Dell Inspiron 2 in 1 - Pen and ram upgrade?

Hey troops, looking at one of these in the eBay sale starting tomorrow:

The active pen isn't listed in the specs here, does that mean there's a different screen on these cheaper models, or it's got the same insides and just doesn't have the pen?

And they support up to 32gb Memory, so I wont be buying the ram from Dell, but is it pretty simple to upgrade and replace it in these?


It'll be for my daughter for school.
She needs something with an i5 or better and 8gb RAM.



    Your link is for an i3 not i5.

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    The 5379 ( I believe are pen compatible but don't come with a pen. I had a look at JB at the i5 model which had a pen compatible sticker on it. might be the one you are looking for.

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      Confirmed with Dell online that only the 4gb i5 model doesn't have pen functionality


        Thanks so much for the info, I was really struggling to find it :)


          No problem, I am looking for the information too. Just as a heads up, I contacted Dell online to find the compatible pen (PN338M) and it doesn't seem to be on their AU online store. They told me to email their "parts" email address to organise it, seems quite tedious and hard to get.