Lightinthebox has anyone ever actually received anything?

Particularly stuff that isn't 25c rubbish because there is allot of bad reviews on the internet's…

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  • Only made one purchase, the Xiaomi Android TV, arrived after about a month.

  • Chinese sellers state 20-40 business days on snail mail shipping for a good reason. It typically takes a month for it to reach its destination. You want quicker? You pay for quicker.

    All my orders so far have arrived within a month.

    • Still waiting for my drone :(

      • Unusual. Normally you get the stuff the quickest in Perth.

        • Hopefully no one has snatched it :/ BrodenIt said he got his the other day

        • This is what i got from them after waiting for 3 weeks. Asking for pay for their mistake and ended up got refund by them without any request. They just simply refund you and that is it.

          "We are sorry to tell you that due to the oversize of the package there is extra shipping fee charged by the courier company. Please understand you need to repay the difference AUD19.3, if you agree to keep the order. In addition, we are trying to improve this so next time when you place new order everything will be made more clear. Thank you for your understanding in advance."

          I don't think they are a good business to deal with.

        • @vanc: Created an account on an old post just to tell me that? You must be new to Chinese sellers too.

  • follow up your order to them

  • You can ask the rep here

  • Of course received.
    When,its different question.

  • only plenty of emails from them, no goods yet

  • Ok good to hear some positive reviews.. I bought a phone last Saturday it stated one or two business days til it ships and 4-5 business days shipping.. Hasn't shipped yet and it's almost a week.. If I click the link that says submit a ticket it takes me to their home pages.. You tell me..

    To be fair a bought a dogee phone.. Didn't think I was buying it from a dogee website though..

  • Yep. But wont buy from them again unless it's a really good bargain. I was subscribed to about 1000 different mailing lists I was forced to unsubscribe one at a time.

  • Still waiting for a Raspberry Pi Case.
    Got "posted" email 17 Nov.
    Raised ticket in Dec - told to wait until 24th Dec (38 days)
    Raised 2nd ticket 26th Dec - told to wait 60 days!!

    Not having much faith here. Any perceived bargain disappears after these delays.

  • I did get my phone in the end the advertised 1to2 days handling time was a lie it was at least ten but one it posted the express post took only today's instead of the advertised 4-5

  • I bought a USB-C to USB-A adaptor for $0.38 after seeing

    Ordered the product on 19/12/17
    Got a “your product has been shipped” email on 22/12/17 and it is expected to arrive within 10-20 buisness days (so between Wednesday 10th of Janurary and Wednesday 24th of January 2018).

    Still waiting to receive it. Will let you know when (or if) it arrives

  • My phone shipped on 30/11, not express but is tracked still not here but i will give leeway for xmas.

    2018-01-02 06:17
    The item is on transport to the country of destination

    2017-12-29 08:56
    The item is at the PostNL sorting center

    2017-12-04 02:00
    The item is pre-advise

    Im hoping the tracking is just really slow to update.

  • they arent a big player like gearbest thats for sure but everything i ordered arrived


    Noticing they are absolutely hammering the deals page with Xiaomi products at the moment. Quite suspicious.

  • I've received a laptop from them. It was super delayed so they gave me some credit which I used to buy some other random junk.

  • Order 08/12/17 still waiting last update says in transit. Have ordered from similar companies and its taken up to 6 weeks so not worried as yet.

  • Processing times are bs.

    "Ships in 24 hours".

    6 days later, still "processing".

    Normally I wouldn't care as the majority of stuff i buy is cheap crap, but this item I actually want it a hurry (hence paying the extra for express shipping).

  • Yep. I bought 80 hand held fans as wedding favours and they came just over a week. Great quality build as well

  • I received car sponges that I ordered, it only took 60 days lol

  • Still waiting on a Bluetooth headphone. Been two months since ordered so raised a ticket only to be told it will take approx another 2 months to investigate….. ridiculous.

    Past purchases have turned up no issue.

  • I ordered some Xiaomi Mi Home door sensors, not turned up 3 calls so far 1st said wait for 60 days , 2nd say wait for 70 days (another 10), 3rd say wait another 2 months whilst they check their postal system.

    Pretty poor service, glad it's only $9USD worth of stuff

  • Took about a month to get my raspberry pi.