GearBest Not Shipping Battery Products

Hi folks,
I was just looking for a powerbank for someone and came across this gearbest deal for a Xiaomi 2C for $23.99USD during another flash sale.
I added to cart and when I tried to check out I got this brief message.

We are very sorry, no shipping method is suitable for your order. If it contains batteries, e-cig products, or items over 100cm length, please un-select them, then view available shipping options.

I used the chat support option to query this and was told that they are now no longer able to ship battery products to Australia.

Has anyone else had any experience with this?

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  • luckily i got mine in on the 8th.
    has been collected on the 10th.

  • you should look for the deal that state 'local stock'

    • Do GB import in bulk and store locally?

      • not to sure to be honest.

        i have a feeling shopping square do though, not 100% sure.

  • In case you're wondering they haven't been able to ship batteries to New Zealand for almost a year now. This includes all the Chinese stores like Gearbest and Banggood, as well as Aliexpress.

  • GeekBuying still ship but it's a tad more expensive

  • This battery thing is really starting to piss me off. Safety my ass

  • Try instead?

  • Lightinthebox also failed to ship me a powerbank due to customs issues.

  • yeah they cancelled my Xiaomi powerbank. Asses.

  • Gearbest sent my Xiaomi powerbank the other day. Unsure if it will get here, but it's definitely been shipped

  • My Xiaomi 10,000mah Power bank 2 was shipped on the 10th but now has no option of shipping to Australia. Must of got in just before the ban. Other power bank brands on GB can still be shipped to Australia. Also Xiaomi phones can still be shipped here and they have lithium batteries.

    edit: I guess phones are fine becuase of this customs rule:

    "Lithium batteries can only be sent internationally (air or sea), or domestically by air if the battery or cell (maximum of two batteries or four individual cells) are installed in the device and meet all the packaging requirements."

    Wouldn't that apply to power banks as well?

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