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Nylon Braided Lightning Cable Charging & Sync Cable for iPhone (US $0.5 ~ AU $0.63) @ Zapals


I know it's not a MFI certificated also not a branded name.

But hey, what are you expecting from a 63c cable?

It's a good deal to me although the shipping is so slow. I'm not in hurry, it's just a spare cable.

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  • Don't forget they stop working after a week

  • Offcourse you expect a damaged phone from a 63 cents cable

    • It's normally $5.80.. it's been discounted to 63c.

      So I assume, everything that get's heavily discounted must be crap in your books?

  • Ordered one, let us see what it is.

    • i reckon these ultra cheap deals for cables etc is a way for these companies to get your emails address, credit card details, ip address, browser used. it is a way to “pay” for your personal information for marketing.

      not mfi certified = complete waste of time because they just fail after 10-20 uses which is basically within 1 week and i have given up my personal information to a stranger. not worth it.

      • They already have your email if you are a past customer and you need to be logged in to get the deal, so although you may be correct to a point, if that was their only intention, existing customers would be excluded from the deal.

  • Apple can disable not authorized cables and chargers as they've done for me before. I don't like your chances with a 50 cent cable.

    • Yeah i've been through all this frustration before. You're down to 1% battery and none of your effing chargers will work because the cables are all showing "not supported"

      I'll stick to MFI Approved thanks

    • how do they know what cable you are using in the first place

      • The cable has a lot of engineering in it. It knows the difference between genuine and cheap. Older iOS didn't restrict cables or chargers. But they made me update and then all of a sudden my cable didn't work no more.

  • I have a el cheapo cable thats still working over a year later. While some may be crap, there are random exceptions to the rule.

  • Looks like you need to be logged in to use the coupon.
    Also the cable is effectively free. You just pay for postage. Looks like Aust Post untracked airmail is the best option.
    That will cost you 50 cents US.