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Was thinking to buy the V8 one for $700, anyone would recommend them?
19/05/2020 - 15:04
so if I buy the Boost plan/sim from OW, I can't use that sim I would have to contact Boost or OW for a special sim? o_o
22/02/2020 - 11:22
can someone confirm this? I am on Telstra pre-paid and am planning on going on this plan
22/02/2020 - 11:12
USE CKWELCOME20 for $20 off For reference ORDER SUMMARY4 ITEMS Element Trunk 3 Pack ELEMENT TRUNK 3 PACK QTY4 AU$119.80...
02/01/2020 - 07:31
can we purchase with any sort of gift card that may provide an additional discount? does such gift card exist?
12/11/2019 - 21:11
out of my 4 accounts 2 got the $100 upon transfer the other 2 did not get the $100, still waiting :( been 10 days, tried transferring the...
11/11/2019 - 22:40
It says the 11:11 sale starts in 8 hours 16minutes? So its best to wait till the sale is on then purchase? Thanks!
11/11/2019 - 10:43
is there any way to get further discounts such as paying through gift cads? if yes, where can I get discounted repco giftcard? thanks
06/10/2019 - 10:59
can not get the additional 40% help?
05/10/2019 - 23:06
yes it is, read their feedbacks, so much negative and neutrals
30/09/2019 - 08:22
same question for Vehicle Parts & Accessories>Car & Truck Parts>Exterior>Spoilers, Wings please confirm!
30/09/2019 - 08:18
colessupermarkets ( 1619Red star icon for feedback score in between 1,000 to 4,999) eBay Store Positive Feedback (last 12 months): 87.4%...
30/09/2019 - 08:10
you can use Australian card/bank account to link to PayPal UK?
29/09/2019 - 21:36
such a waste of time, failed to get these oversea eBay deals every time :(
27/09/2019 - 16:03
I went back to China few years ago with claims on Macbook Pro and iPhone, they never checked me when I returned or questioned me about them
26/09/2019 - 23:10
What is this $900 limit you're referring to? I thought they don't check if you have it when you're back if they catch you still have the...
26/09/2019 - 21:11
Bought the 64GB version and I tried to put it in my blackvue dash cam DR550 today, it is not working (fits, but seems like it is not...
02/11/2018 - 19:38
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