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Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Smartband - US $19.99 (~AU $25.60) Shipped @ GearBest [Email Subscribers]


Just got an email from Gearbest with a pretty good deal on a Xiaomi Mi Band 2.

Not as good as the previous $13 something deal unfortunately, and it's 'email only'.

You can also use 300 points to get it to $15.10 usd / $19.77 aud including shipping.

Do a few video reviews if you need easy points ;) Shipping is $1.43 aud for Unregistered.

(If you're weary of Gearbest delivery, don't be. I'm in no way associated with the site. Just got back from a trip to to NZ and everything I had ordered was waiting for me. Neighbours think I'm importing drugs now I think. 40+ packages haha).

Happy hunting!

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    • You need to be subscribed to promo emails I guess?

      Wasn't 100% on whether or not that constitutes targetted.

      Someone will weigh in.

      • with email marketing campaigns if the link is using UTM tracking you can copy and paste it into the deal description

        You cannot however, use it as the main link of the deal since ozbargain system will remove the UTM part

  • I paid $32 on banggood yesterday :(

  • I got the email, been trying the link but it doesn't seem to work. Keeps showing the price as $28.31 USD.

    Other discounted items on the email are showing with the right promo price and the tag EMAIL ONLY PRICE on the product.

    Either it's sold out or the email link is broken :(

    Been waiting ages for this deal! Is the rep around to help???

    • Same here. Got email about it, but when I clicked open, it doesn't show EMAIL ONLY Price. $28.31 it is.

  • No no no no.

    Possibly still at US$15.99

    Can you update your post with code-
    Coupon: Alibuyband223
    Price: US$15.99 / AU$20.99

    All credit to member adamfury

    • When I enter this coupon I get: The Code you entered is not for this product.

      • You're right. I should have first verified the coupon. Just did a test of all available codes on 2 versions (intl and china) and none are working.

        Happy to work on a deal if a lot of people are interested.

        • Please do :) I'm interested to buy two.

        • Yes please

        • Thanks…

        • Wanna get 2.
          As I am not online most of the time, missed out on the last 2 deals you did.
          Anyway of having interested ozbargainer who responded be given preferences?

        • Count me in

        • I'm also interested, thanks

        • Count me in if it was app. US$16.00

        • yes please!

        • People are interested.

        • @Codify: Got it guys.

          FYI current status:

          Xiaomi Umbrella - I noticed that someone posted a deal on 09/01 but seems short-lived (limited stock?). My deal will be at a lower price and plenty of stock for everyone. I will post during business hours (in the afternoon, before 5pm) as originally promised, but in the second run I forgot to do so, and felt really bad when a member pointed that out, so I'm trying to make up by giving plenty heads-up so those interested and have been keeping track would now be apprised of in advance. Again, in the afternoon, before 5pm guys.

          Xiaomi Wiha Screwdriver Set - coming up. Still waiting for proper stock level and I of course always try to get the final price down.

          Xiaomi Mi Band 2 - not many upvotes on this post itself but perhaps because it wasn't at "Ozbargain" price. Will see if I could get the $13.99 deal for you all. A good deal post to me is when a good product ("Sky-approved") is offered at a bargain price, with reasonable quantity. That's my approach and M.O (modus operandi) anyway.

        • @sky blu: I’m keen for a deal on the Mi band 2. Mine got washed out while boogie boarding this week :(

  • Also heads up homies, Xiaomi Umbrella deal for the third run coming up. Possibly mid week.

  • "Neighbours think I'm importing drugs now I think"
    Never thought about this, my postman might be suspecting me as well, almost one package every day.


      Mine just thanks me (well the missus) for keeping him in a job.