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CREE LED Mini Torch USD $0.81 (AUD $1.09) Delivered @ GearBest


Positive comments on quality & speed of delivery in previous post. Runs off 1x AAA battery (not included). 1000 units available at this price (ignore 'pieces left' on landing page). Restricted to one purchase per Gearbest account. Use coupon LIGHTMYARSE at checkout, which only works with AU IP addresses and a logged-in Gearbest account. Select Unregistered Air Mail to avoid additional shipping costs. Enjoy :)

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  • Thanks, grabbed one

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      torch or arse?

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    These are really bright for a AAA torch

    • What max lumens does it have? I am talking about real lumens, not Chinese lumens :p

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        Real lumens, Key chain, great build quality + Nice deal


        Coupon - TrevidropBLF5

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        Well if you don't want 流明, we also have 루멘 or ルーメン. then there's Lumeno, Lúman, Lūmens, Liumenas, Lúmen or Luumen perhaps? Or maybe you were after لومن, লুমেন, Люмен, ལུ་མེན།, Λούμεν, لومن, Լյումեն, לומן, ലൂമെൻ or லூமன்?

  • Got my 2nd ;)
    Great little lightweight pocket sized Torch.
    Light enough to carry around in the top pocket.

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      Same. I so dont need anothe… BOUGHT!

  • I.. don't… argh.

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      I’m in the same boat …. must resist…. have enough tor… arg

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        It is pointless to resist

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          Resistance is futile

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          @froodh: Join the dark side

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    I didn't want another of these, but then I had to just to use that LIGHTMYARSE coupon code!!

  • Bought one. Thanks.

  • hmm, code seems to be getting accepted, but wont actually drop the price for me.

    • Hmm, same here.

  • finally, one for each hand

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      You have 6 hands?

    • That's what she said….

  • Thanks Op. Family will love the extra gift.

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    +1 for the code HAHAHA

    Also, just received my torch today like this one from a previous deal. Pretty bright for 1x AAA - very content with it.

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      But you didn't actually upvote.

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      The code is LIGHTMYARSE, not HAHAHA

    • Haha me too, funny that. Seems great for the price :)

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    Ordered one last time. It is much smaller than expected.

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      It is much smaller than expected.

      Were you in the pool?

      • Like a frightened turtle…..

  • Hi guys,
    it says powered 1.8V to 3V but uses 1 x AAA battery that is 1.5 Volts. Assume powered voltage is a typo.

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      You can use batteries more powerful than the AAA.

  • Mine came today - prettt impressed especially for the price! Time for my 2nd one I think!

  • Thanks TA. Bought one!

  • Got one for the car thanks.

  • Damnit. Bought one. Expecting crappyness, but will be interesting to see how it compares to the original Thrunite Ti that I've got.

    Also bought a SingFire SF-348 for $4.36 (with coupon points and app usage, so only a deal for me unfortunately) which I'm hoping will be good. Pity you can't get the Nichia version of that any more.

    • Wow, got emails this morning saying both lights I ordered were shipped. That's the fastest I've ever gotten that notification from GearBest. Now let's see how long they actually take to get here… haha.

  • nevermind problem fixed

  • Thanks OP! Another camp lite to lose without care

  • Powerful enough to show worms?

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    Got this other one from a previous deal from TA which requires AA sized battery but is also brighter.


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    Code expired :(

  • Yep code expired. I was just about to order a replacement for the one my kids broke too !

  • Same here - code expired.

  • Exxxxxpired