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Google Pixel 8 128GB $799, 256GB $899 + Shipping ($0 C&C / in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


This is now obtainable. Was unpublished yesterday because the price was not updated by JB.

If you have GCs, use it to reduce the price further down.

Also, people not trying to support HN or the Harvey in general, get it from JB.

Stock android and one of the best cameras.

Get this if you like stock android.

I don’t know what else to say about Pixel phones.

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  • I don’t know what else to say about Pixel phones

    They don't have their training wheels welded on.

      • +14

        Except you're buying with this year's flagship money.

        At $800 it's almost half the price of a 'flagship' (iPhone is $1500, Galaxy is $1400) with a better camera than both of those, which is what most people want.

        You can take you foot out of your mouth now.

        • Galaxy can also be had for around $800 according to OZB search.

        • How's it flagship when my P30 Pro from 2019 was arguably better?

          • -1

            @Circly: Use both and you won't be saying that

            • @fishnchipsncoke: I'm typing this from my Pixel 8 Pro lol.

              I don't game much but I tried COD Warzone other day and it chugged along. How's this flagship?

              The Snapdragon Gen 3 in the Ultra S24 can emulate ps2, xbox, wii, switch etc.

              Ultra S23 chip is in the Ayn Odin 2 which is the most powerful retro emulator hand-held.

          • @Circly:


            There is your answer…

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              @1st-Amendment: Well everything is subject to opinion. However, the fact it's even in the same conversation as a 5 year old phone says something..?

              • +1


                Well everything is subject to opinion

                It isn't actually. Light is objectively measurable.

                the fact it's even in the same conversation as a 5 year old phone says something..?

                All it says that you brought it up. If I bring up a Nokia 7650 from 20 years ago it doesn't suddenly make it valid.

        • -4

          The Google Pixel is NOT $800.
          Only THIS deal is. If you base things off only on discounts months later, well, I don't know what to tell you. Going by that logic, you may as well include the prices from grey market too, and going further include the prices from scumtree and Fakebook Farketplace.

          • +3


            The Google Pixel is NOT $800. Only THIS deal is

            So it's not $800, except for when it is, which is now, when I made the comment, but you think that somehow doesn't qualify as $800 because…?

            If you base things off only on discounts months later,

            I'm basing it off what you can buy right now today. You are the one basing your argument on prices that are no longer current. Do you even read what you write?

        • It's not a way better camera. It's a comparable camera than some prefer.

          I love it but I also loved my s22 ultra camera as much.

      • +3

        I totally agree, except Pixel 7 is NO better than a 5yo Huawei Mate20 pro in many ways. But I need eSIM, latest Android and patches, I can't tell photos are better.

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    I don’t know what else to say about Pixel phones.

    Random battery drains when left idling and you have to resort to disabling system apps.

  • +1

    Google store will price match via live chat

    • +1

      Price match = pay full and get refunded the difference when posted

      • Yup true - but they pretty much refund it as soon as it ships…

      • Free shipping though.

    • +2

      Much better service from Google if something goes wrong too. JB don't want to know about it.

      • +3

        bad service at jbhifi starts as soon as you walk into the store

  • +2

    Pretty good phone but camera/battery aside I probably prefer my old Samsung S20FE 5G.

    • +1

      Have the exact same phone as you. One thing I appreciate about the phone is the ability to have a microSD card. It's a bit of a dealbreaker if a phone comes with 128gb storage and doesn't have the ability to add a sim card.

    • Yeah I'm still using a S20 FE 5G as well. I had considered buying a Oneplus 11 from the US, but then I would have 0 local warranty, so it's got me hesitant.

  • +2

    $797 at OW

  • +3

    $798 at HN + 10% back in HN gift card

    • +4

      The deals already been posted. OP just put this as an alternative for those who don't wish to support Harvey Norman (I see this as supporting one huge company over another).

      • +6

        It is one large co v another, but its not the point. HN, sought and succeeded in adding what I term a tariff on imported goods so he didnt need to compete. Kind of runs contrary to what OzB is about.

        • +7

          And robbed the taxpayer to line his own pockets when other large companies just gave back whatever support they didnt need anymore.

          • +1

            @fuzor: Hes a firm believer in welfare is a fraud on the taxpayer, unless its corporate welfare. Or the GFC era one off $600 "HN LED TV" payment.

          • @fuzor: He did pay it back, eventually. The individual franchisees are a different matter.

        • Exactly. Although if they're likely to be running a loss on the item (which wouldn't be happening here), then by all means, go to HN. I mean we are bargain professionals.

      • Although all companies exist to generate profit, it's what we as a general public/commoners think is justified.

        I guess people easily forget what happened during COVID-19 support payments/horses/gambling and so on!

        • Every other ozbargainer would’ve done exactly what Gerry did during Covid if they were in just position. How many times have you ever paid back free money that someone has given you? Zero times. It’s Scomo that is the idiot here who was handing out free money and then asking for it back. Indian giver

    • How does one obtain the 10% GC back?

  • just wondering is 128G enough for everyone?

    • +3


    • +1

      Plenty enough for me.

    • +2

      I got a storage warning on my Pixel 6a. I've freed up 20GB of photos so I'm okay for now. However, my next phone will be 256GB. 128GB is too tight now.

    • -1

      Nope. Camera gallery is the killer.

    • +1

      Of course not for EVERYONE, I think that is for people not taking many photos/videos on a daily basis.

    • Well, how much storage do you have on your current phone and how much have you used? I mean if you've got 100GB of games, then no. Otherwise, yes.

      • i am using 256G now:)

    • Have had 256GB Pixel 8 since launch. I'm using 50% storage right now.

      Given this phone will be updated for 7 years, if you're planning to keep it till 2030 then I think it's worth the investment

      • Agree I wouldn't buy one with 128GB

    • Yes

  • +2

    Awesome price. I'm still rocking my Pixel 8 Pro with GrapheneOS, it's so much better than Samsung and Apple.

    • -3

      what have u got to hide

      • +2

        Frederike Kaltheuner's "Privacy is power":

        Privacy was once misconstrued as being about hiding and secrecy. Now it's understood to be something much more pressing: power dynamics between the individual, the state and the market.
        As recent scandals have illustrated so vividly, privacy is also about the autonomy, dignity, and self-determination of people - and it's a necessary precondition for democracy.

        • -3

          tin foil hats much?

          • @CptnObvious: Tin foil hats would act as an antenna more so than a faraday cage.
            Just sayin.

    • +2

      I'm thinking of buying the Pixel 8 or the 8a when presented (depending on the price), and smash GrapheneOS on it. Just a question if you know: how is the photo quality compared to stock? Same or worse? Thanks.

      • Gonna do the same. Just waiting to see how the 8a looks on release

    • A question. How is the battery life with GrapheneOS. I would assume better, since the phone doesn't do as much in the background?

  • Still havent seen a Pixel 8 in the wild, and the Pixel 9 is nearly here.

  • +2

    Bought one today, it's meh. Slight regret, but I've already traded in my old phone (which turns out to be lighter and better), ahwel.

    The battery runs very warm whenever you are using the phone. Everything feels slow (even after adjusting to 0.5x animation), it is especially slow when using AI features in the Photos app to fix up photos.

    The only piece of mind is that it promises 7yr update, but we'll see. Last time I fell for a what was presumably a long term pixel feature with the 'unlimited' photo storage and that got canned soon after.

    I would suggest the Samsung s24, but it runs on Exynos chipset which is not known to be a powerhouse and it is WAY pricier than the Pixel 8 whilst being on similar tier. Nothing worth getting right now unless your wallet is deep and you don't mind holding a tablet-sized phone. Both s24 ultra and Pixel 8 pro are way too big for one-handed use and some pants pocket (add a case to that and it's even worse).

    • Agree with the physical size of P8P.
      But in Google's defence, when they announced it, they stopped the unlimited storage for the 'subsequent unreleased Pixel phones'. Unlikely the one you had already, unless you were the selected few testers, which if that's the case then you would have got the phone for free, anyway.

  • +6

    Just a word of warning, if or when your flagship dies, contact Google straight away so there’s a record. If it’s outside of the 2 year warranty like my pixel 6 had, make sure you pull the ACL card. Google initially wanted to give me a 20% discount on the rrp of a pixel 8. They said that I wasn’t able to get a replacement for my device. The camera died on mine. I kindly asked them to send me an email confirming their refusal to replace my phone and asked them if they believe that 2 years is the normal life time for a flagship device considering I still have an Apple 4s with a working camera that is over 10 years old. I got a refurbed replacement which I was happy with in the end. Oh and one more thing, the camera died when I tried the Android beta. Still not sure if it’s a coincidence but it’s not worth the hassle of using your phone to test their crappy software.

    • Totally agree, contact Google directly and take photos/videos to back up yourself up and don’t go directly to JB HiFi for it. Jb’s warranty policy will only cover you for 3 months with this price point: https://support.jbhifi.com.au/hc/en-au/articles/360053005194…
      I made an irrational decision to go to JB for my faulty 4 month old pixel 8 with severe screen distortion and flickering. JB staff confirmed there were no physical defects on presentation and sent it to off for assessment. They also mentioned that theyve had quite a few pixel 8s sent due to software and hardware issues on the first month of release and that the phone been riddle with issues, might have to do with google's quality control.

      They provided me with a link to track my case but there were no updates on the outcome of the assessment. The only update i received was that it had been approved for assessment. It took them 4 weeks to get back to me with a text message that my phone was ready for pickup with no information on whether it was repaired. Had to directly go to JB to find out what the outcome was, staff was unsure and just gave me a box and said its most likely a refurbished one and couldn't give provide full details of the assessment. Opened the box it was a refurbished pixel 8.
      Ended up trading google pixel 8 for a s24 ultra elsewhere. I do love the pixel 8 and had pixel 3a for years but just got unlucky with a bad unit.

      • +1

        That’s a crazy amount of time to have it assessed. Google were a lot better. I was going to hit up jb hifi as well at first but that was more effort than contacting Google directly. Sounds like their phones are getting worse. I wasn’t impressed with their lack of understanding or being forthcoming of the ACL so I’ve gotten myself an iPhone. Annoyed that I paid the Apple premium but I didn’t appreciate Google’s attitude

  • Hi Guys, just some advise on Trade-in partner of JB-Fi..I found them but dodgy, I sent my phone for trade-in for 300 mark, they got back to me saying screen is broken and revised tradein to zero, on disputing that screen was completely intact when sent, they advised I was send incorrect email, it's due to excessive usages, I requested them to send it back to which they offered sub 50'ies as refund, I am asking them to send it back now…but they said my CC will be charged for jbhifi gift card they sent me initially (which I have not used and have asked them to cancel it but they won't)… I feel bit cheated to be honest

    • +2

      That sucks… Lesson learnt and I guess also reminder to take photos and videos of your device prior to sending.

      • Well, they admitted that screen isn't broken after I disputed. However, they are not ready to cancel gift card want me to pay for it. All I am asking them is to send my phone back and take your gift card back…but seems like they are getting some commission from JBHfi for forcing people keep gift card…

        • That’s bloody heaps dodgy

  • +1

    Unsure on the hate, incredible phone. For this price, absolute steal.

  • -1

    Bought the 256GB for $1299 two week ago so it's somewhat frustrating to see this on sale for $400 less now :-(

    • +1

      Not sure if you're serious because JB HiFi is running a special and has been for the last fortnight with the P8P, which you could have gotten for about the same price even without the trade-in.

  • +2

    Too much negative posts here.
    Not sure why the hate.

    Pixel phones are great for what it is, especially when you're not paying full RRP.

  • If JB, HN and OW are all selling this for around $800, who is the best to buy from re warranty if there's a need to return?

  • Anyone tried to get google to price match and get 15% off ontop with student edge/uniday code?


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