Help to Pick a Simple TV 55-65"

Ok this is most likely a simple question for the TV experts out there, but i just want a TV for TV.

I don't play games, PC text or anything other than free to air TV, ATV + Kodi box for movies.

My main viewing is cricket and AFL, and in the past my 42inch Samsung plasma has been fine - but i think its on the way out (extreme blur on 9HD yet fine on other channels)
I have tried to fault find it, other HD channels work ok, Other TV (TCL) works fine on that channel, new cables, turned off all electrics near the tv, and re programmed the channels, even checked firmware update - anyway might be time to upgrade with x-mas sales.

other than the 55"ish size the only requirement is the electronic program guide works well, it drives me crazy waiting for my current one to load, and the TCL well its a pile of crud.

At a guess a Samsung? doubt i need OLED or want to afford it.

i see the deals
Panasonic 55" TH-EZ950 OLED UHD Smart TV $1996
Sony 55'' X9000E 4K HDR TV $1,476
are these compelling?

thanks for your help



    Check out

    You can set parameters and it suggests Best TVs for You.

    Only problem is sometimes mapping between US model numbers and Aus model numbers.

    There are still a lot to choose from but anything in the first 5 or so suggested should be fine.

    Sorry it's not easy with so much variation in technology, capabilities, price etc.


    Hisense TVs are pretty good bang for buck at the moment and from what I've viewed quite well reviewed. They have 55" for around $1000-$1200 for HDR or HDR+. The smart solution isn't too bad on them from memory and they are quite solidly and well built inside. If I had the cash lying around I would be getting myself a 65n7 65" Hisense TV.

    Oooh and in case you see that stuff about not getting too big a TV based on how close you sit almost all those formulas are based on the idea of your TV being 1080p. These days with 4K TVs go as big as you can fit and justify. The pixels are so small these days that even standing right in front of a 75" TV you are going to struggle to notice the individual pixels.


      Good point about the sizing distance I had not thought of that, the only issue I have with the 65" plus size is the price seems to jump considerably from the the Hisense I think it almost doubled.

      Do you know if the Hisense EPG is smooth and fast? Someone with an older mdl said it was slow and the min volume was very loud, (important with a baby 2 rooms away)



    Thanks for all the feedback I bought the Hisense 65n7 $1598 delivered


    The Sony is great at upscaling FTA. I bought one a few months back This current price is fantastic.

    I wanted a Panasonic but their good model is that oled and it was close to $3000 when I was buying, I paid $1700 for the Sony, if the Panasonic was $2000 then I would have got it cos I like Panasonic as a tv brand.
    But $1400 odd for the Sony, go for it, super bargain and a great picture. Videos on a hard drive are superb as well as well as Netflix. Foxtel is average but I don't pay for the HD signal.

    Also, I'll add, the remote is nice to use and even though I thought I would never use it, the voice control is great to do things like " play Pentatonix hallelujah on YouTube. "

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