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Xiaomi Smart Home Aqara Human Body Sensor - WHITE $8.90 USD ($11.53 AUD) @ GearBest


I asked gearbest for a coupon on this sensor, the cheapest this has ever been on OzBargain is $7.11 USD so this is slightly more but still far cheaper than Aliexpress which has them for $11.99 USD.

You must login before applying the coupon, paying in USD is cheaper if you have the right credit card & the coupon is only good for once per account.

You need to have the home gateway to be able to use this product.

Main Features:
Work with other Xiaomi smart devices
Intelligent induction: when somebody goes through, the night light will turn on automatically
Sense the lightness and dark of your room
Notice function: sent alert to you through the APP
ZigBee wireless connection
Built-in 1pc CR2450 cell battery
Detection distance: 7m
Detection angle: 170 degree
Working temperature: -10 - 45 Deg.C
Working humidity: 0 - 95pct RH

Package Contents: 1 x Xiaomi Smart Home Aqara Human Body Sensor ( with Holder )

Original Xiaomi Smart Home Aqara Human Body Sensor - WHITE
PS:Limited to first 100 stock,1 times per account,HK,AU,NZ,MY,SG,MO,TW only

Edit: The rep has provided a coupon for more but at a higher price.

Original Xiaomi Smart Home Aqara Human Body Sensor - WHITE
PS:Limited to first 100 stock,1 times per account,HK,AU,NZ,MY,SG,MO,TW only

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  • +1

    great needed some more of these. merry X mas

  • Not sure how many on the way.. but thats fine go for one more

  • Thanks, been asking for coupon but never got them.

  • -2

    Dang.. I'm abroad right now and can't message him privately

  • +1

    any deal on the gateway?

    • Message gearbest or clear. They might be able to sort out a coupon for you on the gateway or the starter kit.

  • Does it differentiate between good and bad human?

    • +1

      Wait for the Santa Claus version to be released.

  • Got one. Cheers!

  • so, if my understanding is correct you need a gateway for this to work. is there any version that can work without a gateway and just on my wifi?

    • +1

      Yep you need the gateway.

      Some other brands can do it without a gateway but most of the Xiaomi smart home range needs one. The gateway is included in this kit.

    • Battery life would be hopeless if it used wifi. Requiring a gateway is a good thing!

  • How long does the battery last?

    • 1 year ish apparently

      • Thanks, it says built in.. Can you replace them yourself or do you throw the whole device out and start over?

        • +1

          You can replace them yourself.

  • Would these work outdoors? ie. under a front porch

    • Quick look online shows it isn't IP67 rated

  • The Code you entered has expired.

    • :(

      Limited to first 100 stock

      I'll message and see if they can do more. Subscribe to this post and Ill comment if they do.

    • Must have just expired, only just purchased mine

  • Expired?

  • Damn… missed again

  • -1

    I would have bought it if it were a simple PIR not requiring a blanket of microwaves.

    • You my friend are late, normally your the first comment.. I hope everything is ok.

      This device is fairly simple and I have been able to use it without effecting my microwave oven.

      • Not concerned about microwave ovens. Except the ones users have to live in by using this.

  • Geez you have to be quick to ever get one of these… still the flash sale price on the Xiaomi body sensors is only ~$12AU so not a huge difference


    • I've been looking at those, do you know what the difference is between them and the Aqara version? Apart from the stand.

      • Might be the smoke sensor double check that though.

      • Aqara has light sensor so you can use that as a conditional trigger eg. Night light

      • Interesting - didn’t know about the light sensor difference.
        They look identical to me other than the stand, the existing Xiaomi sensor that came with the gateway kit is working really well for me

  • -1

    No thank you very much.
    Hey everybody, I noticed since I installed the Xiaomi IP camera, my internet connection is destabilised and disconnects every 10 to 30 minutes.
    Funny that the internet and the IP camera work fine if I unplug the Xiaomi gateway! Even the IP camera works within the Xiaomi home app without the gateway connected. All the other Xiaomi devices that they don't need the gateway work fine like the mini wifi smart plugs.
    I didn't have this problem before installing the IP camera. Anyone had the same problem and how did you go about it?

    • What upload speed do you have on your Internet connection? Maybe your IP camera is saturating uplink. It's a completely separate issue to the body sensor though, only thing in common is that they are both Xiaomi branded…

      • Thanks for your reply.
        I didn't say anything about the body sensor.
        The issue is only when the gateway is connected since I installed the camera.

        The camera works fine within the Mi Home app without the gateway. So this should not be the issue! Anyway the camera should not be uploading anything if not needed. That would be worrying otherwise!

        • If you have movement detection set up on your camera, it may be doing that in software in the cloud (not sure) - could be why your Internet goes flaky.. does your modem/router have a live bandwidth monitor at all?

  • +1

    Expired. I needed some more human bodies :(

    • Building a centipede?

  • Can you get these to work with a rfxcom transceiver, or must the gateway Ben used?

    • Need the gateway, they're zigbee not 433 ;)

  • More available (at a higher price):

    Original Xiaomi Smart Home Aqara Human Body Sensor - WHITE
    PS:Limited to first 100 stock,1 times per account,HK,AU,NZ,MY,SG,MO,TW only

    • Thanks for sharing.

    • Great, finally got one for the sale price - thank you!

  • Zapals has some nice prices on the Xiaomi products. Not as low as this deal but close.

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