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Free 1kg WPC Protein with Any Purchase over $40 (3kg WPC for $49 Delivered) VPA


Can get 3kg for $49 delivered ($16.3/kilo). Extremely cheap, compared to the regular price of $25/kilo. Bulk Nutrients and Venom Protein are the two most established Australian supplement companies so can't go wrong.

How the coupon works is that it deducts $29 from the order total and needs to have a minimum of $40 in the cart. 3kg is $69 and it subtracts $29 to make the order $40. So they're not adding free protein, rather, deducting the cost. Coupon now adds 1kg so as long as your cart total is over $40, you will qualify for 1kg of free protein powder. It will remove 1c from the total. You do not need to add the 1kg yourself, it'll be added on dispatch.

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    Real cheap, good find OP

    VP may be the new MyProtein to go for cheapest decent protein around.


      I like MyProtein too. Always go for unflavoured but is a bit of a dealbreaker that they won't let other people pick and choose multiple flavours in a 5kg bag. I'd get sick of consuming the same flavour protein for 5kg. To me it's worth paying a bit more for variety.

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        At one point MyProtein's 2.5 kg bags were equally cost effective so you got to grab a couple of flavours for the same quantity, but the difference between them right now @ 5kgs is $9 so if you want variety and don't want to drive your order up to $150+, this presents as a good alternative.



    for me


      Interesting, they fixed the code so that it actually adds 1kg now. I'll change the description. Still, $16.33 a kilo is very cheap (regularly $25/kilo).


        still not working, only removes 1c

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          That's fine. It says in the note

          You do not need to add the 1kg WPC to your order. Coupon will take 1 cent off the purchase and 1kg of WPC will be added on dispatch

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    Good find, but I'm not seeing a $29 discount, it shaves off 1 cent and throws a random bag of protein into your order.

    The T&Cs also mention it's a random bag of protein.

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    No paypal?

    Maybe next time

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      Missing out on a good portion of the internet due to your PayPal loyalty


      I haven't had any issues with them. They're reputable enough to trust with my credit card details. They ship it out very quickly too.


    Thanks OP!

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