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Toolpro Low Profile Garage Jack - 3000kg | $198.93 @ Supercheap Auto on eBay


3000kg load limit, low profile design.
Working height range: 95 - 550mm
Quick lift dual pump
Padded foam piece on handle to protect vehicle + knurled handle for added grip
Rotatable lifting head cap with rubber protection
Net weight 44kg
Meets American standard ASME PASE-2014

Only available on ebay. Cheapest I have seen it since September 2016

Original P5OZZIE 5% off Sitewide at eBay Deal Post

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    • Are you comparing apples with apples?

      That Ebay one has a 1-star product quality rating.

  • Was on SCA yesterday for $209.

    Best deal was buy it via SCA for $209 with 2x $100 entertainment GC's (purchased at $90 ea) and 6% cashback via CW.

    Total Spent ~ $180 + $9 -$12.54 = $176.46.

    • Curious. Have you or anyone bought from SCA's website with multiple giftcards?

      I know with their sister website, BCF, you can only enter one giftcard with any given cart (which totally screws up the deal should the cost exceed the value of your gift card)

      • +1

        I've done it before, you have to ring them up and get them to combine the gift cards first then complete the order online

        • That is painful.

          But thanks for your answer!

  • For me it says 349 AUD before 5% discount!

  • How many people need a 3 ton jack?

    I got the 1600kg model, plenty for one end of a large car, easy to use, only $50 - $60 on previous deals here.


    Perhaps insufficient travel for an off-roader?

    • Everyone who is going to lift cars. Those little things are only meant to be a corner jack substitute, they are a totally different class.

  • I have this, its very big. I got it to get the height but really in my xp you dont need it for normal cars/4x4s. Unless you have a [real] truck get the smaller model.

  • Comments are the size are correct, this thing is HUGE and heavy. Easy to use, quick to raise and lower, and from memory it's lift height was equal or very close to the max height of others.

    I picked this over other options (eg Kincrome) as it comes with a rubber lift pad and foam padding on the handle so you don't damage your car.