expired G3 Ferrari Pizza Express Delizia Oven on Sale this Week - $154.95 Grab a Bargain!


Hurry! Offer ends on Tue, November 30th 2010 at midnight*.
That's 5 more days!

G3 Ferrari Pizza Express Delizia Oven
Pizza making is now quick and easy, cook your favourite pizza in just minutes! The Italian quarry stone base gives a perfect evenly distributed heat, the G3 Oven gives the same results as the wooden fuelled ovens of pizzerias…


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    invalid link


    Thanks bti_jet. Link has now been updated


    jenko, does it come with a dough recipe book etc? and whats the warranty terms


    Hi bemybubble, thanks for your enquiry. Yes the Pizza Oven does comes with a recipe book - it includes a dough recipe and some idea on popular pizza toppings. The G3 Pizza Oven also comes with a 12 month manufacturers warranty. Let me know if you have any other questions :)


    Cheapest I found was $185 on ebay for this particular model, so +1 for that, however whats the difference between this and say http://www.oo.com.au/The_Pizza_Maker_-Just_Pizza-P29555C718.cfm?AFID=15&cm_mmc=MyShopping--cpc--feed--null

    Cheaper and seems to do the same job…

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    Hi bemybubble.
    I am not familiar with the brand of oven in your link. However after a quick comparison, I was able to see a few differences.
    Heat wise the one you mentioned says it heats over 300 degrees. The G3 pizza oven has 3 different heat levels, approx 190 degrees, 350 degrees and 470 degrees. This will insure you get a similar result to a wood-fired oven. It also means you can cook other items in the pizza oven at a lower heat. This includes pies, meat, toast, chesnuts etc.
    The website you mentioned also does not say anything about a warranty and does not offer free delivery.
    I hope this helps, our customers have always been impressed by the G3 Ferrari, and we have had no complaints about quality. Cheers

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