Lost My Wallet in PTV Bus. Extremely Worried

Hi All

Yesterday while just getting of bus I decided to touch on Myki before bus stops. I touched on my Myki and while putting my wallet back in my back pocket I guess it must have slipped or fell on floor.

I am extremely worried as I had my international licence among all bank cards in it.

Called PTV bus service but no one answering today.


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    Just wait for cameldownunder to post ….

    Found a wallet with several bank accounts on it - DIDN'T Get Finders Fee!

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    First, have you called your banks yet?

  • sign up with veda in case someone steals your identity, happened to me once, nightmare.

  • Get a police report. File a report stating you've lost your wallet alongside licenses and photo id

    Here are some checklists you should go through.


  • Block all bank cards first.

    Don't lose hope. I lost my laptop (containing all my assignments and notes) on the bus once. Tried to call them but no one answered outside business hours bit left a voice message with contact details and descriptions of the lost item. Next business day, a staff called me to contact it in the bus depot.

    I also once lost my wallet on the bus and called depot but they said no one found it. They said they would call me if someone found it. Three months later I called them again out 0f curiosity and strange enough they said they got my wallet ready for collection.

    However, I'll say the cash inside is likely to be gone even if someone found it.

    Today is Saturday. It is likely that no one answers the phone because it's beyond business hours. Try call again on Monday morning.

    • thanks for the info

    • Reminds me of the time in 1995 when I accidentally left a bag of 4 VHS tapes on a tram that had recordings of Simpsons episodes. I managed to collect it the next day from the depot. Good times.

  • op have you read this previous thread? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/354557

    be careful if they find it

  • Basically PTV will direct you to contact the bus operator directly. Here is the link to the contact details for each operator. You do need to know the bus operator for the route you took.

    I lost my wallet on a bus and was able to collect it at the depot the next day after leaving a voice message.

    Hope you find your wallet.

  • Try FB marketplace also. Saw peoples posting found items there.

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    You could have been pickpocketed, they still exist.

  • I lost a coat on a Melbourne tram. Rang the depot - never saw it again. Some people are just scum.

    However, I now put my name and phone number with my bag/glasses cases, etc in the hope that people will ring me if they find it. So far I have had people contact me when I left my bag and glasses case in restaurants. In both cases it was the waiters from the place. Worth thinking about for future reference as the person who found it then has to make a choice as to whether they keep it, they don't have the excuse they can't easily contact you.

  • If the bus company (Ventura, Dysons, CDC, etc.) aren't answering your calls, go back to the bus stop and explain it to the driver and ask them to contact their control centre immediately asking for you, or at least to provide you with a direct line to a human.