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Aeron Remastered Size B with Graphite Base and Frame $1290, Free Shipping @ Living Edge


Herman Miller Remastered Size B Chair from Living Edge. I believe it was $1490 before it went on sale. You can get free shipping with TASKCHAIRJAN coupon.
Still an expensive chair but at least $200 cheaper :).

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    I'm after a couple of office chairs for my new apartment but not keen on spending $1000. Can anyone recommend any nice herman miller replicas? Or other office chairs under $200

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      I think the Buro Metro is/was OzB's go to for office chairs.
      I'm sitting on one right now and have been happy with it for the last two and a half years. Haven't seen it on sale for a little while though.

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        Buro Metro is definitely value for money but there is no comparison with Aeron. Aeron is completely different level in terms of reclining abilities or supporting your back.

        I found Aeron the best chair I've ever used. I'd like to try Embody one day but $2,000 price tag is a bit too much at the moment.

        If you have sit-stand desk, forget about Buro Metro, Aeron, Embody or similar. Try Hag Capisco which is what I'm currently using as my go-to chair. If I wouldn't have sit-stand desk, I'd be sitting on Aeron. It's that good.

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          I always like to have a sit-stand desk at my office… but don't know where to start…

          Can you please recommend a basic set-up based on your experience? Something which is good for 2 displays.


      • I have the Buro Metro and work, and the Aeron at home.
        Let me tell you, the only thing they have in common, is the appearance.
        I'm tempted to buy this and just bring it into the office to make my work-life better.

    • I’ve tried them all, there is no alternative or knock-off that comes close. Your only option is to go for a Mirra, or second hand; or the cheapest option - a second hand Mirra.

    • I got a Steelcase Leap v2 from gumtree ex-lease for like $250? You might be able to find a good deal on classifieds.

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        Thanks for the recommendation. There's someone selling up to 300 chairs for $50 each and someone else selling 10 for, $169 each.

        Any risk in going with the $50 ones? Are there counterfeits? Do they hold up well to wear and tear?

        • Are these steelcases? I can vouch for the build quality of the Leap V2 but not on others. I have no doubt they’re all built to last though. Also in terms of fakes, don’t think I’ve heard anything about that with steelcases before.

        • I've been using a steelcase leap[ for about 3 years and its still in very good condition. I sit on it everyday too. I bought it brand new, was $950 or so at the time. I got the head and arm rests on mine.

        • Saw that too, I'll try to pick one up over the next couple of days. Anyone already bought one?

    • As someone who also really wanted a good quality office chair without paying a fortune for one, I just recently bought this chair from Officeworks https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/profession...

      It is extremely comfortable and has been good for use over long periods of time. The 10 year warranty is a nice bonus aswell. Would definitely recommend it to you and others in a similar situation of wanting a quality chair that doesn't cost $1000+.

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        How long have you had it?

        Never heard of an officeworks chair being decent for more then 2 years.

        • I have only had it since Christmas. The long periods of time part I meant as in long hours of gaming at a time. I never feel any discomfort in my back after long use like I did in my old cheapo chair I used to use, and the cushion on the bottom is extremely comfortable and thick compared to my old chair feeling like I was sitting on a plank of wood with some cotton buds scattered over it after a month of owning it. The build quality is extremely well made and sturdy, so I am sure it will last a lot longer than 2 years. Plus the 10 year warranty will cover it if anything does happen.

    • I've had a haworth zody that I sold. Didn't like it as much as my humanscale liberty. The liberty feels better on my back and the part is I got it for $60 on an ebay auction.

      I've only tried the aeron with the mesh seat and that was quite slippery, so I kept sliding forwards. Had to readjust my position a lot.
      Fabric seats are better in my opinion.

      • The Zody has been consistently ranked higher in ergonomic testing than the Liberty.

        Check out the Haworth Fern or Steelcase Gesture if you get the chance.

  • I've had my herman miller embody for 2.5 years now.

    Its such a well built chair, most of my chairs start to fall apart after 1 year.

    • I agree, i have embody for amost 2 years and cant fault it.

    • +1 for the Embody recommendation. I've had mine for 6 years now, best chair I've ever sat in, more comfortable for me than the Aeron, although that's pretty good too.

    • "fall apart after 1 year" WTF you do with your chair?

      • I use it quite a lot.

        And by fall apart I don't mean literally.

        I mean the gas lift becomes dodgy most of the time, or it starts to slant in one direction etc.

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    I'm after size A

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    Great chair at a Very Good price.
    The Herman Miller Aeron that I bought from Living Edge 5 years ago is still in Perfect condition. None of my other chairs
    including expensive ones have ever lasted longer than about 14 months.
    And a Huge bonus is that it is the Most confortable chair I have ever had, and since using it all my back and shoulder aches and pain that I blamed on
    age & posture have gone. Great investment.

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      Less time on BLF means your current chair will last longer ;-)

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      I can also vouch for this chair. Have had mine for about 2 years and aside from a little dust, it still looks brand-new. I used to work from home and would spend in excess of 12+ hours a day on this chair and it's as comfortable as you can get.

    • Can i borrows yours? Lol

    • I bought one then too, fantastic chair, but the plastic on one of my armrests is splitting at the seems. Do you think that would be covered under the 10 year warranty, or would that be considered normal "wear & tear."

  • Can confirm the revision is definitely better.

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    How do I work out what size chair is right, weigh about 75kgs and height 169cm

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      • wrong person replied to.

    • Honestly if you can, go try it out at the showroom you'll be using it for at least another 5 years you want it to be perfect! I'm around your height and weight, and I fit more comfortably in an A than a B after using them for several months, even though the website suggest I use a B.

    • Hey,

      I'm about 71Kg's and height 176cm. I have the medium. If you call Living Edge, they will be able to advise you.

    • I’m a bit small and found these chairs terrible on the underside of my upper legs. I used them for years in an office environment and never found one that was suitable for me, but the larger guys and gals quite liked them (although I did notice a few people stealing the plush conference room chairs to use at their desk rather than the Aerons). Ultimately you just have to try it yourself.

      • err do you wear shorts/skirt?

        You can adjust the front part to angle forward so it has less pressure on your the underside of your upper leg?

  • If you are after a s\h one this might be worth a look if in Sydney https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Herman-Miller-Aeron-Size-B-Over-...

  • would they assemble it and then ship it?

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      They are fully assembled.

      • Thanks mate.

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    If you're not desperate for it now, I'm sure it'll get lower than this. Even though this is a revision design, you've always been able to get Aerons for around $1000 at sale times.

  • Cheers OP, good deal on the remastered.

  • sniff, my old chair- now I'm stuck with an $50 generic chair.

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    Bought a second hand zody chair by haworth
    From gumtree a year ago for $150 was like brand new well worth it compared to your regular $200 office work chairs so many adjustments the guy still had heaps of them and he also had the steel series chairs as well.

    Grabbed it from chipping norton from some guy on gumtree they where office upgrades.

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    I bought one almost 7 years ago from Living Edge when they had a sale for $999, and never regretted it.

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    Dude. You can get a 65 inch Samsung TV with that price tag. Why would someone spend that much money just for an office chair?

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      You cant sit on your samsung tv

      • I guess you only sit on $1000 chairs at home then.

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          my chair is amg version.

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      Looks like the old saying "there's no such thing as a stupid question" is just a rumour

      • Lol

    • Agree, they not worth $1000+ for personal use. We got them at our work, these are fully adjustable chair for most. So its suite well for businesses than personal use.
      So if you find $200 chair that comfortable for you, still better than these chairs.

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    That price, almost fell of my chair.

  • Keep in mind there's also Steelcase Gesture, currently rated #1 office chair per Wirecutter.


    It can be ordered from https://www.arkienvironments.com/store.

    I've got 2 at home and they are sleek, comfortable and fantastic overall.

    • Originally got an Aeron mainly because of its mesh seat. Have had too many PU foam seats squash down after 1-2 years, which always results in me pretty much sitting directly on top of a hard wooden/plastic base and having a really sore back.

      Have been interested in the Steelcases vs the HMs but am a little worried about the cushioned seat. Can you comment on how long you've had your Gestures for and how well the cushions have held up?

      • +1

        I've been using the first one from since one year. The cushion in the seat is as good as new. I sit on it all day as I work from home.

        The second one, I've only ordered recently.

  • Also have an old Aeron that I bought secondhand off ebay about 6 years ago. Had a little wear and tear on it when I first bought it but apart from a few scratches here and there it's pretty much the same as the day I bought it. Actually looking at getting another or a Mirra for the office because they're too cheap to buy us proper furniture

    • Same situation here. I sit more at work than at home, and have a shitty chair at work compared with my Aeron.

    • how much did you buy it for secondhand?

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        About 700ish including shipping if I remember correctly. Pretty good resale value on these things!

  • $1,200 is ridiculous when offices can get them for half this price. If you know a friend who has one of these chairs - that's the way to do it.

    Also - check out Haworth for frankly more comfortable chairs for lower costs (with probably the same if not more ergonomic research into chairs).

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