expired Antler Juno Large 79cm Hardside Suitcase $119 Delivered @ Bagworld


Please note $30 cheaper at luggage hub https://luggagehub.com.au/products/antler-juno-large-79cm-te...

Hi folks. I just bought this suitcase from bagworld in teal for my wife (also comes in white and red). I already have the blue one of this and it has stood me well with all the work travel I do. Takes the punishment from baggage handlers. Light enough (not sure weight exactly). Free shipping is a bonus.

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    This is the first version of the Juno. There is a new version of this which is expandable. I was looking at both recently. Not sure if the new version functions better than the first but it looks better.

    And the Juno is cheaper here: https://luggagehub.com.au/products/antler-juno-large-79cm-te... - $90 including free shipping. Can also get it in white too. I suggest you update your post.

    How long have you had this bag for and how many trips have you taken it on? What do you think of the size? The 79cm is 110 Litres. Seems like too big for most trips to get under airline weight restrictions.

    Also weight is 4kg.

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      Damnit! $30 cheaper. Wish I'd known. Thanks mate for the heads up though.

      I've had the case two years and about 20 O/S trips. I find the size fine but most of my travel is to warmer climates and business travel. My bag never weighs over 20kg so is fine for Qantas domestic legs on trips too.


      Seems bagworld have a 5% price beat guarantee.


        So potentially can get it for $85.50 from Bagworld. Not sure though if this is considered a deal still.

        Thought I would post the $90 deal so others would not buy it from Bagworld for the higher price.


        I asked them to price beat for the medium size. They just replied agreeing to it. So it's $79.80 compared to luggage hub $84. I wouldn't have bothered asking to price beat, but Bagworld has it in Teal while Luggagehub doesn't :P


    Isnt there a code for discount with bagworld sure I saw one in a newsletter

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    Got email from Bag World with coupon codes which might be useful:

    SAVE $5 off when you spend $100 or more and use code STUDY5
    SAVE $15 off when you spend $200 or more and use code STUDY15
    SAVE $30 off when you spend $300 or more and use code STUDY30

    Offer expires Tuesday 13 February 2018. Limit one use per transaction. This offer cannot be used in addition to any other coupon code. Coupon code must be applied to qualify for offer.


    What's the warranty on these?

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    Not sure why in Australia they still sell single coil zippers. In Asian countries like Malaysia and Philippines they sell double coil zipper luggage cases which provide much better security. Almost over 50% of the cases I saw were double coil zippers.

    I would highly suggest a case that has double coil zipper, especially if your travelling internationally.

    Have a look at this video as to how easy it is to break into a single coil zipper case.


    All you need is a pen or key to punch threw the zipper. If done right the zipper can be closed back up very easy.


      Are the ones on the Antler bags single coils zippers? Antler come from the UK. Can you show me an example of a similar travel case to this 79cm Antler one which has a double coil zipper?


        Not this antler bag. TBH, I have not seen many shops here in Australia sell double coil zipper luggage cases. Having doing a Google Search the only one I could find is this brand. I picked a large hard case with double coil zipper in Manila (SM Mall) for around $150-$200 a year ago.


        Other option is to get a latch case that doesn't use external zippers.

        Even with the big brand name, if it has a single coil zipper i'd avoid it.


          Thanks. I did search about the zipper issue and could not find out if expensive bags like Samsonite ones can be easily be opened with a pen. Would be good to know if it's all bags than can be opened this way or just cheap ones.


      thanks for letting us/me know about the issue of single coil zipper. never thought about it. now i am gonna check all my suitcases whether or not they use double coil zipper.

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    The white and Teal versions of this bag are now $90 delivered at Bagworld. The red ones are dearer.


    The total dimensions of this bag is 163cm. A lot of airlines, including Qantas, have a 158cm dimension retriction on checked luggage.
    Although I haven't seen this enforced, is it worth the risk?

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