expired [VIC] Skin Care Warehouse 3 Day Sale: $50 to Fill a Big Box (at Least 50 100ml Size Items) @ Scental (Bayswater, VIC)


$50 to fill a big box in Bayswater factory warehouse.
You can fill at least 50 items of 100ml size.
All made in Aus.
Brands from supermarket and pharmacy.
Some of them are faulty package.

Location: 53 Jersey Road, Bayswater

Some examples:
-Sunscreen (majority)
-Body cream
-Hand cream
-Face moisturiser/cream
-Face/body cleanser
-Hand/body wash
-Hair style
-Laundry product
-Tanning product
-Leather product

Photo 2
Photo 3

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    Don’t know how to post more photos to explain.


    Sounds pretty dodgy.


    How did you obtain the products? Are they leftovers/discontinued products/short date products?

    If otherwise, not bad, 10 products alone at clearance bin prices easily cost more than $50, whether you need so many sunscreens is another question.


      They are mainly false package, such as printing issue or twisted tube, or somehow the factory manufactured more than the order.

      You will get a box and fill the box yourself, I enclosed some pics on my post.

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