My Washing Machine Broke, Recommend me a new one or Brand?

Hi my 13+ year old washing machine (LG) just broke and I don't know what's wrong with it (I'd assume repairs would wouldn't be worth it). Could you please recommend me a good quality and reasonably priced one? I'm looking for anyone that is good and is a front loader (maybe 10kg load?) and which retailer to purchase it from (preferably remove=able and installation). Anything half price would be great, but ideally $1000 is my budget which isn't much (maybe an additional $300 or so can be spared for a good washing machine). Preferably be able to wash colours and whites/blacks together without any problems.

I've done a quick google search and am overwhelmed with the results. So any information would be appreciated (I'm in Vic if that makes a difference regarding retailers).

  • What's the average life of a good washing machine?
  • Which retailer/store should I buy from? Removal and installation would be great, but I know it's probably not likely.
  • Best brands (quality, durability/reliability, warranty, customer support, price, energy efficiency rating, etc)
  • Worst/bad brands to avoid (e.g. bad quality, bad customer support, etc)
  • Should I buy online or in-store? I'm leaning towards in-store because I can ask any questions up front.
  • Is there anything else I should be concerned/informed about?
  • Please link to the washing machine if you can, or just recommend the brand, model and type of the machine and I'll google it.


  • Any Bosch or LG over $800.

    Chinese made and German made are basically the same quality.

    • I've never heard that Chinese and German made washing machines were basically the same. Is that a good or bad thing?

    • Neither Bosch nor LG made in China

      • My Bosch was.

        • Yeah there's a few different factories we get Bosch washing machines for the Australian market. Most of them come from China, Turkey, Poland or Germany. So there are definitely China-made Bosch machines.

        • How is your Bosch? I'm thinking of buying one.

        • @justaperson: I'm thinking of buying a Bosch since Miele seems to be sold out of the two I was interested in (apparently you need to purchase directly from Miele). The website (Appliances Online) I'm thinking of purchasing a Bosch from, says it's "Made in Germany". I guess Germany>China, Turkey and Poland in terms of manufacturing Bosch products? I'm ignorant when it comes to buying appliances and which brands are the best quality and reliability wise.

        • @OzBoganYeah: Yeah fair enough, apparently they still have some stocks of the Miele WDA110 in local warehouses but you have to call up instead of order online, I just looked online at the new WDB030 model replacement and it is lacking A LOT of functions compared with mine so I'd only go for it if you can find the WDA110. In comparison with the Bosch I think you'll be pretty happy anyway, can't speak for the washing machines but we had a Bosch oven that lasted awhile, we were so happy with it that we replaced it with another, we also have numerous other Bosch appliances and products which have lasted well. We made sure we got the German made one since the materials used were slightly different than the non-german made ones (you can't tell unless they're side by side, but it does kind of encourage you to pay extra for the german one) and I suspect the same would be true for the washing machines as well.

        • @justaperson: Thank you once again, everything you've said has been very informative. All the information has been overwhelming and I'm still on the fence.

        • @OzBoganYeah: you can buy Miele from Bing Lee. And I think David Jones. Probably other stores too.

  • I recently just bought this Samsung top loader for $1,100. It's a good machine. The pre-wash Activ DualWash basin is great!

  • We had the same thing happen. Had a 12 year old LG that just had a few too many problems to be economically viable to fix. Ended up replacing it with a Miele WDA110 Classic when they were on sale for $1199. Would've gone for another LG but the new ones didn't feel as well made as the old one so just decided to pay a little extra for the Miele, definitely would not pay full price at $1499 since its a basic machine in comparison to others, so look around for a better price if you can. If it lasts as long as the old LG I feel like its money well spent. Also, keep away from ASKO, rust issues and quality issues mean they don't last beyond the two year warranty. Also, had friends who had Samsung machines that lasted 5 - 6 years but friends who bought Mieles have had them longer than my LG.

    • Thanks for your reply. How long have you had your Miele for and do you like it better than the LG you had? Also if you don't mind me asking, where did you buy it (online or in-store)? I appreciate your reply, I'll definitely look into the Miele you have.

      • We've had the Miele for 6 months now, bought it at Harvey Norman, all Miele prices (even on discount) include delivery into the Laundry as well. A few good features that swayed us was that the child lock only comes on if you want it on, so if you forget something and start the wash you can open the door mid cycle and throw it in, unlike the LG which would lock as soon as the cycle started regardless of whether child lock was on or not. The Miele has its own water heater (only has a cold inlet) which is supposed to be more energy efficient on hot/warm washes, the inside and outside drum is all stainless steel including the sprayer paddles and it has scratch resistant enamel on the outside as opposed to powder coating on other machines. There are some things I miss from the LG like the function selection was from a button rather than a knob on the Miele which you have to position back to 'finish' when the cycle completes (the LG just turned off) and I have found the equivalent cycles take longer than on the LG since it has to heat up its own water. Overall though it has been a positive experience and I'm very happy with the functionality and the quality, not worth it at $1499 because competitors at that price point have a lot more functionality, but its definitely worth it if you can get it for $1199.

        • I appreciate the information, thanks again. I really dislike that you couldn't open the door mid-cycle on the LG.

        • @OzBoganYeah: No problem mate :) The LG auto-locking was the one thing we hated coming from a top loader so we searched for machines that wouldn't do that this time around, whatever machine you get just make sure you have the ability to open mid-cycle because it makes things a lot easier.

        • @OzBoganYeah:
          my recently bought fisher and paykel can open the door mid wash. bought at appliances online for $650

        • Do you remember what model it was? I'd like to see what it looks like, thanks.

        • Bit of a silly question, but can you wash colours and whites/blacks together with the Miele? No problems so far? Thanks.

        • @OzBoganYeah: Haven't had any issues at all so far, although I think you shouldn't on any new machine you buy anyway regardless of brand. Have done a few loads mixing whites with other colours and haven't had an issue in those loads but generally I prefer to do separate loads just in case the colour from any new clothing runs. However, the three times I washed them together, I didn't have any problems with running colours.

  • Appliances Online are awesome. They will deliver, install and remove the old machine for you. Their prices are usually around the cheapest too but they also have a pricebeat guarantee even if you find it somewhere cheaper.

    • Thank you, I will check out their website. Do you happen to know if they delivery, remove and install for free or will it cost a little extra?

      • Yes, free delivery, removal and connection. Won't do new plumbing for you but assume you already have the required taps.

        • Don't forget that you can earn 3.5% cashback through CashRewards or Velocity points through the Velocity e-store.

        • I would hope I have the required taps too (I need to check, even though I don't know what to look at for). Thanks. I assume you've bought from them before?

        • @OzBoganYeah: Yes, bought from them a number of times. Generally the same taps for all washing machines so if you already have a machine connected you should be fine.

  • I like the Fisher and Paykel machines. Simple mechanicals, but more electronics. Very high speed spin - the clothes come out almost dry.

  • bosch waw28460au.. this is an awesome machine. currently over $200 cheaper than I purchased it a cpl months ago {good guys eBay store 20% offer}

  • i would avoid samsung for washing machines, high fail rate. source from friend in whitegoods business.

  • I would be purchasing one that is 'direct-drive' ie there is no belt making the drum spin. My machine stopped spinning once and I had to pay $200 to get someone to replace the belt… ripped off, will not buy one again as the belt WILL wear out.

    • I'll definitely keep that in mind, thanks for the tip. I think my LG's belt broke because it's stopped spinning.

  • I bought a Euromaid washer for stuff all from Appliances Online. Delivered, installed and removed the old one for less than $500. Runs perfectly and made in Turkey like a Bosch. I was sick of buying expensive machines that die prematurely.

    • One trick though, call them and ask if they can do any better on the price. They always seem to knock of another $20 and place the order over the phone.

    • If you don't mind me asking, have you had any problems with it so far? How long have you had it for? And do you wash coloured clothing with your whites/blacks? I;m looking for a washing machine that can wash everything together.

      • Machine has been going perfectly for 6 months. Not as quiet as the LG my ex wife has, which is eerie. It spins at 1200 RPM and no sound at all. The Euromaid makes a hum as it spins at 1200 RPM but washes and works perfectly. No matter what anyone tells you, you can’t wash colours and whites together. I’ve got a flat and the water drain hose goes in the bath. Most people don’t see what colour the water comes out of their washer, but I do. The coloured wash water comes out a dark dark colour. If you were to do your whites in that, they’d be an old chewing gum colour from then on. Don’t do it, don’t trash your whites. Just do your whites on a quick wash and you’ll be happy and your whites will live on to be bright. Clothes really aren’t all that colour fast. Dye comes out until they’re faded and really old.

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    I go for Bosch every time. Having said that I have only had two. One lasted 20 years and the other one I still have: 10 years so far.
    I put my dark colours in a specially designed bag that absorbs any leakage if I am mixing whites and darks.
    My brother is an appliance engineer and tells me that he has very few repairs to Bosch appliances of any kind, washing machines being one of the most reliable of all.

  • Is it the belt? Don't pay, but a new belt should be about 15 bucks on eBay.

    13 years is a good run.

    LG is good, personal experience and reports from repairman.

    Direct drive LG at whatever size requirement you need is my recommendation.

    20% off Bing Lee was the cheapest when I recently bought.

    • I'm about 95% sure it's the belt. It won't turn anymore and the door gets jammed (I have no idea why, but we finally managed to open it). $15 on ebay sounds great but I'm not sure how much a repairman would cost (got quoted by three businesses I rang from anywhere between $250-$400). But I'll look into it.

      • You can usually do a belt replacement yourself. Check YouTube, mine was in there.

        But if the belt is gone and the door is buggered, might just be time for a new one.

        Me changing the belt didn't fix the issue, as there was also a suspension problem.

        13 years is a good run. Depends how quickly you need a washing machine and whether diy repair is a bit of a hobby for you.

        Def don't pay a repairman.

        PS at least make sure the belt didn't just slip off, seeing as it doesn't turn at all.

        • I assume to check on the belt, you need to open up the back? I'm not handy and can't repair anything. I was considering paying a repairman, cheapest was around $200 + cost of parts.

  • Plenty of good Australian made used onesa around for about $60 on Gumtree.
    Much cheaper than a repair
    Stay away from anything made in China new or used

  • Bosch have lost their credibility in the Marketplace- so have Miele. As they are now manufactured overseas & no longer Germany, the quality of the machine parts have been replaced with cheap alternatives which have a short life span.
    My front loader is an Asko ( Swedish I think) - had it 18 years- not cheap, but reliable.
    Tumble dryer is Zanussi ( Italian)- now 33 years old & works perfectly.
    Did have to replace our dishwasher last year from the Miele which was 11 years old - wasn’t too pleased that it’s life had ended- to a Siemens, which is built in Germany with quality components, very happy.
    Hope our observations help towards your choice.

    • Appreciate the information I've had information overload: lots of useful information but I'm still stuck on the fence. I was leaning towards Miele or Bosch, now I'm not sure. I just want a washing machine that will last 15 years (if possible, I don't want to keep buying one every 10 yrs or less).


      Asko have been bought out and are now manufactured in Slovenia.
      General feedback is that production standards have dropped and rust is now a problem.

  • go for electrolux/simpson. A washing machine repairman told me that they have the cheapest parts for repair and they are also reliable - this was a time when they were made in aus

  • Same, we had an 11 year old LG washer dryer with direct drive that died mid-way through this year (the main bearing rusted). We even tried buying a new bearing for $70 from eBay, and removing the old one and installing the new one - that job was an absolute nightmare (these machines are NOT built to be easily serviced or repaired), then it did 3 washes normally and then a seal burst and it leaked everywhere whilst it was washing (rushed to turn off to avoid electrocution).

    If I had my time again, I would NOT attempt to repair the old one, and would buy what we did (a cheap Bosch unit, was $560 or so delivered and installed by Appliances Online, and they took away the old LG too). It's not German built, and the controls are fairly basic (you cannot manually set the temperature and spin, rather you select from a series of preprogrammed options) - that said, it works fine. It's quicker than the LG (especially the 15 minute wash, which is what we use for most of our washing of clothes), and it can be paused and opened mid-wash, which the LG never could, and LG dryer function was completely useless and took hours and hours so happy to drop that "feature".

    I assume you could pay more for extra controls and German built, and larger wash capacity (our is 7 kg max I think? But almost all of the washes have lower weight limits, e.g 4 kgs, some even have a 2.5 kg limit), if desired.

    • Do you remember what model your Bosch is? That sounds horrible, you repair it only for it to leak everywhere. I appreciate your response. A few other people have suggested Bosch as well.

      • The one I got was "Bosch WAK24162AU 7kg Front Load Washing Machine". Essentially it's the most basic bottom of the range Bosch. In June it was $679. It's usually the same price on eBay, and the next eBay sale is likely to be Feb 2018, so some time away, and it's very hard being without a washing machine. Occasionally there are eBay sales in December, but they're not predictable.

  • I recently purchased a Bosch WAW28460AU, approximately 4 months ago from Appliances Online and have been very happy with it. While it’s an 8kg, it does a family of four fine. I don’t see a need for the features on the model up.

    I wouldn’t touch LG ever again. While I’d be happy with 13 years, my LG top loader lasted about four months prior to a replacement, of which was incredibly harsh on clothes. I wouldn’t go Samsung either, but that’s personal preference. It’s a shame we don’t have Japanese washes here because they are incredible.

    For around 1k I recommend Bosch or F&P, based on experience and all the reviews that I looked through prior to buying.

    • Wow, your top loader only lasted four months? That's crazy! Another posted has also suggested that Bosch model, so I'll do a little more research on it.

  • Its the cheap bosch you want to avoid expensiv eones are really great-Made in Germany. You can see Siemens as well- essentially the same machine, different branding like VW and Audi. Sometimes Siemens can be cheaper due to factory run out or clearence.