.

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