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Sony E Mount 35MM F1.8 $467.46 at Ted's Cameras (RRP $549.95)


Okay, admittedly, I'm also not a fan of Ted's but a deal is a deal. Also, one of the more coveted lenses for the A6 series of Sony cameras as it is the equivalent of a 50mm on a full sixed sensor DSLR.

This 35mm f1.8 lens from Sony is compact, lightweight and extremely versatile. Suitable for portraits, street photography, or even landscapes, this lens will consistently deliver sharp, beautiful photos. With a bright f1.8 aperture and built in IS, this lens will never leave your camera, as it is able to deliver in virtually all conditions.

· Bright f1.8 Aperture
· 35mm equivalent focal length: 52.5mm
· Built in Optical Image Stabilization
· Stunning image quality
· Smooth, Silent AF – Suitable for Video

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    I think I bought one of these for something like $400 (on sale) from digidirect 3-4 years ago but if that's truly the RRP these days then what can you do.

    Great lens! OSS makes it prime choice for video. Very sharp when stopped down a bit. I felt it was a big long for daily use (52.5mm equiv) but manageable.

    Unfortunately I dropped mine off a mountain only a few months after owning it and couldn't bring myself to buying another =(

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      Sigma 30mm f/1.4 for $350 mark (when on sale) is a strong alternative choice

    • Migrate to m43 format, then you will have plenty of affordable yet excellent lenses to choose from.

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    Why get this when you can get the excellent 35mm f2.8 cz lens for about the same price when on sale?

    It is full frame as well (ie works on cropped sensor and full frame).

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      Because that's a stop slower, doesn't have IS and is more expensive? And why get that if you don't even have a FF body?

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        Yes but the 35mm 2.8 still takes better pictures on the a6000. IQ is what matters the most in the end.

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    Love this lens - Definitely one of my favorites though I find it's a little long indoors. That said, I chose it over the 30mm F1.4 Sigma due to OSS.

    The 24mm Zeiss would be a great alternative though it costs a fortune!

  • Price has gone back up to $549.95 this morning.

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