Any Whey Protein Deals ?

I am looking for any good deals on whey protein. I last bought the 5kg MyProtein whey isolate for around $100 and that was a solid deal, so was wondering if anyone currently knows any good deals ?


  • Where did you pick up the 5 kilos for $100? That's pretty good.

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      This deal came out about 6 months back. There was 50% off sitewide on the MyProtein website.

      • Hey, Thanks heaps. It's always good to have a list of places to buy protein shake off.

        I've been buying off Ebay from a seller called 'Pure-Product'. I've only been buying by the kilo though so it's $23 including postage. He does better deals for the more you buy. They also do a reasonably priced Casein Protein. If you can't find it on Ebay - PM me and I'll send you a link.


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  • Using the VPA deal, you could get 3 x 1kg for $69 delivered. 2x1kg plus 1kg free, making it $23 each

    4 would cost $97 so it goes up $24.25 each

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