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Big W - House and Home 1000tc Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set $15.00 (In-Store)


Seems to be all sizes, plenty in my local store.

Posted from in store. Mine were ticketed at $49 and $59 but scanned at $15. Other colours and sizes were available in store.

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  • Item linked is unavailable OP

    • "We're sorry. This item is not currently available to purchase online."

    • Updated with different colour that is still available online.

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        Only available in king.

  • What's the quality on this stuff? Would they really be letting this stuff good so cheap if it was anything but mediocre or worse?

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      What's the quality on this stuff?

      They're a bit flat.

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        really? i thought it was quite fitted

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        Not as flat as this joke

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      I purchased the 500tc Egyptian cotton sheet set a few years back, and the quality is pretty good coming from BigW. Soft and durable, especially for the price

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        what the hell did i just watch

        • Errr.. at least the story had a happy ending ?

    • 1000 thread count is very high and thus the sheets are heavy. Usually normal sheets are 300 - 600ct.

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        Not really true. Thread count has little bearing on fabric weight.
        You can only fit so much yarn per square inch of material. Fabrics with higher thread counts use thinner, longer, lighter (and usually finer) yarn that creates a softer feeling fabric. Lower thread count fabrics use thicker, shorter, heavier yarns that cover the same space but with fewer threads. But both should weigh about the same. The main thing that will affect weight is the type of fibre used.

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    Postage kills it! Anyone have free shipping code

  • damn sold out… i was looking for a free shipping code or something else to make up $80 to get $10 off…

  • Unavailable to purchase online… out of stock I'm guessing. What a great price though.

  • never seen 1000 thread @ BW went to my local highest was under 400 :(

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    aaaaaaaaaaaand it's gone. 'We're sorry. This item is not currently available to purchase online.'

    Very annoying search on the Big W site as well. I search for '1000 thread count' and get a bunch of 180/250 thread count stuff, a 1000 stickers book and a 1000 piece puzzle. Come onnn!! sure you can filter by the Home category but it's already sorted by relevance and giving me puzzles and stickers..

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    Brands know that consumers love high thread counts. It's a big buzz word in consumer linen. But its just clever marketing and actually has little to do with quality. To create 1000 TC they have to use much thinner thread to squeeze 1000 threads into every square inch. This results in a very soft, smooth fabric, but much thinner and far less durable. 180TC of high quality thread is absolutely fine for sheets. The best quality hotel linen is usually 200-250 TC.

    Summary. Don't buy into the high thread count bullshit.

    • Yep I have a mix of different ones and the more expensive 1000TC felt much better than the cheaper Target generic, but at Myer where they have the Sheridan samples the luxurious feeling ones were only 300-500. Too pricey for me though …

      That said for the price still seems like a good deal.

    • You are wrong though. I've bought 180TC and 1200TC sheets. The 180TC is shit in side by side comparison. I can easily see through the 180TC one.

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        Pretty sure I'm not wrong. You probably bought poor quality 180 thread count sheets, that's all.
        My point is it's not all about high thread count. The fiber quality, yarn size, finishing, thread count and construction all determine the quality of the fabric. Just because it says 1000tc doesn't mean it's good.

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        Here's a bit of light reading on the subject. https://www.linenplace.com/product_guide/truth_about_thread_...

    • yes they ar far less durable but i would rather choose something more comfortable then long last, you sleep on it every day, treat urself better, u deserved!!
      i know i sounded like a dealer, but do the math, less durable or higher price ar not a big issue consider it could last for years.

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        Then shut up and go silk which is much more luxurious and if treated right will last 10 years…

        • silk is not necessarily more comfortable then cotton, especially during the cooler seasons.
          In Austraila or in Sydney i could say, silk only good for 1-2 month a year.
          And u were wrong about 2 things, silk is much more durable then cotton !!! In China they found some fully intact silk clothes in 1000s yrs old tombs, but not cotton clothes.
          and secondly u could get 1000TC or 180TC for silk as well, we ar not talking about the materials here.

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          @samelight: I'm I said silk was more durable ROFL…

          Also I'm in qld :)

        • @Slippery Fish:

          I'm I said silk was more durable ROFL…

          then whats ur point? im saying 1000TC is better and u told me to stfu and go silk? did i say anything about cotton is better then silk? i don't understand ur logic…

          Also I'm in qld :)

          in QLD silk maybe better then cotton, but once again we ar talking about 1000TC or 180TC here not the materials.

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          @samelight: I thought we were talking durability and value. Hence the 10+ years comment.

        • @Slippery Fish:

          I thought we were talking durability and value. Hence the 10+ years comment.

          yes! Durability and value between 1000TC and 180TC, not materials!
          next time READ first be4 u tell ppl to stfu.

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          @samelight: lol you got so salty it was ment as a light hearted joke, get some "straya" up ya.

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          @Slippery Fish: ppl laugh thats a joke, ppl feel offended then joke's on you, its not up u to u to decide hearted or not, its not joyful when being told to stfu, u should learn how to respect dude.

    • You sound like you know your stuff. How do you feel about the claims of "Egyptian" cotton particularly the "official" Egyptian cotton which seems to be some sort of certification?

      At a quick glance it seems to be some sort of mark of a superior product https://www.google.com.au/search?q=offical+egyptian+cotton&g... but I can't be sure it isn't just a conglomerate of more consumer spin. Help me Ozbargain brain trust (not being sarcastic)

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    Doesn't there need to be sufficient stock to be a deal here, regardless of the threads ????

  • What is 1000tc?

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      1000 thread count

  • Don’t buy online. Stock is picked from selected stores shop floors, which probably won’t be until next Wednesday and the shop floor will probably be ozbargained before the pickers pick the stock.

    Expect and email about not having your order fulfilled next week.

  • the Target equivalent of this sucks, ripped in the middle after 1 year.

    • I had exactly the same thing!

  • No stock of these in the mount Ommaney store this morning

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    No stock in Forest Hill Victoria

  • Couple of sets left in Albury king size only ,if anyone's interested.

  • None in Woden store.

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    My local not only had none but also said theirs had been recalled as they discovered they were not 1000 thread count at all but around 350.

    • Thanks for the heads up!!!

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      $15 is still a great deal for 350TC.

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    3 Single only in Joondalup

  • Any stock in Southland anyone?

    • Was going to ask the sane question. Did you end up getting?

      • Sold out just went

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    picked up a couple from Miranda Big W. Had a couple of white and beige left.

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    Picked up a couple earlier in the week (white and beige), the king fitted works well enough on queen beds btw, if you think that's a bit gauche you can always just use the flat sheet. Heavier than normal sheets? yes, but good quality very soft and feel as though they should be durable.

    I didnt post as I took the last 2 in Gateway WA, but I got the store to phone Riverton to see if thy had a queen they didn't but did still have some kings at the time. Well worth $15 if you can get hold of one, shelf price was $99.95.

    I do now realise that not posting was my bad as sniping the last couple off the shelfs in obscure stores is an Oz bargain sport, this is who we are.. I may have inadvertently allowed normals to get hold of bargains that were rightfully ours.

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      The first step is admitting that you have a problem.
      No stock Beenleigh, Loganholme, Calamvale, Underwood or Browns Plains.

  • yet to find any stock around the west of vic, anyone else had any luck?

    • Werribee Plaza had a handful of white Kings. I went there around 5 pm.

  • Picked up 2 in Epping Plaza. There were 3 left. Thanks OP!

    • what colors they have?

      • Both biege (moon) and white… I doubt they have any left by now.

  • None in Hurstville, last 1 white King in Eastgardens (as I've taken 3 beige already)

    • None at Eastgardens. It's good to know they had some as I was getting blank looks from staff

  • Not an error.

    I bought 2 sets, ticketed for $15, save $84

    Winning! Thanks OP

  • A few left of King size white only (5 or so) at Werribee Pacific Plaza this Sat afternoon.

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    Couldn't find any at Garden City Mt Gravatt today :(

  • Grabbed last 2 at Arndale, SA

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    None at Big W Marketown, Newcastle. This is the LUXE edition, the normal edition scans at around $74. They have a 500tc in Luxe that is about $36 & is good at that price as well.

  • My store's scanned as $74 something on Christmas Eve. Did the sale expire?

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