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OnePlus 5T Mobile Phone 64GB 6GB HK Model (US $476 / ~ AU $611) @ GeekBuying


Geekbuying is having crazy price for the One plus 5T phone.

Also if you are after red color and 8GB variant check this link and use NEW10 at eBay(targeted code). You can use the code NEW10 until midnight today. So the price for Red OnePlus 5T 8GB 128GB comes to 788 - 10% I.e 788-78.80 = $700.80 Profit.

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  • I think putting BARGAIN in the title is a little redundant, don't you?

  • Good price :)

  • Hum…I knew this would happen after my purchase of mix 2 on aliexpress deal

  • https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/173011521271 this is better deal if someone has ebay 10%off code. red one 8gb has sold out.

  • Why do you keep putting odd tags in every one of your deal posts??

  • About same price here with 10% off code and delivery within a few days https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/OnePlus-A5010-5T-Black-Dual-4G-L...


    Please dont make ozbargain ozclickbait…jk

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    eBay isn't cheaper. If you pay in USD at the current exchange rate it'll be ~$609.10 AU. If you use Cashrewards it might be ~$593.88 AU.

    The eBay seller Unity55 mentioned is actually located in Hong Kong and not Australia.


      Also targeted code.

    • That is only if you pay in USD. A lot of sellers offer to pay in our local currency. And thats how we consumers make profit. EBAY is cheap with their discounts now and then.
      I am pretty sure you cannot match the deal I just posted for the red color above your comment. Can you beat it, no you can't.

    • Do you have a link to this $609.10 AU item?


        Phone in the OP was when I made that comment. If you have a card that doesn't have currency conversion fees you can use it in Paypal to achieve that price or similar.

    • $603.40 delivered with coupon "T5BJGB"
      Pay in USD and let PayPal convert. US $473.99 with current exchange on google it shows $603.40

      Not in Red but still a good price https://m.gearbest.com/cell-phones/pp_1040247.html

      • thanks!
        ordered one.
        decent price and apparently fast shipping

      • Couldn't get code to work on gearbest website and when entered actually doubled the price. Anyone else struggle?

      • Could only get it down to $627 aud. could the currency exchange rates differ that much in half a day??

        • got it down to $607 AUD posted (express).
          paid in USD, and made the transaction in USD.
          Paypal was going to be $630 or so
          via commonwealth it ended up being $607

          was $1.5 or something to express post 5-10 days.
          thanks again for the link!

  • Let me know when the company returns to the more palatable pricing offered with the OnePlus One.

  • What are the delivery times like from this seller


      Free shipping can take up to 30 business days. There are express shipping options available.


      Just double checked. Australia Direct Line express shipping is showing as free for my postcode. Might be the same for you.

  • Does someone has experience with OnePlus 5T and iPhone X, I have been using Android phones since smartphone released,
    recent one is LG G6, even with 4GB Ram, I feel that my phone is lagging when I compared with iOS,
    thinking to jump iPhone but when I saw this OnePlus, my mind is back to Android phone again, thanks.

  • I would hold onto this…buy this phone in a couple of months once s9 is released (by March?) with the new snapdragon. I am expecting prices will plummet by another 20%+ in 2 months.

  • I got one when ebay had the 10% sitewide sale (PUNCH). OP5T 128GB ended up paying $714 from local reseller. Got the item within 5 working days. I could find cheaper one around $702 but item from China/Hongkong, shipping can be up to 2 months. The extra $12 justified my decision!

    Great phone. The only downside is I don't get to use it because I bought it to upgrade wifey's phone (OP1)! Impressed with the low light camera.

    • My oneplus one is till going strong :)

      • Yeah that one is good 3 years on. But need to keep up with cameras you know. This is particular with wife and two young kids. HEAPS of photos and videos indoor at night too. So the low light is great feature.

  • Nice handset, not ready to upgrade from my Moto Z just yet though.

  • I've been looking at grabbing one of these, however I'm slightly turned off by this website. Does anyone have a link/code for one on a more reputable site, and one that may have afterpay as an option?

    Great deal though, OP!

    • No problems with GeekBuying, just use Paypal for your own protection.

      • Yeah I've just been reading some reviews, they seem fine, just never heard of them before.

        I don't have the cash at the moment, which sucks, so I want to use PayPal to eat up the cost until I get paid next week, so basically putting my Paypal in debt. I can't apply for paypal credit though (not able to), but all my broke friends have negative paypal accounts. It always comes right out of my bank with paypal. I've done some research, and I don't know how to make paypal go negative and pay later with my bank… does anyone know how?

  • Is the only difference between this and the international version the OS?

    I've been deciding between this or a mi mix2 but want the best deal I can get. Would love the v30 but to many dollarydoos

  • If you have gearbest points, it could be worthwhile getting it from that site. I bought the 128gb/8gm ram Red version from Gearbest yesterday for ~706AUD with priority shipping (After using 50USD worth of gearbest points). Confirmed with Gearbest that it is Oxygen OS. The phone was shipped out this morning, so should arrive in the next 7-10 days from experience. Could've also got the 64gb/6gb RAM version with same approach for 575AUD (or ~600 AUD if you use discount code instead of points).

  • One question probably off the topic, how to make payment via Paypal in foreign currency, say USD? I'm trying to get exchange rate via 28 degrees c/c, but at the same time have paypal purchase protection.

    • There's conversion options in Paypal, u can choose to charge to your CC in USD.

      • but it all depends on bank card as well that it has currency conversion or not i have westpac and nab both have currency conversion charges :(

        • Thanks a lot.
          28 Degrees has the conversion options, but none for my Amex.

        • @ja912son: AmEx is not a participant in the DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion) scheme, and always forces you to use its own conversion rates (rather than those of a third party such as PayPal).

  • Wow so cheap now. I'm not sure if I got the global version or Hk last time ($620) but I get decent enough signals in Melbourne. However when it switches to the 3g signal it does drop out a bit.

    Best phone I've ever owned.

  • Can i ask if this has the same charge/plug (typeC) like the samsung S7? All because i have one of the samsung VR thing.


      Samsung Galaxy S7 is using a micro USB port while the OnePLus 5T is using a USB Type-C port.

  • Geekbuying who sometimes under declare items. wondering if i can under-declare (nz tax) and still ship with DHL.


      Nearly all sellers do.


      Just checked for you. If you use Airmail they'll declare under the threshold, but if it's DHL they'll do the web price. It seems the couriers are smart about it.

      • Thanks. That's what I've read too. If you under-declare with dhl or ups you still get charged. I think this is because dhl can charge a customs handling fee so it's in their interest to charge you.

  • Very tempting… I have an S8 and not 100% happy…

  • Woohoo! Just ordered one to replace my old Oppo.

    NFC baby!

  • Why is package B cheaper for the same phone? It seems like package B has extra cover and screen protector.

  • Anyone received shipping notification yet?

    • mine hasn't shipped yet - contacted them and they said this:

      Sorry for the delay

      We are doing our best to ship in this week.

      You will receive a mail with a tracking number once it shipped.

      Thank you again for your patience.

    • Purchased on the 5th, shipped on the 22nd with a tracking number. It says allow 3-5 business days before tracking, it's been that and AusPost still haven't yet scanned it.

      Pretty disappointing it took them 17 days to fulfill and ship the order when they state processing should take 1-2 (int) and 2-7 (local).

      • I ordered same day as you, got my shipping notification on the 23rd. Still no scan here either… Really shoddy.

      • Mine scanned, shows up as received shipment in hong kong jan 30th, sigh

  • Well, mine finally arrived yesterday. There was no seal on the box, but it hadn't been set up yet so I didn't need to do a factory reset (some from the other deal have had issues with that). So it took exactly 31 days.