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SteelSeries Arctis 7 Headset $145 AUD ($112.60 USD) Delivered @Amazon US


Great price as they sell for $200 plus locally. Generally considered one of the best gaming headsets on the market

Don’t forget 6% cash back with cashrewards.com.au


Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Mine comes to $150 AUD, are you applying cash rewards to final price?


      No, I’m paying in USD using a credit card without international fees. Don’t use amazon exchange rate if you can help it


        Which card?

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          I use a citibank plus. It’s a MasterCard debit card. It’s free and also has no atm fees for lots of overseas ATMs. Very handy when traveling.



          @Hayesy22: Cheers mate


          @Hayesy22: I went with ING for free withdrawals and no fees. Citibank seems better, though a $5 fee when purchasing overseas is something I can live with rather than signing up with another bank without branches in Cairns.


    so tempting, i have been looking at these for ages - now just to convince the missus


    Excellent price! Bought mine for 200 AUD 2 months ago in Japan :(

    Beware that the software for this (Steelseries Engine 3) is really bad. I suggest installing it just for the firmware update and leave settings as DTS Headphone: ON, Presets: Music + Flat. Then turn off SE3 and never use it again. Download and install Equalizer APO and Peace GUI and that's what I have been using.

    More info here

    and for awesome equalizer settings


      thanks for the tip, are you happy with them otherwise?


        Yup. They are quite comfy even after long periods of use and battery life is quite good. Although you can't beat wired cans when it comes to sound quality.


    Thanks alot, bought this
    and now going to return Series 5 I just bought from JB on boxing day for $160 AUD


    Got me one! Been contemplating on getting audiophile headphones vs these. Settled on this because I move around a lot and I easily get irritated with cables now. Next on the list will be a decent microphone!