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LG 55" UJ654T 4K UHD 55UJ654T $993 Delivered @ Videopro


Current prices at HN, TGG is $1295 pickup. Videopro is actually the cheapest at $993, with free delivery. Appliances Online most likely will price match to $993 too, and will have a better delivery service.

Could a mod please change the link to Videopro's?

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    • That's a great point, updating this.

    • I can't recommend Videopro unless you have big enough car to pick up from the shop or TNT depot.

      My TNT delivery has been delayed for a week, still haven't got the item which suppose to be delivered last Friday, and each morning they call me and say "we will delivery it tomorrow" - meaning I have to organise someone stay at home another day.

      TNT customer service rep. is nothing but a joke. Throwing tantrums to me for asking for reason of delay and dropping phone receiver when I'm talking and pick up again when it become silent. Sounds horrible enough huh?

      • Unfortunately a lot of companies don't understand that the courier service they choose also represents them.

      • Not trying to say you're wrong, but unfortunately companies like on forward courier companies are still catching up with Christmas deliveries.

        Source: I work for one of these companies

  • Anyone have one of these TV's or can comment on the quality?
    I've seen good reviews for it so far and need to bite the bullet for a TV under $1000.
    2nd's world also have this model at $995 pick-up in store.

  • wondering what's the difference between LG 55" UJ654T and LG 55" UJ634T…

    • I bought the 634T last year and was looking at both instore at the time, I payed 998 at JBhifi last year. The 654 was $1500ish at the time. The difference was the 654 was the 2017 model vs the 634 being the 2016 model. While the 634 has HDR, it seems not to be true 10bit HDR, or at least it doesnt have the options to force the display into HDR mode. I had been told at the time the 654 has true HDR.

      This is a very minor difference. The other difference is the feet, the 634 has the two split feet, where the 654 has the single centre mount foot. Basically you cant put the 634 on a Sonos Play Base, the soundbar however sits in front of it nicely.