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Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 over-Ear $310 (Was $449) @ JB Hi-Fi


Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Over-ear Wired Headphones $310, available in black and ivory.
Better prices than usual 20% off on Sennheiser.


Sennheiser's fascination with precise and detailed sound manifests itself in the new MOMENTUM headphones. From the high- quality materials like brushed stainless steel and finest leather to the perfect finish to the experience of uncompromising sound.

Sennheiser's developers have worked to combine customer feedback and technical innovations to create the best MOMENTUM headphone yet.

High-Resolution and Deep-Reaching
The new generation of MOMENTUM headphones carves out every aural nuance in even finer detail. Thanks to proprietary 18-Ω Neodym transducers. With large diaphragms that make the trademark MOMENTUM sound an even more brilliant experience. Clear, richly detailed, and with a powerful bass.

Time and Immaculate
Love of detail is a main character trait of the Sennheiser MOMENTUM: With sliders made of stainless steel, and luxurious leather covering the soft, newly designed ear cushions. Its sound and its finish with accurately placed seams make the MOMENTUM a delight for all senses.

Comfortable and Variable
The ear cups of the new MOMENTUM are attached to high-end ball joints running steplessly in collapsible sliders made of brushed stainless steel. The individual adjustment to the head is important for both comfort and sound. And with its newly designed ear cups the MOMENTUM offers even more wearing comfort.

Aesthetic and Mobile
With its low profile the angled 3.5-mm stereo jack plug is optimized for the use on mobile devices. Fitted with jack plugs on both ends, the cable is completely detachable and can be replaced if necessary.

Handy and Intuitive
The integrated in-line remote comfortably lets you control phone calls, music, and volume. Furthermore, it supports Apple devices like iPod, iPhone, and iPad.

Key Features

18 Ohm dynamic neodymium transducers

Omnidirectional pick-Up pattern

Low profile the angled 3.5-mm stereo jack plug

Leather headband

Detachable cable with dual jack plugs

Includes iOS remote & microphone

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  • +2 votes

    Cheaper at Harvery norman $287


      Thanks :)
      but not showing much stock for me, glad if you can find it at a HN store near you


        even with shipping, HN still cheaper for me..


        edit: nvm = not available anymore.

  • +1 vote

    Terrific headphones, I own these. Not to be confused with the "on ear" version (they can be easily confused, and the later is much cheaper as they only have passive noise cancellation).

    For this price, a pretty good bargain as well (unless you can find HN stock and are happy to buy from them!).
    These have active noise cancellation. Not quite as good noise cancelling as the Bose35's, but sound a crapload better and still have decent noise cancellation.

    The ivory ones (white ones) look the best ;).

    • +3 votes

      While these are great headphones, these are the wired version which do not have active NC built into them.
      Only the wireless model has active NC.


        Good pickup mate, thanks for that!

        I thought these were the wireless ones. They look the same, and the cable even detaches the same way. Bloody Sennheiser!
        The ones I have are definitely powered, and these aren't it.

        In that case, nowhere near as awesome a deal as I first thought.
        You can get the Wireless versions for not much more when on sale…. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/344422

        Sorry OP, I've had to reneg my plus vote :(.


    It was $207 from Amazon.co.uk

  • +2 votes

    My wife has these and loves them. We got them for $175 after price matching at HN and using the $150 cashback on a $300 spend back at the end of 2016.


      So they were 175+150=$325?