Tainted Milk - What Should I Do?

Bought a 3 litre milk last night.

Realised late that it has a chemical smell and funny taste.

Other than don't drink any more, what should I do and whom should I tell?


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    Just an idea, but maybe return it to where you purchased it?

  • Go back to the store for a refund/replacement?

    1. take it back to where you bought it from to report.
    2. write a letter with details of purchase, batch number, all the details of the milk where it came from. send provide a copy of the letter to the store when you return it, get your money back for the product with the receipt and send the letter to the milk manufacturer.
    3. dont drink milk
    4. love cows unconditionally because theyre beautiful creatures that make magical noises.
    5. update your phone background with a picture of a cow
  • That's dodgy AF.

    I would ensure both the shop you bought it from and the producer of the milk (the dairy farm, not the cow) are both notified and give you an explanation.

  • I posted on what to do, not due to being worried about $3 but in case others suffer ill health due to contamination.

    I'm unsure who the relevant authorities are due to having lived most of my adult life overseas.

    So to be clear, less worried about my one bottle as opposed to a bad batch.

  • You did the right thing coming to Australia's foremost bargains site first with your off milk problem.

    • Maybe someone would offer to take it off their hands for a 80% mark down?

    • I'm not sure but you could be right in that its irony thats contaminated the milk.
      Being unsure how best to respond I've given you a + vote.

      • Despite your willingness to appoint yourself manager of the foreshadowed public health crisis, I'm sure if you take it to the place you bought it they would take the appropriate action.

        • Its refreshing that you have such a positive opinion on the Western Australian retail sector.

          Alas, having experienced the service here, I don't share your optimism.

          If I'm erring, I'll do it on the side of caution and get an opinion from a relevant health authority.

          I will however be letting the retail outlet know about the situation.

          As to appointing myself "manager of the …….", I could simply have done nothing.

          I'm at least attempting to do the right thing.

        • The relevant authorities would be government agencies in WA,

          and the relevant people involved in making or selling the product would be the ones working in the supply chain, so if the milk is Devondale and the seller is Coles, you'd be contacting company through their website (contact us) pages.

          They may also have a Facebook and Twitter page, if you so wish to publicly name and shame them. They might respond if you make enough noise.

        • @scrimshaw:
          Thanks Scrimshaw,
          I have no intention of naming and shaming on Facebook or Twitter.

          Someone from the council will be ringing me later to arrange pick up of the product.

          I merely needed a heads up as to whom to inform as I didn't know where to start.

          My posting was more about finding a positive solution as opposed to whingeing about a problem.

          Thanks to all who made positive contributions.

        • Eh. Tainted food products is one thing where I certainly would welcome more whinging. It's not like bad customer service that doesn't hurt anyone - this could seriously make people sick.

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      ozmilken.com.au was down :(

  • ACA - Tracey loves that stuff

  • Maybe the cow is doping

  • Bikies

  • Drink it - File Lawsuit

  • Put on Gas… add some lemon squeeze and let it boil. After 30 min.. you will have cow cheese. OZB way…

    • But it'd be Tainted cow cheese…..

      (Also, since when did we need to specify cow cheese? I know we have goat's cheese, but I thought cheese was cow cheese by default.)

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  • I had the same thing happen to me before with some carrot juice. I sent an email to the company who produced the juice. They asked a few questions like batch numbers, where did I buy it from etc and they sent me a $5 IGA voucher which was good because I wasn't expecting anything but was bad because it meant I had to go to IGA.

  • Bad luck OP. I'd exchange it at the shop I got it from but can't be bothered going through the hassle of writing a formal complaint. Out of curiosity what brand is it?

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    If you're a Whirlpool user, lodge a complaint with TIO.

  • Sounds like maybe it was the first milk off the production line after the milk-bottle filling equipment was bleached and cleaned at the back of the store, probably by a new staff member. I would take it back to the store of purchase and ask for a replacement as the milk is tainted and tell them 5 of your family died for a free $50 gift voucher…

  • I've noticed the bottles of some milk brands tasting like this. I've still consumed it and been fine. I wouldn't worry but return to store I think you are. Don't buy the same brand again as it's likely the same bottles.

  • Since its got no practical use:

    When the kids come home, spill it on the floor, then burst into tears.

    Then laugh hysterically at how funny you are. Do same when your parnter, friends, extended family come through the door. You will get mileage out of this one.

  • It’s not rocket science- take it back to the store with your proof of purchase & they will either exchange or refund.

  • Guys I realise this is Ozbargain and that the thought of losing $3 is sacrilege but I was thinking of more than just myself when I posted.

    Oblivion pointed me in the correct direction first.

    I got in contact with "Environmental Health" who sent out one of their health officers immediately to collect the bottle and proof of purchase.

    A ring today confirmed I wasn't the only one who could detect a "smell" about it (obviously they won't do a taste test).

    Turns out, I wasn't the only complainant, which is good as I had started to wonder if I'd imagined it.

    The milk has been sent away for testing.

    I think the people suggesting taking it back to the store for a refund might have missed the point that poisonings can and do occur occasionally (though I thank them for the contribution).

    Symptoms arent always immediately obvious and in this day and age, when your not sure, best to ask the professionals.

    I was reading a while back of a case in NZ of a disaffected dairy worker (milker) who contaminated a batch of milk.

    I won't be making further comment in the thread as I feel its now done and dusted.
    I asked for some advice on what to do and of what I received, I've acted on it.

    I'm not too worried about what it was as a lot of work going into testing and keeping milk safe.
    As per above comments, the most likely scenario is its remnants of the cleaning product used at the manufacturers plant or even the supermarket.

    • Can you update here if you get answer back on th eproblem ( but I doubt that you'll be told. )

      Sorry for commenting before without reading all the comments.

  • What happened when you returned it, I assume they gave another no problems like any supermarket and store would.?