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Additional 50% off Last Chance Clearance at Target


50% OFF items in Last Chance section is on with many items available

Amongst other things, I ordered one of these blazers. Good reviews and many sizes available: https://www.target.com.au/p/edge-to-edge-blazer/59306900

You can click and collect for free if you order $20 worth of items or more.

Use code: TAKE50

Online only. Offer ends 15 December 2017 (Midnight AEST)

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Target Australia

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  • +49

    Great work.
    Just woke up the wife to ask what size blazer she wears.
    Going back to sleep now in a different room.
    But got the blazer.

    • +1

      Sorry to laugh, but this comment made my morning!

  • +2

    Good prices but availability sucks, tried a couple of items, not available online and limited in-store. Pass.

  • -7

    Why do the mods allow this free advertising to be posted every month

    • +9

      That’s pretty much how this website functions.

    • Because it's a bargain.

      • +1

        nobody ever buys anything and the deal is almost always on.

        • I bought something… guess im a nobody Putnum ;(

        • @Hirolol: See you next month mate

        • +1

          That stuff I bought just arrived and it is so ugly.
          The images made it look way better.
          I feel like I have been ripped off, I would even give this stuff away.

        • @Hirolol: We all make mistakes

    • Oz-BARGAIN, maybe?

  • +3

    You can click and collect for free if you order $20 worth of items or more.

    The free click & collect minimum spend of $20 is before any discounts, so you can buy '$20' worth of Last Chance items, select free click & collect & then apply the coupon code for a grand total of $10 with free click & collect.

    • +1

      same applies with delivery - normally $90 or $99 for free delivery, but this is BEFORE discount, which means you can get $50 or so's worth with free delivery

  • Purchased two of the Aksel Desk Lamps for $20. Nice and modern and heavily reduced

    • Same here. Let's hope they last longer than a year.

  • Thanks OP. Very few things were available for men and toddler boys but I managed to snare enough for free click and collect.

  • last chance…

  • redlikeapple

    Apples are red
    Target's logo is red

  • +1

    6 mens products including 4 shirts which are either way too big or way too small..

  • Thanks got two pairs of heels :)

  • Is Shipster free delivery applicable?

  • -1

    The website is atrocious on mobile. Can't believe they dun have a decent.t mobile website at this day and age

  • Picked up a few items with free click and collect. Good prices, thanks OP!

  • There are only socks in the men's section. How is this not sexual discrimination? REEEEE

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