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Furibee H815 2.4GHz 4CH 6 Axis Gyro RC Mini Quadcopter US $11.93 (AU $16.03) Delivered @ Dresslily


Use Coupon Code - DL1826 at Checkout

Main Features:

    This quadcopter fits just right in a 14-year-old boy's hand, one of the smallest in its class. And when folded, it will be 61% smaller! Just put it in your pocket and take it outside whenever you want to show off your flying skills to your friends or in public.

    Built-in positioning technology allows the drone to locate the remote controller accurately. Far as the drone has gone to, it will automatically fly back to you. Just press the one-key-return button when you feel it's time to call him back.

    Headless mode ensure you stay oriented with your quadcopter, it's a must-have for new pilot to fly better. 3 different speeds adjustable to suit your different flying needs. 2.4GHz technology ensures powerful signal and real-time transmission. Easy to operate, perfect for new drone enthusiasts.

  • 3D FILP & ROLL:
    Adopting the latest 6-Axis gyroscope, the drone can implement various flight movements including 3D flips and rolls fearlessly and beautifully, all you have to do is a simple push of the button.

  • Additional Reasons To Get It Home:
    Smart LED indicators not only tell you whether it’s powered or not, but shine beautifully in the dark, providing an excellent view in the sky; all parts are easy to mount and disassemble, replacing components won't be a problem.

Let me know if you want any deal on specific product from Dresslily, I will try to negotiate a better deal.

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  • +1

    all parts are easy to mount

    this would make Scab happy

  • +4

    Can you negotiate a deal on a drone to suit a 14 year old girl's hand?

    • -4

      They call them "boy toys" for a reason.
      I don't think I've ever seen a girl flying a drone. My friends all say their partners fail to see the attraction.

      • +1

        It happens.

        • -1

          Thankyou captain obvious. About 3% of airline pilots are female. There has even been a female Fields medallist.

  • +5

    I'd love to buy this for my 13 year old but it seems they won't be able to hold it. Hopefully the deal is still available in a few months.

  • waiting for feedback

  • Atleast they wont go blind with a drone in there hand!!!

  • Any micro drone that is covered in a cage (to ensure the blades are secured)? I'd like to buy it to play with my 3 y.o

    • +2

      The Furibee F36 mini drone. Picked one up from bearbest with a code a month or so ago.
      alot of fun!

      • Did your return home work?

        • +1

          Not from what I tried, but for me I wasn't going to use that feature much

    • Micro-drones are fairly safe anyway, unless they hit your cornea, so wear eye-protection.

      For little kids, get one of those hovering toys with single prop enclosed in a styrofoam shell.


      My daughter is a bit older so I got that flying fairy:

      It turned out she'd already seen the viral video of it.

  • +2

    Scam? If you google 'dresslily' and see 2nd result…

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