expired Johnnie Walker Gold Label 750ml $56 @ First Choice eBay

Johnnie Walker Gold Label 750ml $56 @ First Choice eBayAffiliate

Johnnie Walker Gold Label 750ml for $56.00 With ebay 20%off liquor from first choice
https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/347273 thanks to original post

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    Great price, smooth and smoky


    OP, store in title please.


    4 for $220.80, with free delivery not bad.. thanks OP

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      Just note their free delivery is toll and from my experience they are the worst. If I'd known they used Toll, I'd have done click and collect. The store it was shipped from is close (500m), but I rarely drive and a bit heavy to take on my bike, and free.

      Anyhow, my order was showing on board for delivery all day yesterday. It got to 6pm and nothing, so I checked online. It showed they failed delivery half an hour earlier and the "business was unattended". Of course noone rang the bell. So I went outside and checked for card, nothing. So they just pretended. When I phoned this morning, they said that is what they do when they run out of time.

      I'm honestly not surprised given prior experience. It is a pretty tough gig for them taking a box 500m

      In retrospect, I'd now be willing to pay more for click and collect…


    Thanks for the post :)


    Good drop. Got one.