How Much Do OzBargainers Weigh POLL

Always talk and jokes on how much a Ozbargainer weighs (apparently very heavy) so lets poll up and see for ourselves :)

Poll Options

  • 7
    Under 40kgs
  • 12
  • 37
  • 61
  • 75
  • 69
  • 29
  • 17
  • 11
  • 16


  • I don't weigh a lot.
    When I'm sending a parcel, I jump on the scale with it
    and then subtract my weight off.
    Australia Post would prefer I just weigh the item… lol

  • You really think people are going to put the truth down? lol..

  • Yes, yes I do :)

  • 6'5" and 93kgs. Now I just need to find a chair for tall people…

  • trying to edit forgot 70-80kgs

  • 5'2 and 45kg

  • Maybe you should have just 2 poll options

    1. Home scales will do
    2. Need to use weighbridge
  • 6'3" and 83Kgs. been the same weight (and height!) since end of high school.

  • Mine is twice the amount of half my weight.

  • 179cm and currently hovering around 79-81kg.

  • ~6'2" and ~87kg

    Hoping to lose two or three after the new year :)

  • 6’2” from 18yo-25 I weighed 65kg
    Comfortably 80kg

    • Well that’s hope for me I guess… curse my metabolism

      • How old are you? Just hit the gym heaps and eat way more than you currently do. I know you’re probably able to eat whatever you want without gaining weight but you need to up your game lol

  • Well Now I feel silly lol I am about 70kgs and I stuffed up my own poll and forgot to put 70-80kgs in…

    Just come back to see it was changed and I accidentally/stupidly clicked 120kgs+….. sigh :/

  • Is this pre or post Xmas? (I'm on the cusp of two categories)

  • Ive got tits…..

    Im a man.

  • The poll doesnt tell you much. BMI woukd be a better indicator

    • Better, but if you're well built the Bmi says you're overweight

      • How about waist circumference

      • FYI the minuscule minority of people who are muscular yet overweight by BMI are less than 0.2% of the population, if BMI says you're overweight and you don't lift HEAVY at the gym 4+ days per week, you're fat end of story.

  • 194cm tall and weigh 119kilo

  • I’m glad I’m not the only person that still uses feet and inches.
    I still have absolutely no idea how tall a person is when they are described in cms. But then I need weight in kgs.

  • I weigh 55 kgs & am 5 ‘6’’ ( whatever that is in cms.! )
    Since marrying @ 22 - 40 years ago I have only gained 1 kg. I put it all down to healthy food of everything we enjoy including the odd indulgence of fried foods & Hungry Jacks ( a little bit of what you fancy does you good!! )
    Hubby is 77 kg & 6ft - he’s also only gained 1 kg. In all these years.
    Eat well but enjoy the odd naughty foods when the need hits.

  • heh what I expected, from reading posts, it feels like there is a large Asian contingent on the forums, so lower average.

  • Hey Baghern, we are originally from England - been in Aussie for 30 years. Don’ t judge every one from the posts sent.
    Rhino015- our diet is just good normal home cooked food. Meat & veg.& pasta now & again.We only indulge with the naughty tasties when the craving hits for a burger. However I have also started making my own - beats HJ hands down.
    We grow a lot of veg. & fruit, so have much home grown produce to cook with.
    Hubby will be 71 @ end of the week & still works very physically as a builder 4 days a week with his business partner. Can’t see him ever stopping he’s far too fit & active. Neither of us have ever wasted money going to a gym - why ?
    We walk the dogs, work in the garden, go to the pub, make our own home spirits, go on holidays, go to the pub, socialize with friends, re renovate the house ( which seems to be like Sydney Harbour Bridge), go to the pub 😂
    Basically I think my point is that we keep active & eat well with good food ( I always do a roast dinner every week too, with all the trimmings)
    We have never had ‘ desk jobs’ involving sitting on your butt all day.